Happy Winter Solstice! The Sun at Midwinter: A Meditation, by John Matthews as read by Michelle Gregg

I’m reposting this from Dec. 21, 2012… I just love this meditation and hope you can find a moment in this, the longest night of the year when we welcome the return of the Sun, to listen (click on one of the blue links below) and enjoy. Peace.

Father Yule...

Father Yule…

Listen to The Sun at Midwinter: A Meditation by John Matthews, as read by Michelle Gregg

The longest night of the year is upon us and it is time to reflect on the year behind us and ponder the year ahead… a time to cozy up in front of a fire and let go of any negativity that we’ve experienced during the past 12 months – and make wishes for and welcome the fresh new year that’s coming.

Make yourself a cup of hot chocolate or sip a glass of wine and then listen to the Meditation below as I’ve recorded it. It is a very special way to bring in Mid-Winter at the Winter Solstice. The meditation is called “The Sun at Midwinter” and was written by John Matthews. You can find it in a book titled The Winter Solstice: The Sacred Traditions of Christmas. (Here it is on Amazon.)

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. My family listens to this meditation as I recorded it years ago every Winter Solstice…

Listen to The Sun at Midwinter: A Meditation by John Matthews, as read by Michelle Gregg

New Moon in Cancer Meditation

This is a New Moon in Cancer Guided Imagery Meditation that I posted for the New Moon in Cancer in July of 2012. I’d actually forgotten about it! This meditation was created for the New Moon in Cancer connected in a square to Saturn… the New Moon in Cancer that we experience today, July 23, 2017 is also connected to Saturn in an opposition, albeit widely. Given the similarity of the energies, I thought it would be right and lovely to re-post this beautiful meditation again. It takes you deeply into the dark of the feral, mother Moon. Please read, listen, and enjoy as you regenerate and restore at this Cancer Dark Moon.

Astrology with Michelle Gregg

The Dark of the Moon in Cancer – July 19, 2012
On the day of new moon, the moon rises when the sun rises. It sets when the sun sets. It crosses the sky with the sun during the day… and she is not visible to us at all. This is the time to turn inward, regenerate and restore in preparation for a new beginning…

This New Moon is proving to be such a powerful event for me! This evening I hosted a New Moon Tele-Class and Meditation, and was just elated with all the folks who joined the call and shared this special time. Thanks to all of you! 

Now I want to share our meditation with everyone. Enjoy it for the next 2 days when we’re in the Dark of the Moon phase, and into the next two weeks before the Full Moon on August 1. 

In creating…

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UPDATES on Astrology Course! I’m teaching a new basic astrology class and I’m SUPER EXCITED about it!


New Update: Hello all! A new update on this class – after the first couple of weeks in, we realized that 8 weeks would not be nearly enough to cover the material in the deep, rich way we wanted to, so the class has been changed mid-stream to a 12-week class, and Term 2 will follow the same format. So much better! All info has been / will be changed below to reflect our longer terms. THANKS!

Beginning July 1, 2017 I’m teaching a wonderful new class on the basics of Astrology. There are two terms, each one 12-weeks. All the info is below… I’m teaching at the Metropolitan Atlanta Astrological society in – you guessed it – Atlanta, GA. If you don’t live in Atlanta, and you’d like to take the class remotely, I’m very open to doing this class on-line as well. So if you’re interested in that, just send an email letting me know to astrology@michellegregg.com, and when we get a few other folks excited about the idea we can study together on-line. Tell your friends! Maybe they’ll want to join.

**UPDATE: The class is running beginning tomorrow, July 1, from 10am to 1pm! It’s a holiday weekend, so I’m extending registration through July 6, because a couple of the attendees will be missing the first class due to the 4th of July long weekend. I don’t want anyone to be deterred because they might miss the first class – or any class. Therefore I have designed the course so that if you can’t attend in-person you can sign in remotely via GoToMeeting and join us from a distance during the actual meeting times. Each class will be recorded so if you miss you still have access. All the attendees will be sent a link to the recording of each class right after they happen. So if you can’t make it in-person or virtually, you can catch up via the recordings before the next class. It’s not too late to get in on the fun!

