Inherited Family Patterns – Astrological DNA


Never believe Fate is more than the condensation of childhood.
~Ranier Maria Rilke

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Collins Family circa 1913.
Photo by E.H. Collins

This is about you, your place in your family, and how that place affects your life. It is about the dynamics of the relationships between you, your parents, siblings, grandparents and children and how these dynamics play out in adulthood. When working astrologically with your family’s birthcharts, you will find that you have inherited more than your eyes and smile. Families tend to operate from ingrained patterns that are passed down from generation to generation, and will show up clearly in your horoscope and those of your family members. These patterns are taught to each child unconsciously through countless methods and are tenaciously protected and lived out. Each one of you has a role to play in order to perpetuate the family mythology: authoritarian, nurturer, dependent, rebel, golden child, outcast, victim, martyr, etc. If you have been cast in roles that seem to sabotage your successful journey through life, we find ways of restructuring the psychic bonds that hold you back from where you really want go; how you really want to be. In this way you become the factor that changes these negative familial patterns so that future generations will not have to carry on these same problems. In this way, not only do you become liberated and healthier, but so does the future of your family – even in generations to come!

Michelle, your wisdom and insight are extraordinary. I’m feeling so much better since we started talking. The flower essence is proving to be very powerful as well.
~Author, Miami

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2 comments on “Inherited Family Patterns – Astrological DNA

  1. I’ve noticed a butt load of patterns in my family members’ natal chart. Unfortunately, I’m the only with a recorded birth time.

    Some Patterns:

    Dad: Moon in Capricorn
    Mom: Moon in Cancer
    Brother: Moon in Libra
    Sister: Moon in Libra
    Me: Moon in Capricorn

    We’ve all got Cardinal Moons. I’ve also noticed my siblings and I have Sun-Pluto aspects.

    Brother: Sun Trine Pluto
    Sister: Sun Square Pluto
    Me: Sun Conjunct Pluto

    AND each aspect is roughly around the 4th degree.

    Pretty interesting stuff… 🙂

  2. Love it… wow! Yes, these are the kinds of patterns that shape and define us for better or worse. Thank you so much for sharing. All the Pluto/Sun connections in your family are testimony to powerful intensity and transformational potential.

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