Eclipse Season Ends with a 3rd Eclipse and New Birth

Lunar EclipseWednesday, Aug. 5  at 8:55 PM in the Eastern Time Zone we have the 3rd eclipse in one month’s time. Did you catch that? A 3rd? you say. Yes. Quite unusual. This entire Eclipse Season has been a very intense one – perhaps fitting that we end it with an extra Lunar Eclipse!

A Lunar Eclipse occurs when the Earth comes between the Sun and the Moon during a Full Moon. Symbolically speaking, we are cutting off our emotions from our egos, and have for a short space of time the ability to stand clearly in our place without such strong pulls from these two powerful forces in our lives. Eclipses herald the end of something and the beginning of something new. This particular Eclipse is like an exclamation mark at the end of an astronomical/astrological proclamation that a new era has begun, and things will no longer be as they were before. We’re in that space of knowing that change is upon us, and just for a moment we’re allowed to feel that space without being pulled from the past or pulled by our attachments to what we believe should be.

Taken singularly, this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius (the tail end of which will be visible in Eastern North America), has a buoyant, almost happy feel to it. With Jupiter rising over the Ascendant (in Atlanta and places nearby) and Mars agreeing with both the Sun and the Moon, and Mercury and Venus communicating nicely, we have a pleasant Full Moon indeed. It’s quite a social energy, encouraging us to mingle in groups, pool our creativity, share beliefs and visions for the future. Thinkers and creative types can come together and inspire each other toward new social trends that just may translate beyond the social, and fly us closer to our unified dream of a better future for all humankind.

Taken as the kite tail of the astronomical events (including the 2 Eclipses in July) we can see this Eclipse as an inspiring moment on a string of some seriously transformational developments. Here’s the line-up:

June 21 – Powerful (!) Summer Solstice with Pluto as the herald of Death, Transformation and Rebirth.

June 22 – An equally powerful New Moon in Cancer, almost intoxicating us with the power it leant to the Solstice the day before, encouraging us to begin a new way to nurture on every level. The pangs of a new birth begin.

July 7 – Lunar Eclipse in Cancer intensifying and accelerating the energy of change and a profound new nurture, for our Mother the Earth, our country as Mother, and in our personal lives as well.

July 21 – Solar Eclipse in Capricorn, making sure we know that the status-quo will not be maintained – regardless of those of us who want to dig in our heels.

August 5 – Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius – letting us know that all that’s dying and all that’s being born are expressly to serve the greater good. We will usher in a new paradigm that insists on equality and a new values system, even as the forces of tradition and “the new way” battle around us.

We’ve had some shocking news during this short 6-week period. Many of our icons have died, health care reform is being pushed and pulled furiously, Sarah Palin suddenly quit her job, the financial crisis and lay-offs have accelerated – all of which I view as the contractions before the crowning of the wonder that’s coming.

We have had some good news too – several AMAZING environmental leaps have been actualized, and just today, to put a halo all around today’s Eclipse, Laura Ling and Euna Lee, journalists who were sentenced to 12 years of hard labor in N. Korea, were granted amnesty and brought home!

Hold the power of this time with the energy of transformation, the gratitude of the better way that’s coming, and ask what creative role you can play to actualize it. Such is the energy at hand.  Happy Lunar Eclipse!

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