**UPDATE: Also I’ve created a private Facebook Group for the Fundamentals & Essentials of Astrology students. Once you’ve registered I’ll invite you to the group so we can share and discuss information and ideas from the class, and all things astrology – and create community! Hope to be able to add you to the Group! 

**UPDATE: I will be running the same course again via the internet – on-line only. I’m not sure yet of the dates, but probably in 2-3 months. 

And thanks so much!!

Fundamentals and Essentials of Astrology

Term 1
12-weeks / July 1 – September 23, 2017
Meets each Saturday, 10am – 1pm
Metropolitan Atlanta Astrological Society
Harobi House – 2054 Harobi Drive, Tucker, GA 30084

Michelle Gregg, Instructor


Every person is his or her own unique energy system. Each of us is an energetic, evolving, transforming microcosm of the macrocosm that is the Cosmos. It is Astrology that provides us a profound look into that Cosmos, and into ourselves.

In this exciting new “foundations in astrology” class we’ll discover the underlying principles of a thousands-of-years-old language from a modern perspective, and why this language is so relevant and important to us today. We’ll learn about the sky, the map that is the birthchart, and how to “read” it.

Beginning in Term 1 we’ll explore the planets and signs of the zodiac, and their meanings and interpretations. The context will be psychological (primarily Jungian), mythological, spiritual, and evolutionary (karmic), all from the perspective of life as energy, with the birthchart (or horoscope, meaning “time map”) as the tool that maps that energy.

The class will be hugely informative, eye-opening, fun and lively! Come join us!


Week 1
Introduction to Astrology
What is Astrology?
A Brief History
The Solar System
Energy / The Imprint of the Birth Moment
The Birthchart as a Geocentric Map of Energy – Blueprint of the Psyche
The Birthchart as a Map of the Sky and Time

Building Blocks of a Birthchart
The Astrological Glyphs, Symbols & Shapes, and Their Meanings
The Flat or Natural Wheel
The Elements: Fire, Earth, Air, & Water
The Concept of Masculine/Yang and Feminine/Yin Energy – Polarities and Axes
Brief Intro to the Four Keystones of Astrology: Planets, Signs, Houses, Aspects

Introducing the Planets and their Role

The Luminaries
The Sun: astronomy, symbols, meaning, & myths
The Moon: astronomy, symbols, meaning, & myths


The Personal Planets

Mercury: astronomy, symbols, meaning, & myths
Venus: astronomy, symbols, meaning & myths
Mars: astronomy, symbols, meaning & myths

The Special Relationship between the Sun, Mercury, & Venus

The Transpersonal Planets
Jupiter: astronomy, symbols, meaning, & myths
Saturn: astronomy, symbols, meaning, & myths


The Outer/Evolutionary Planets
Uranus: astronomy, symbols, meaning, & myths
Neptune: astronomy, symbols, meaning, & myths
Pluto: astronomy, symbols, meaning, & myths

The Maverick Planetoid
Chiron: astronomy, symbols, meaning, & myths

Introducing the Signs and their Role

Week 4
The Annual Cycle of the Sun (the Seasonal Year) and the Ecliptic or Tropical Zodiac
Signs not Constellations
Intro to Planetary Rulers of the Signs

Aries: ruler, symbol, psychology, keywords
Taurus: ruler, symbol, psychology, keywords
Gemini: ruler, symbol, psychology, keywords
Cancer: ruler, symbol, psychology, keywords
Leo: ruler, symbol, psychology, keywords
Virgo: ruler, symbol, psychology, keywords

Week 5   SIGNS
Libra: ruler, symbol, psychology, keywords
Scorpio: ruler, symbol, psychology, keywords
Sagittarius: ruler, symbol, psychology, keywords
Capricorn: ruler, symbol, psychology, keywords
Aquarius: ruler, symbol, psychology, keywords
Pisces: ruler, symbol, psychology, keywords
Planets in Exaltation, Detriment, and Fall

Week 6   Number Symbolism
Division by Polarity and Polarity as Psychological Projection – Two
Division by Modality – Three
Division by Element: Fire Signs, Earth Signs, Air Signs, Water Signs – Four
Jung’s Psychological Types

Planets in Aries
Planets in Taurus
Planets in Gemini
Planets in Cancer
Planets in Leo
Planets in Virgo

Planets in Libra
Planets in Scorpio
Planets in Sagittarius
Planets in Capricorn
Planets in Aquarius
Planets in Pisces

Wrap Up

Questions? Contact Michelle Gregg @ astrology@michellegregg.com

Tuition and Payment
Tuition is $425 for 8 Week Term payable in advance by check,
PayPal (plus $13.00 fee) or Venmo (no fee)

PayPal.com: pay $438.00 to astrology@michellegregg.com
Venmo.com: pay $425 to MichelleGreggAstro /astrology@michellegregg.com
Check: pay $425 to Michelle Gregg – Email astrology@michellegregg.com for the address.

