Astrology and Health – A Holistic Perspective

Astrology and Health – A Holistic Perspective

by Michelle Gregg, Counseling Astrologer

Good health is simply an energetic body responding positively to an impacting energy.We can assess through Astrology how we are being affected emotionally, physically, psychologically, and spiritually.
~Michelle Gregg

Anatomy and Astrology

Good health.The quest for this elusive grail is always at the forefront of our lives. To put this into perspective the US health industry boasted annual revenue in 2006 of 1.6 trillion dollars! Physician’s offices alone made 330 billion of those dollars (according to the US Census). Incredible. And this statistic doesn’t include the revenue of the alternative health care practices that millions of people seek out everyday.

With health being of such prominence, how do we define it? Is it simply an absence of irritating or painful physical symptoms? My own definition of health covers well-being on all levels: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Interestingly, my philosophy on health has been strongly fed by my profession as an astrologer. This may take many of you by surprise; and yet, if we look more deeply we find that astrology is not only relevant, but has a capacity not possible in any other field. It has the capacity to map the energy that is present in any given moment in time. How extraordinary! Let’s explore the implications that this revelation opens.

Good health is quite simply an energetic body responding positively to an impacting energy. Wow. That’s not difficult. That’s actually surprisingly simple, and yet it speaks a profound truth. Why? Because life itself is energy responding to energy. And here we have a tool that actually maps the energy of our birth, and also that which impacts us at any moment in time! Therefore, through the lens of astrology we have at our disposal knowledge of what’s happening energetically around us at all times. We can asses from comparing the current energy to our birth energy just how we are being impacted from a holistic viewpoint; physically, emotionally, psychologically and spiritually.

How is this possible? In astrology, life is understood through four energetic elements: earth, water, air, and fire. These four qualities exactly coincide with all that we consider physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual. Very interesting, hmmm? Each planet, sign, and house in astrology has a correlation to one of these elements. If you are aware of a person’s birth chart you are also aware of their potentials and weaknesses in all of these areas. When you look at the dynamics of growth, evolution, and change that are created by the current energy patterns and compare them to a person’s birth chart, you know what areas of their life are impacted; and whether these periods of growth will be potentially challenging or flowing.

Let’s look at a simple example on a physical level that occurred recently while I was a guest on Ask Patti Live, a radio talk show with medical intuitive Patti Conklin, and Dr. Frenesa Hall, M.D. We had a caller who was experiencing trouble with her adrenal function. Her energy was extremely low and she was asking for the best possible solutions to her dilemma. At the time the planet Mars, which rules the adrenals, was in retrograde motion, meaning that physical energy was at a low ebb for everyone. Had I seen the caller prior to her episode, I would have been able to see where Mars was moving retrograde with respect to her natal chart, known that she was sensitive to Mars, and could have warned her to take care of herself during this time: get plenty of rest, don’t overdo physically, eat foods that offer plenty of minerals that nourish the adrenals, move deeply into her spiritual practice to help maintain a sense of peace and connectedness, and practice daily rituals of de-stressing. Through simple steps of prevention she could have prevented the burn-out that lead to adrenal dysfunction.


Astrology correlations to the body.

A few examples of the thousands of possibilities using astrology to prepare for and maintain total health are:

  • If Saturn is making a challenging aspect to your natal Mars, it is potentially dangerous to have surgery for the duration of this transit.
  • If Pluto is making a strong connection to your natal Mercury, it’s an excellent time to seek out therapy of a psychological nature.
  • If Neptune is making connections to your natal Moon and Jupiter, be aware that at this time more than others, overindulgence in alcohol and drugs puts you at risk for addictive behavior. HOWEVER for someone fairly evolved, this exact transit could indicate a wonderful time to focus on deep spirituality, pointing to the perfect time for a spiritual retreat.
  • If Saturn is making a challenging connection to your Moon, you could experience depression and withdraw emotionally from those around you. Through knowledge of this transit, you experience less anxiety and can alert your family and friends that you may be pulling inward for a time.

My hope is that this brief foray into astrology as a holistic health barometer has opened your eyes and minds to the unlimited potential that is so easily within our grasp. Astrology is a gift from the Universe to humanity through which we can map and ultimately heal our lives. If you are interested in how you can utilize astrology in your own life, please don’t hesitate to be in touch. Until then, may the best of health be yours!

No part of this article may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, without express written permission of Michelle Gregg. © Copyright 2009 Michelle Gregg


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