Beginners Astrology Course – Learn w/ Michelle Online!

Learn Astrology Online with Michelle Gregg, Counseling Astrologer


Every person is their own unique energy system. And every person has their own unique “map of personality and purpose.” Each of us is an energetic, evolving, transforming microcosm of the macrocosm that is the Cosmos. It is the map of the birthchart, given to us through astrology, that provides a profound look into that Cosmos, and into ourselves. To live the fullest possible life, the personal map of YOU is imperative to learn to navigate. 
                                                                            ~Michelle Gregg

What if you could “read” your own astrology birth chart?
And that of your partner, family, and friends? 


  1. Understand yourself more deeply (Socrates implored us, “Know thyself!”)
  2. Make better decisions (all the time!)
  3. Understand the things that are happening to you, around you, through you.
  4. Know how long those things will be happening. Literally map when they start
    and when they’ll end.
  5. Understand your gifts and your pitfalls – so you’ll know where to put your energy.
    (And where not to.)
  6. Align and fully engage with your life purpose. (WOW!)
  7. Feel a deeper connection to yourself, to others, to life, to nature, and to the Cosmos.
  8. Feel more in control and have greater confidence!


Join me online to learn astrology from the ground up and in-depth in a visually rich, engaging and fun experience!

I’ve created Fundamentals & Essentials of Astrology.
It’s a 2-Term Astrology Course taught in 2 phases that are 12-weeks each:

Term 1:  Planets & Signs of Astrology

Term 2:  Houses & Aspects of Astrology

In this exciting new “foundations in astrology” class you’ll discover how to use an ancient language in today’s world, and why this language is so important to you today. You’ll learn about the sky, the map that is your birthchart, and how to “read” it. You’ll get to explore MANY birthcharts as examples, including yours, those of others members of the class, and several celebrities.

The classes spring from a psychological perspective (primarily Jungian), with a mythological, spiritual, and evolutionary (karmic) approach. All of life is energy, and the birthchart is the tool that maps that energy. YOU can learn to read ENERGY! Past, present, and future…

In Term 1 we’ll explore History, Energy, The Solar System, Planets, Archetypes, Mythology, and Signs of the Zodiac, and their meanings, and the Nodes of the Moon.

In Term 2 we’ll explore Houses and Aspects of astrology, and their meanings in depth. We will also begin to “put it all together” by looking at the astrology charts of many well-known people.

The Course is hugely informative, eye-opening, visually rich, fun and lively!
Come join me!



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