Term 2 will begin October 21, 2017 and will cover
Astrological Houses and Aspects.

Meditating with the Moon – Jan. 7, 2017


MEDITATING WITH THE MOON – Saturday, January 7, 2017

Love your body fully without judgement. Feel you way into its beauties and “flaws” with gratitude. Your body is created by your Soul… so let your body feed your Soul. Never forget your body’s ability to change, renew, regenerate as you purposefully restore and evolve your Soul.
My body is the container and vehicle for my Soul; My body reflects my Soul.
Waxing Gibbous Moon – 72% Illuminated – 10 Days Old
Moonrise: 1:47 pm Eastern
Moonset: 3:22 am Eastern on Jan 8
Moon Void beginning 9:23 pm (until 5:06 pm tomorrow)


Using these simple Moon thoughts are a wonderful way to begin a daily meditation practice that keeps you focused on, and grounded in, the emotional energy of the Cosmos each and every day.

You can do a very simple 8/4 count meditation, which means you settle into a comfortable position, close your eyes, focus on your breath, and breathe in to a slow count of 8, hold it for 4 counts, and then breathe out for a slow count of 8. Hold your breath again for 4 counts. On the in-breath recite a word or phrase from the Moon Meditation in your mind, focusing on that energy and holding it, and then consciously release that same energy out into the world on the out-breath. Then empty your mind space for 4 counts, and begin the process again on the in-breath with the next word or phrase from the Moon Meditation.

Happy Winter Solstice! The Sun at Midwinter: A Meditation, by John Matthews as read by Michelle Gregg

Astrology with Michelle Gregg

Father Yule... Father Yule…

Listen to The Sun at Midwinter: A Meditation by John Matthews, as read by Michelle Gregg

The longest night of the year is upon us and it is time to reflect on the year behind us and ponder the year ahead… a time to cozy up in front of a fire and let go of any negativity that we’ve experienced during the past 12 months – and make wishes for and welcome the fresh new year that’s coming. 

Make yourself a cup of hot chocolate or sip a glass of wine and then listen to the Meditation below as I’ve recorded it. It is a very special way to bring in Mid-Winter at the Winter Solstice. The meditation is called “The Sun at Midwinter” and was written by John Matthews. You can find it in a book titled The Winter Solstice: The Sacred Traditions of Christmas. (

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Mercury Retrograde – The Unlikely Healing Gift

Every now and then go away,have a little rest and relaxation, for when you come back to your work your judgment will be surer; since to remain constantly at work will cause you to lose power of judgment…Go some distance away because the work appears smaller and more of it can be taken in at a glance, and a lack of harmony or proportion is more readily seen.
~Leonardo Da Vinci

Hermes by Praxiteles - 1898Astrologically speaking, there is a particular cycle, which while not always comfortable, has the result of great benefit:  the apparent backwards motion of a very mischievous planet. Many of us wouldn’t normally consider a period of Mercury Retrograde a blessing, yet in nature, there is rule:  two steps forward, one step back.  Without this rule, we’d all experience burn-out, fatigue, frustration and end up relinquishing our health. We must have a period of rest and reflection to maintain balance, and that is precisely what is offered during any Mercury Retrograde cycle.

