Individual Consultations


Who looks outside dreams, who looks inside wakes.
~ Carl Jung

Individual Consultation  $195   1 hour

Pay via Zelle to

Pay via Venmo to MichelleGreggAstro.

Or choose a pre-paid 3-session, 6-session, or 12-session package for deep inner work.

All sessions are via Zoom – Anywhere you are with WiFi.
All sessions can be recorded and emailed to you as an Mp4. 

**Full Payment 36-Hour Cancellation Policy**
**Advance payment for sessions required**

Consultation Schedule / Eastern Time:
Mon-Thu:  9:30am, 11am, 1pm, & 2:30pm

Consultation Schedule / Pacific Time:
Mon-Thu:  6:30am, 8am, 10am, & 11:30am

When you’re ready to schedule an appointment,
click “
Client Information Form” and fill it in.

Email with any questions.

Starry Night by
Vincent van Gogh

During an Individual Consultation we begin a journey into everything that is you. Using your birthchart, based on your date, place, and time of birth, we focus on any concerns you have or decisions you need to make. Through the astrological lens your life takes on mythological and archetypal proportions, gifting you with new insights from which to learn, grow, and master the true you. This process encourages incredible meaning and healing from which to move forward. You will be inspired toward the wisdom and power of change, acceptance, and personal evolution. Non-predictive, but rather co-creative, Michelle will align you with the psychological trends that are occurring in your life right now. You will learn to release the old and embrace the new. And you will be encouraged to remember that humor is a wonderful catalyst for lightening up and seeing new perspectives. You could very well discover a spring-board to self-mastery through new knowledge of your unadulterated Self.

You’ve found things in me, illuminated things, in less than two hours that my therapist hasn’t un-covered in years!
~Historian, Myrtle Beach

When you are ready to schedule an appointment, click “Client Information Form” and fill it in. It will come directly to me and I will contact you to set up your Consultation or your Deep-Work Pre-Paid Consultation Package. This form gives me all the info we need to get started! 

Email with any questions.

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