Today’s Solar Eclipse, New Moon, and Mercury Direct

It’s probably no surprise to any of you that there’s alot going on in the sky at the moment – because there’s alot going on down here. I’m going to try to break it down a bit in astrological terms for you.

This morning, Jan. 15, 2010, at 12:45 AM EST an annular Solar Eclipse began, and at 2:11 AM EST we experienced the New Moon, both events in Capricorn at 25 degrees. This powerful energy, demanding a new course, is filled with the earthy, practicality of Saturn (Saturn rules the sign Capricorn and there are currently 5 planets and the North Node in this sign. That’s alot.) as well as the challenges, boundaries, and restrictions that are also the domain of Saturn.  Known traditionally as the Grim Reaper and harbinger of death, Saturn energy can be  harsh and cruel (Charles Dicken’s Scrooge before his happy transformation is a great example of the shadow personality of Capricorn), and it can also be clear minded, sensible, responsible and will carry through with complete perseverance to the end of whatever is set before it to accomplish. The way I see it, the earthquake in Haiti and the huge response to it is showing us both sides of the Saturn/Capricorn coin pretty clearly.

New Moons always equal New Beginnings and Eclipses require us to change direction or course, and have been known historically to occur simultaneously with huge, life changing events. The ancients believed that an Eclipse was a omen of doom. I don’t cater to that belief as the only possible outcome of an Eclipse, but see them as portals into something new. I believe there can be miracles and evolution – certainly transformation – within every catastrophe, whether personal, local, or global. This New Moon Solar Eclipse has provided us with a very real, very HUGE, portal into evolution and transformation in the very tangible form of this tragic and devastating earthquake. The transformation is certainly occurring for Haiti and Haitians, but also for all of us as our hearts are wrenched, our feelings of helplessness rise, and as we move forward despite hardship to rally forward to help. It is our job to see the miracles that are occurring moment to moment during the rescue and relief missions, and to continue to see them as countries from across the globe pull together to bring relief to this small Caribbean country as it rebuilds, after the shockwaves have dissipated. I am hopeful that somehow the spotlight on this suffering place will open eyes, minds,  hearts and wallets – that it will shift enough people – so that a critical mass occurs and something is done to finally bring Haiti out of such horrific poverty and long-term disease. It IS possible.

If you’ve been reading here, you know that not only is there a Solar Eclipse at hand, but there’s also a Saturn/Pluto square, which is “actual” for about 9 months (Nov. 2009 – Aug. 2010) and”felt” for alot longer. When we combine this energy with the New Moon Solar Eclipse, Mercury going direct, and Saturn going Retrograde, we come up with moment in time and space that is DEFINING. Resources are limited, so we are forced to do more with less, which is a HUGE lesson of our time in our culture.

Mercury going direct means that the channels needed for transporting goods, services, ideas, technology, vehicles etc. are opening up – but slowly. Communication can begin to get back on track. The shadow of the Retrograde continues until the first week of February. It may be that long before the road blocks are cleared and traffic can move effectively, and before we have confirmation of the full extent of the devastation and loss of life in Haiti.

I’ll inform you of the significance of Saturn moving Direct tomorrow.

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