Traditionally, the 3 week period of Mercury Retrograde (which is the appearance from Earth that Mercury is traveling backwards) that occurs approximately once every four months is that awful time when our cars breakdown, our computers crash, we miss our flight by seconds, our presentations flop, we’re accident prone, we can’t write or think clearly, and when we open our mouths to speak we say the wrong thing or nobody is listening. We are not meant to make any major purchases like houses, cars, boats, insurance, etc., and we are never ever to enter into any contract, (including marriage and mortgage refinances) during this time. People await Mercury’s back peddling atremble with trepidation and fear. From here, it doesn’t sound like much to be grateful for…

Certainly the above is a blatant exaggeration. I pity the poor Soul who could actually have all of these communication and transportation problems during one three week period of time. Yet, this cyclical period didn’t get its bad reputation without reason.  So what is it then, really? Why does Mercury Retrograde affect communication and transportation? Why do we lose our minds temporarily? Let’s look briefly at the mythological Mercury so that we can begin to make sense of, and feel gratitude for, this recurring phenomenon.

Mercury the Trickster – God of Communication, Technology and Transportation

Mythologically, Mercury (Hermes in Greek) represents several archetypes:  the Trickster; the Messenger; the Guide and Companion; the Psychopompos (the deliverer of the newly dead to Hades); the Puer Eternis (the forever young and charming fool); the Thief; the Teacher; and the Magician, to name more than a few. You may well ask how one God can wear so many different hats? The answer is that of all the Gods, Mercury alone has the power to mimic and portray the attributes of all the other Gods. His cleverness allows him to be a virtual chameleon, and because of this virtue he was favored by his father, Jupiter (Zeus), and was constantly sent on missions to rescue other Divine children, or to lead inept mortals currently in favor out of trouble.

Mercury is witty, confident, competent, and utterly without conscience. He is constantly on the move, gathering information, analyzing it and either acting upon it, or stowing it away to be dealt with later. He is pure mental process, the governor of the Mind. He is easily bored and often up to mischief. Because he achieved such elevated status as messenger of the Gods, he became the patron of all communication.  Because he is so clever and forward thinking his influence is over all devices of communication, even as they are being invented. Because he journeyed via many modes between Olympus and Earth, and to and from Hades so often, and because he led so many, mortal and immortal alike, on their journeys (whether on an adventure, out of a misadventure, or to lead the spirits of the dead to the underworld forever), Mercury has become the patron of travel and all modes of transportation. Hence the breakdown in communication, transportation, and travel when Mercury decides to move backwards, rather than forward!

I believe it highly unlikely that the Universe has come up with a 3-week period of time 3 times a year simply to annoy and frustrate us in our attempts to get smoothly through our lives. Undoubtedly there is a deeper meaning underlying the mishaps and miscommunications that occur during Mercury’s retrogression. Consider this. The natural order of things produces periods of wakefulness and attention, and in balance, periods of rest and simple awareness. The pattern of waking and sleeping created by the rising and setting of the Sun is the most obvious example that comes to mind. The turning of the Seasons also mirrors the need for active attention (Fall) followed by a period of restful awareness and recharging through being still and tuning inward (Winter). So it is with Mercury who represents the energy and archetype that resonates with our inherent need and desire to communicate our thoughts, ideas, and artistry out into the world around us. The period of Mercury Retrograde, then, is an opportunity for restful awareness provided by Universal Law. It’s a time to turn away from full-tilt active attention to our forward driving lives. It’s the time to rest and refresh the Spirit; to re-evaluate where we are, what we’re doing, why we’re doing it, and how we’re doing life. All of the planets, not only Mercury, have their own periods of retrogression. Mercury, because it is closest to the Sun and has the smallest orbit, simply retrogresses more frequently than the other planets, hence the greater common knowledge of this particular planet’s patterns and its apparent “effects” upon us.

Subconscious MindNow knowing what we know about Mercury, his mythology, and the natural need for times of rest and inner rediscovery, the question becomes “How do we best utilize this time to our greatest benefit, and to the purpose for which it exists?”  The beginning of the answer to this question comes in the form of understanding that during our typical forward motion, we don’t process much of the information waiting in our unconscious minds. Information is there steeping, awaiting a moment to enter the consciousness in order to provide the thrust toward transformation that is appropriate for the time. Mercury Retrograde periods are when we should take the opportunity to rest and restore ourselves through self-evaluation. During this rest, Mercury will surprise us by dipping down into our unconsciousness returning upward with the most timely and incredible material. We receive a gift that we would have otherwise missed without this period of re-connecting with our internal selves. If we use this time wisely, we will consciously process this gift, alchemically transforming our current paradigm for the new and more relevant one. This process is extraordinarily healing, especially if in the months prior to the current retrogression, we have been experiencing a time of personal transition.

