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Michelle-Gregg-April-29-2017-compressed-328kbMichelle Gregg is a Counseling Astrologer who is passionate about helping you re-connect with your joy and reminding you of your life path. Using astrology, mythology and a Jungian perspective, she works gently and with humor to help you realign your self-perspectives, personal issues, relationships, career, finances, and your health – and any life challenges or concerns that you face throughout the cycles of your life. Working to help you break outworn psychological and emotional patterns is her forte. There is a deep spiritual grounding to of her work. Michelle writes, speaks and sees clients all over the world. Contact her at astrology@michellegregg.com.

Michelle tirelessly encourages astrological education and growth of astrological awareness in the Metro Atlanta area and beyond. She annually teaches a 2-term astrology course (one 3-hour class per week for 24 weeks, broken into two 12-week terms) called The Fundamentals & Essentials of Astrology. This class is a profound, in-depth, and provocative entrance into astrological knowledge. Image rich and immersive, Fundamentals & Essentials of Astrology is one of the best portals into learning astrology available today. The course is taught on-line in real time via Zoom, and will soon be offered as a packaged, digital, self-paced, self-study course, including the image-rich power-point presentation with printable hand-outs and study guides. Contact astrology@michellegregg.com for info regarding any of the ways to begin this wonderful course of study.

On how she came to astrology, Michelle said, “I’m so often asked how I got to be where I am today – you know, an astrologer tugging folks back onto their path. The answer is that I’ve been fascinated by astrology since I was kid – and had no real access to it growing up as the daughter of a United Methodist Minister. As I got older I studied voraciously for many years, and I still study every day! I’m unwaveringly passionate about helping people see their lives in a brighter light – helping them through the rough patches. I’ve always been the one who everyone comes to with their troubles – because I believe in them and know they can do better – live happier! Yet, there have been times when I wanted to be seen differently, so I moved onto different career paths. But every time I try to do something else, I end up right back here! I LOVE it! This is my calling – absolutely what I am meant to do with my life. So, where else could I be?”

Who Should Have a Consultation?

My work appeals to people from all walks of life, transcending career, cultural, and geographic boundaries. I see stay-at-home moms, CEO’s, health care professionals, children, psychologists, actors, singers, grandmothers, real estate professionals, writers, gallery owners, artists, students, teachers, physical trainers, IT professionals, yogis, farmers, scientists, college professors, ministers, talent agents, graphic designers – anyone, anywhere really. I’m available to counsel individuals, couples, children & teens and whole families. Hope to hear from you at astrology@michellegregg.com.

Where to Have a Consultation with Michelle

Geography is not an issue – I work with you exclusively via telephone or Zoom, anywhere in the world. Please email astrology@michellegregg.com to set up a consultation.

Consultation Packages

I don’t believe in fast fix astrology “readings.” What my clients love is deep, emotional and spiritual work. So one session usually just leaves you wanting more. I do 3 different pre-paid, on-going session plans that save you money: 3-Session Sticky Issue Package, 6-Session Real Inner Work Package and the big one, 12-Session True Transformation Package. Visit the Consultation Page for more information.


Michelle Gregg is the real thing: an astrologer who uses her extensive, up-to-date knowledge with real intuition. She has helped me with her insights, and I am especially impressed with her thoughtful and sensitive approach. The world doesn’t always realize it, but we need a person with Michelle’s special gift now more than ever.”
~Thomas Moore, Author of Care of the Soul and Soul Mates

I cannot tell you how much I have gotten out of my many, many consultations with Michelle! I first went to her when my daughter and I were in our most difficult stage EVER and I got so much clarity from Michelle on our relationship that the months-long challenge seemed to dissolve almost immediately. Expect to be shocked at how this total stranger understands your (and your kids’/husbands’/wives’/biz partners’) deep emotional complexities AND gives you concrete tools to transcend the icky parts! Really.”
~Andrea Lea, Owner/Trainer/Yogi at Embody Studio

Consulting with Michelle takes one on an odyssey of personal discovery. She is friendly, easy to talk to, extremely patient, and thoroughly knowledgeable about her subject. She gives wholeheartedly…
~Nanette Littlestone, Editor, Author ofThe Sacred Flame

I highly recommend Michelle Gregg’s work. Her interpretation of “how I am” in the world has helped me to relax, regardless of what is happening. An excellent teacher, her explanations of “what is happening, now” help me to choose how best to proceed. I suggest that you see her when you face illness, crisis, or any major change. She’s great on your birthday, too!
~Susan Kramer, PhD, Herbalist & Homeopath,
Author of The Healthy Traveler

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