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Astrology and Health – A Holistic Perspective

With health being of such prominence, how do we define it? Is it simply an absence of irritating or painful physical symptoms? My own definition of health covers well-being on all levels: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Interestingly, my philosophy on health has been strongly fed by my profession as an astrologer. This may take many of you by surprise; and yet, if we look more deeply we find that astrology is not only relevant, but has a capacity not possible in any other field. It has the capacity to map the energy that is present in any given moment in time. How extraordinary! Let’s explore the implications that this revelation opens… Read the rest


Mercury Retrograde – The Unlikely Healing Gift

Astrologically speaking, there is a particular cycle, which while not always comfortable, has the result of great benefit:  the apparent backwards motion of a very mischievous planet. Many of us wouldn’t normally consider a period of Mercury Retrograde a blessing, yet in nature, there is rule:  two steps forward, one step back.  Without this rule, we’d all experience burn-out, fatigue, frustration and end up relinquishing our health. We must have a period of rest and reflection to maintain balance, and that is precisely what is offered during any Mercury Retrograde cycle… Read the rest


The Astrology of Love

When we come up with something like “The Astrology of Love”, the source from which it is drawn is a deep well indeed. Astrologically, LOVE is symbolized through the intertwining energies and the hot mingling breaths of the inner planets Venus, Mars, and the Moon, with the coursing blood of the Sun and Mercury as a pulse. Yet, the expression of love as described by the planets doesn’t stop at Mars. Love expresses its many different faces through the circuitous avenues of connection (or disconnection!) between those inner planets with the more distant planets as well: Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto…   Read the rest


What is Astrology?

Everything has a moment that marks its beginning. Hence, anything can have a “birth chart”. Through the lens of Astrology, after we calculate a chart for that moment of birth, we leave behind the science and mathematics, and move into the heart, and art, of Astrology: interpretation. Each astrologer brings a slightly different refraction to the light that shines forth from the face of a birth chart… Read the rest


The Astrology of Medicine

Cutting Edge Medicine:
An Interview with Dr. Frenesa Hall on the Importance of Astrology in the Medical Field

In a recent interview with medical doctor Frenesa Hall on the importance of Astrology within the health paradigm, we talked candidly about how truly beneficial using astrology in conjunction with both traditional and alternative forms of health care can be.

We also spoke candidly (and anonymously) about several of her patients. She asked me to look at the birthchart of one of them to see what I could see. She was looking for insight on how to help her best treat this challenging case. I had no prior knowledge of this patient at all. The resulting conversation based on this patient’s birthchart was incredible… Read the rest

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