Another incredible gift of the Mercury Retrograde period is that we can place our current projects on hold, or put them on the back burner, so that they can in their turn steep and develop into what is needed toward our best interests. We may feel, however, that we cannot let go of, re-direct, or re-schedule a project or other imminent event. There are deadlines and responsibilities, and we can’t possibly base our modern lives on some ancient form of calendaring like Astrology! However, if we do not, if we resist the natural cycle of moving from forward attention to simple resting awareness, of the two-steps-forward and one-step back nature of all things, THEN we pay the price by experiencing many of the things listed at the beginning of this article. Erin Sullivan, who wrote the preeminent volume on retrogression available today, titled Retrograde Planets, states “The essence of Mercury Retrograde cannot be controlled by the will and when we think we are smugly in control we are most likely to experience the Trickster in all his magnificent glory.” When we can accept this retrogression as the teaching and healing device that it is intended to be we can stop anticipating it with dread and anxiety.  We can, instead, receive the gift graciously, recharge and realign ourselves with our true nature and purpose, and then pause to give thanks for the opportunity to do so!

Astrology Symbols - MercuryWe have, as many consciously understand, through socialization and the raising of technology to such godlike degrees (while leaving the beauty, wisdom, and lucidity of Nature behind) almost entirely removed the numinous and sacred out of our experience of life. We are in the throes of healing an incredible separation from the Divine in our culture. In moving more toward the natural timing of cycles and events in our lives, with respect to informing and reflecting the macrocosm that is symbolized by Astrology, we can begin to reclaim our natural state of being and evolving. We can drive forward with our mission and our intention, and then take a moment to reevaluate and redeem ourselves during the process of achieving. Give thanks then that your computer crashes, or your brakes need replacing! It means you might need to take a break, reflect, restore and enjoy this small moment to replenish your Spirit. This is the hope of Astrology, and the lesson, and true gift, of Mercury Retrograde.

Testimonials… Wow! My weekly clients speak out!

  A few of my long-term clients have written some pretty great things about the sessions we do together. I’m delighted to share!
Feeling pretty good about this wonderful work…

“Thanks for another great session! I can’t tell you how light I feel after talking with you each time – just illuminated from within, and happy! Like I had walked outside and got to watch the bees in the sunny garden. Or something equally as joyful to me. I love these consultations with you, and find them SO very valuable and life-changing (!!!)… I can’t well-describe, the part of just feeling bathed in love; I don’t know whether it’s from having touched deep truths and feeling validated and explained, or whether it’s from talking with you, who seem so bright and genuine. But there is a sure bliss after we hang up! Then starts the integration of things we discussed…”
J. James

“I’d heard Michelle was an amazing astrologer/counselor from a friend who recommended I have a session with her. I thought it would be fun and interesting to have a chat. That was about 6 months ago. Little did I know then how my life would change for the better as a result. What started as a one session curiosity has become a regular counseling session every two weeks. I prioritize my sessions with Michelle.  Even when things get tough financially I keep my sessions with her…not just because she can read charts, but because I see and deeply feel results. I am a better me. We peel the layers of the onion, getting at deep issues and addressing them. I am in awe of this woman and how she works…and how amazing I feel as a result of working with her. She listens…interprets…asks…sees…she truly works WITH me to help me with my questions. She utilizes her knowledge and depth of experience with astrology, combines it with her sense of humor, her curiosity, and her solid desire to be there for her clients. Does she provide value in one session?  YES!  But I believe the real value is in working with her over time…as I have and continue to do…as the planets move and the issues change…as she gets to know you and your birth chart and how the transits affect YOU. She wants to help you grow…learn…understand…address things…love yourself! She is my mentor and my counselor and I LOVE working with her…and soooo appreciate the person I am becoming as a result of better understanding my patterns and finding balance. Thank you Michelle!  I am freer…I more thoroughly enjoy myself and my relationships, and the circumstances I face every day. Life is smoother. I am softer. Thank you thank you. I’m looking forward to our next chat.”
Verena von Dehn

