January 15, 2013 – By the Light of the Moon – The Moon in Pisces Connects to Saturn… and the Nodes of the Moon

Life Path

That lustrous orb that sweeps our oceans to and fro is also the harbinger who describes and defines our day-to-day fluctuating energy. As the face of the Moon is ever changing, so are the feelings and intuitions that push and pull us through our daily rounds. The sign of the Zodiac the Moon occupies changes about every 2-and-a-half-days and as she orbits she makes different connections to other planets, touching all of them in different ways as she speeds her way through the sky. Each of us will resonate to the energies of the flirting, capricious Luna in different ways and with different reactions according to the energies of our own birthcharts – our own dispositions and levels of consciousness. However, this comes as a guide to help you understand which fickle face our Lady Moon is showing today.

If you know your birthchart, or at least your Sun, Moon, or Rising signs (or better yet – all three – and if you don’t know any of them, maybe it’s time for you to send me an email) knowing where the Moon is playing and who she’s playing with will help you understand how to navigate your day and why you may be feeling the way you are or why you’re having the reactions or responses that you’re having. 

I’m going to try to write this everyday for you – or at least, most days. No promises being made here, but I hope the days I manage it, that you’ll find some peace, and maybe even gain a little edge, in knowing. I want to dedicate this effort to Kat. She told me that she missed my posts. So Kat – this if for you. If any of you enjoy this lovingly crafted energetic gift – please let me know! It will help to keep me motivated to continue…

(The above 3 paragraphs will be repeated each “By the Light of the Moon” post, so if you’ve read it before and know it by heart, just skip to the stuff after the … All times given in this column are Eastern time. )

Just after midnight Eastern Time this morning of Jan 15, 2013, the lovely Pisces Moon made a sweet aspect to Saturn. (That is possible you know! The “sweet” part I mean.) Last night being a school night, I’m not sure that we in the Southern U.S. were able to gain the benefit of Saturn connecting to our emotional natures, which, as this is the beginning of a work-week, is sort of a drag. We could’ve tapped into that combo with some great, disciplined results. For those of you in parts of the world where you were awake and working during that time, you probably, very unlike yesterday, were ready to get things done and to do them well.

Is there such a thing as pragmatic sleep? If there is, it would be inspired by this combination. Or maybe, those of us in the US were very good and took ourselves off to bed at a very reasonable and practical hour as a result of the Moon’s connection to Saturn. That is actually what I did! Or maybe some of us stayed awake… with both the Moon and Saturn in water signs, Pisces and Scorpio respectively, perhaps some of us took the opportunity to work on our deeper emotional issues.

The Moon has moved away from that connection with Saturn by 7 AM Eastern – and it doesn’t make any other planetary connections all day. (Today would be a great time to really explore pure Pisces energy. You can get a jump start on that by re-reading yesterday’s post which expressed much about that.)

What the Moon does connect with today are the North and South Nodes of the Moon – in an aspect that is both feels comfortable and brings opportunity. These Nodes are not planets, but points in space. The South Node describes what we already know from the past (if you’re woo-woo enough you can interpret that as past lives) and where we are very comfortable, while the North Node describes what we’re meant to be learning (in this life-time if you will), and the path our lives are meant to take to ensure our Soul’s evolution. The Nodes, in my estimation, are very big deals.

As the Moon reaches out to her North and South Nodes today, I suggest you look strongly to the past in order to get an inspired idea of where you should be heading in the future. Do this from an emotional perspective… what nurtures you? What makes you feel connected? When, where and how do you feel in touch with your inner Divinity – and knowing that how can you make it happen frequently so that you are supported and grounded enough to do your life’s work in the best possible way this time around – balancing karma?

This is all lovely fodder for your creative hearts today… happy exploring!

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