“Thanks for another great session! I can’t tell you how light I feel after talking with you each time – just illuminated from within, and happy! Like I had walked outside and got to watch the bees in the sunny garden. Or something equally as joyful to me. I love these consultations with you, and find them SO very valuable and life-changing (!!!)… I can’t well-describe, the part of just feeling bathed in love; I don’t know whether it’s from having touched deep truths and feeling validated and explained, or whether it’s from talking with you, who seem so bright and genuine. But there is a sure bliss after we hang up! Then starts the integration of things we discussed…”
J. James

“Michelle is that invaluable breed of astrologer who thoroughly combines mind and heart. Her compassion is easily evidenced through her knowledge, and her astro-skill shines through her passion for growth and transformation.”
Adam Gainsburg, Astrologer and Founder of Soul Sign Astrology

“My first reading with Michelle helped me get clear on issues I’d been trying to wrap my head around in therapy for years. More recently, she helped me to shift my perspective around my skills and talents to a wider view, allowing me to feel more confident and increase my opportunities.”
Carter Tracy

“One of Michelle’s greatest gifts is the ability to provide people with a new perspective and a renewed focus on their life goals. She is incredibly knowledgeable, creative, and honest. I highly recommend Michelle’s services.”
Andrea Williamson

“My session with Michelle was comprehensive to say the least. She is one of the most professional counselors I have worked with. Her knowledge and expertise in the area of Astrology and how it relates to personal growth for an individual is incredible. She spent a great deal of time with me because she saw the need to further explain her findings in a way I could understand and integrate the findings into my personal life. I highly recommend her. I also plan to have future counseling sessions with her as needed. I cannot say enough good things about her.”
Kay Citron, Hospice and Palliative Care Nurse

“Michelle is a wonderful astrologer. She really made me feel comfortable and eased my worries about my life. Her service was the best therapy I could have asked for.
Holly Hollingsworth

“I am amazed at the depth of knowledge Michelle possesses and her ability to translate that detailed information into something I can comprehend and use… I recommend her without reservation.”
Frenesa K. Hall, MD

“This is BETTER than therapy!”
Sherri Lamar, Partner and Marketing Strategist with Chrysalis Partners

“I cannot tell you how much I have gotten out of my many, many consultations with Michelle! I first went to her when my daughter and I were in our most difficult stage EVER and I got so much clarity from Michelle on our relationship that the months-long challenge seemed to dissolve almost immediately. Michelle is not into trying to predict your future – it is surprisingly scientific and you will be amazed at what riddles she can help you solve. Always – ALWAYS – I come away from a session with Michelle feeling inspired and calmer, and that I am a part of a great mystery that is infinite in its reaches. And THAT brings me a smile and a sense of peace like you won’t believe! Expect to be shocked at how this total stranger understands your deep emotional complexities (and those of your kids’/husbands’/wives’/biz partners’) AND gives you concrete tools to transcend the icky parts! Really.”
Andrea Lea, Owner/Trainer/Yogi at Embody Studio

“You are an amazing talent, Michelle, and I want you to know how I honor that. It is one challenge for a person to learn all of the book-ish material in your field, but you have such a profound, deeper level understanding that books cannot teach. Also, I can tell that you allow your intuition to get involved, which makes it all the more special. You seem to have no judgment for the shortcomings present in all of us. And you bring with you a sense of empathy which makes it so much easier for a client to acknowledge their junk and look at it from a fresh perspective. Kudos! Thank you sooooo much for today – and for your magnificent gifts and voice.”

“Michelle Gregg is the real thing: an astrologer who uses her extensive, up-to-date knowledge with real intuition. She has helped me with her insights, and I am especially impressed with her thoughtful and sensitive approach. The world doesn’t always realize it, but we need a person with Michelle’s special gift now more than ever.
Thomas Moore, Author of Care of the Soul, Soul Mates, The Planets Within, & Care of the Soul in Medicine

“I highly recommend Michelle Gregg’s work. Her interpretation of “how I am” in the world has helped me to relax, regardless of what is happening. An excellent teacher, her explanations of “what is happening, now” help me to choose how best to proceed. I suggest that you see her when you face illness, crisis, or any major change. She’s great on your birthday, too!”
Susan Kramer, PhD, Herbalist & Homeopath with Earthways, Author of The Healthy Traveler

What’s incredible is your unique ability to intuit not only the messages of the planets and their intricate relationships with one another AND with each individual’s chart, but also just the right way to interpret these meaningful relationships to laypeople like me! You are the anointed astrologer! I trusted you implicitly from the moment I met you. Go figure. I’m wishing peace, calm, and abundance for you, Michelle Gregg.”

Consulting with Michelle takes one on an odyssey of personal discovery. She is friendly, easy to talk to, extremely patient, and thoroughly knowledgeable about her subject. She gives wholeheartedly and approaches teaching with a loving concern for the well-being of the student. In one of her transit classes, she disclosed a personality dichotomy of mine (just a little something in passing) that no other astrologer mentioned. Knowing that has allowed me to be less critical and demanding of myself and more understanding.”
Nanette Littlestone, Editor and Writer, Author of The Sacred Flame

“I wasn’t kidding. Spending an hour with you was way more insightful than a therapy session (and a lot more fun). I feel like I left knowing much more about myself. Thank you.”
Daniel Keith, Historian

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