January 9, 2013 – By the Light of the Moon – Today’s Moon in Sag is void-of-course, but she is talking to Ceres…

The Goddess Ceres in a poster from Nice, France.

The Goddess Ceres in a poster from Nice, France.

That lustrous orb that sweeps our oceans to and fro is also the harbinger who describes and defines our day-to-day fluctuating energy. As the face of the Moon is ever changing, so are the feelings and intuitions that push and pull us through our daily rounds. The sign of the Zodiac the Moon occupies changes about every 2-and-a-half-days and as she orbits she makes different connections to other planets, touching all of them in different ways as she speeds her way through the sky. Each of us will resonate to the energies of the flirting, capricious Luna in different ways and with different reactions according to the energies of our own birthcharts – our own dispositions and levels of consciousness. However, this comes as a guide to help you understand which fickle face our Lady Moon is showing today.

If you know your birthchart, or at least your Sun, Moon, or Rising signs (or better yet – all three – and if you don’t know any of them, maybe it’s time for you to send me an email) knowing where the Moon is playing and who she’s playing with will help you understand how to navigate your day and why you may be feeling the way you are or why you’re having the reactions or responses that you’re having. 

I’m going to try to write this everyday for you – or at least, most days. No promises being made here, but I hope the days I manage it, that you’ll find some peace, and maybe even gain a little edge, in knowing. I want to dedicate this effort to Kat. She told me that she missed my posts. So Kat – this if for you. If any of you enjoy this lovingly crafted energetic gift – please let me know! It will help to keep me motivated to continue…

(The above 3 paragraphs will be repeated each By the Light of the Moon post, so if you’ve read it before and know it by heart, just skip to the stuff after the … )

Today is a very calm day in the heavens… the Moon is what is known as void-of-course,” meaning she’s making no major connections to any of the planets. All is quiet on the celestial front – well, as quiet as possible when the Moon is in fiery, talkative Sagittarius. (If you missed yesterday’s post the Moon moved into Sagittarius yesterday morning, Jan 8, 2013 at  3:28 AM Eastern and she’ll be in Sagittarius until tomorrow morning, Jan 10 at 3:54 AM Eastern. Yesterday’s column gives you the low down on what it means when the Moon is in that sign… check it out.) This void Moon is interesting in that she remains void the entire day! Most often the Moon will be void for a few hours to several hours… but from 9:28 PM last night until 3:54 AM this coming morning, no major connections are being made. That’s over 30 hours!

When the Moon is void, not only are connections not being made from the Moon to any other planets – emotional connections aren’t being made between we of the human persuasion. Not that we aren’t trying… it’s more like a game of hit or miss. Here’s a for instance: You’ve made an arrangement to meet someone in front of a particular address at 1 PM. You show up, despite a few minor upsets that had you thinking you were going to be late, and as you get out of your car you see the person you were meeting driving away. You check your phone, which you thought was turned on, but it wasn’t. When you’re powered up you find the text: “Where are you? I’ve been waiting for almost an hour. Gone back to work.” Something similar to this scenario already happened to me this morning! A client rang to see if we did in fact have an appointment, hoping that we did and that I’d seen her very early morning email confirming. I didn’t know she had been trying to get in touch, and already had something else scheduled in that slot.

That’s the void Moon. We try to connect – but often, we just miss.

During a void-of-course Moon it’s best, if possible, to flow with the day and try to stay in a very zen space emotionally. Whatever comes, comes. What ever doesn’t, doesn’t. Be flexible. If you have the space and the opportunity in your schedule, do things like write in your journal, listen to music, write poetry, watch a movie. You get the idea. Whatever you’re doing don’t push. That way you don’t set yourself up for disappointment.

Now that you’re tuned in to the void Moon, I do want to add that there is one connection the Moon is making to another body. Ceres. Ceres isn’t considered a planet per se – she is known as a Goddess Asteroid who in 2006 was promoted in status from asteroid to dwarf planet (the same status that Pluto was demoted to). The symbolism of Ceres is that of nurturer. She’s a Goddess of the Harvest and the Grain – a real feeder. Today’s Sagittarius Moon is making an opposition to Ceres today, which means that Ceres is in Gemini. I’m taking this to mean that if we are to make any emotional connections today, they should run along the lines of nurturing a loved one’s mental capacities and shared knowledge with wisdom and honoring their points of view. And of course, if you actually connect, it wouldn’t hurt to nurture each other in a real sense with a good meal… 

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