Taking a break from “By the Light of the Moon” Sat. & Sun. – but here’s a bit about the Moon in Taurus over the weekend…


Hi All!

I so appreciate all of you and the fantastic response I’ve had for my new column “By the Light of the Moon.”

Last weekend the readers dropped, as I expected them to, so this weekend and on weekends in the future, I’ll take a writing break on Saturdays and Sundays and be right back to it on Mondays. Hope that sounds fair!

This weekend, the whole weekend, the Moon is in Taurus. So just quickly here (I can’t help myself!) the Moon in Taurus wants good food, good drink, sensual affection and to revel and be still in what it has and where it is. Taurus likes to be near its possessions – and enjoy them. So cook at home, eat, drink and make your lover happy! No sudden changes needed or desired. 

Saturday, there’s an opposition from the Moon to Saturn, so issues around feeling isolated/low or around family/mother might arise. If you’re single, give yourself permission to stay home and enjoy the down time. Thinking about it, digestion might not be that great though. On the high road of this equation, our feelings of commitment, stability and security may be stirred and we can find contentment in them. 

Sunday, the Moon squares Mars… possibly a recipe for high tempers. Mars in Aquarius wants to go, do and discover, while the Moon in Taurus wants to stay in and commune with family at home. I don’t know who, or which part of you, wins this debate, but watch for overly defensive or overly aggressive tendencies with this combo. Best case? Compromise… and have another glass of wine. 

Thanks and have a great weekend!!