“Who knew that counseling could be fun?!  The best part of doing ongoing work with Michelle Gregg is that she uses the planets to make space for growth.  In just about every session, she holds me accountable (and we don’t have to blame my mother!), makes me laugh at circumstances out of my control, and helps me to navigate the challenges of the present.  She lets me wander out into the weeds sometimes, but then, by teaching me how to see a path where I thought there was no way, she opens doors to opportunities I had long written off.  With Michelle’s insights, I get to dance between the wholeness and brokenness of yesterday while celebrating the fullness of tomorrow.  For me, engaging in a long term relationship with Michelle means waking up to a brighter, more hopeful day each and every morning.”       –Corinne Dedini

“Michelle has the profound gift to take you on a journey to discover and understand the landscape of your internal world that affects every aspects of your external one. This knowledge gives you the true empowerment to affect changes in your life.  I have learned in working with Michelle over a period of time that the depth of understanding the self, translates into my ability to respond to the internal or external obstacles I am faced with in a way that creates breakthroughs from my negative habitual patterns with the most lasting positive effects in my life.”     –Dominique Sire

“Michelle is an extraordinary talent, combining an extensive knowledge of the humanities, Jungian psychology, and classical astrology into a unique approach that helps you find your place in your own life as well as the world at large. I flirted with therapists for it seems like forever, and never really found what I was looking for until I started working with Michelle on a regular basis…”    
Michael Brandt

“Working with Michelle regularly over this past year has helped me to understand and work with the astrological cycles and energy patterns so that my life runs smoother and in a more balanced fashion.  I have experienced tremendous personal growth during this time as well and I owe it all to my regular sessions with Michelle.  I’m less stressed and much more prepared for what life has in store for me.”          –Laura Halpin

If you’d like more info on my long-term, deep inner work, have a look here!

Contact me at astrology@michellegregg.com to schedule!

Website glitch – I apologize for the repeat/double posting today!

Hello to you lovely ones who subscribe to my blog!

Please accept my apology for the double posting of By the Light of the Moon today… somehow a draft of a post that was published on Jan. 10 went up and all of you were notified. I’m so sorry for that! 

I hope you’ll join me tomorrow for a NEW and as yet previously unposted column.

Thanks for your understanding!


New Moon in Libra Meditation Audio Now Available!

Meditation for the New Moon in Libra in the Autumn Mountainside

I apologize for the delay with the audio recording, and for not being able to be with you for the free New Moon TeleClass & Meditation this evening, but the good news is that the New Moon in Libra Meditation is now available for you to listen to!


Full Moon in Pisces – Respite, Imagination, and Idealism to Feed the Source of Service

Oh, how lovely the moon at it’s fullness! What ripe and ready intuition does this Pisces illumination bring us on Sept. 4 at 12:02 pm EDT? The gifts of idealism, imagination and respite for the Soul. Allow yourself some space to connect with these gifts…maybe as a rehearsal for the upcoming Mercury Retrograde on Monday, which asks us to reflect and re-organize our minds. Meander through your creativity, allowing your imagination to emerge fully engaged. Allow yourself to wander through the place that unlocks closed, solitary being and grants permission to feel, truly experience, the connectedness of all life, all existence.

A Full Moon is always exactly opposite the Sun reflecting back the incredible light and energy of that powerful star. Because the Moon is in Pisces, the Sun is in its opposite sign, Virgo. Every Full Moon is about reflecting and balancing polar opposite energies. In this case we become One through Pisces in order to inspire the Virgo work of service. Simply being in the Oneness and the space of imagination and idealism isn’t enough…once that is felt, the Solar energy of Virgo encourages us to buckle down to the work necessary to bring the dream and idealistic goals to fruition. In my September Forecast I stated, “This illumination shows us where we have either seen only the forest and not the trees, or vice versa. On this lunation focus on bringing together ideals and vision with the practical details that will certainly be required for accomplishment. Feel the unity symbolized by Pisces, while doing the work necessary to harvest the vision.”

Here are some key phrases to inspire you

harvesting the vision
working toward the dream
perfecting the ideal
healthy imagination
practical spirituality
idealization of order
dissolution of old methods of working
dissolution of social differences
inspired service

Think back to anything you started at the New Moon 2 weeks ago (see New Moon in Leo article) and to six-months ago and one year ago to see what has come to fullness in your own life. Reflect on lessons learned and begin integrating what is culminating now. Happy Full Moon everyone!