Change one small habit… Change your life.


Change one small habit… change your life.

With Saturn and Uranus dancing together in the sky, that’s something to think about – and make a plan for. Why? SATURN is connecting to URANUS via a trine, a connection that doesn’t compel but rather flows, for quite a long time.

Saturn touches Uranus during the Spring of 2016, the Winter of 2016, and pretty much all of 2017.

Changing an ingrained habit (change is the domain of Uranus) requires a plan enacted in a practical, orderly, patient, and pragmatic manner (the domain of Saturn). And fortunately, this is just what the Saturn connection to Uranus offers.  So, get clarity about what you want to change, commit to it, and use the long-term Saturn trine to Uranus to carry out your intention of breaking an old habit and creating a new one. 🙂 Feel free to let me know how it goes… and if you want to know where the Saturn/Uranus connection will be impacting you via your birthchart, I’m happy to help. 

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