Saturn and Uranus – What we must balance.

I’m certain you’ve heard of the Age of Aquarius. Some say we’re fully in it, some say it’s only just started, some that it doesn’t start for quite some time, while even others argue that  it started back in the 60’s or even longer ago – it’s a bit of a gray area.  An Astrological Age, such as the Age of Pisces that we’re departing and the Age of Aquarius that we’re entering, are periods of time lasting about 2160 years and are marked by the sun’s movement, at the time of the Spring Equinox, into a new zodiacal constellation. This movement occurs backward through the Zodiac and is due to the wobble of the Earth on its axis. The sign of an Astrological Age defines the characteristics of the time over a 2000 year period, give or take a couple of hundred years. However “an age” can also be defined as “any period identified with some dominant personality or characteristic”. I propose The Little Age of Saturn/Uranus. It’s far more certain in terms of timing and much easier to define than an entire Astrological Age!

This Little Age of Saturn/Uranus began in the Fall of 2008 and will end just before Fall in 2010. So we have a two year moment that is not only acting as a stand alone event; it is also the catalyst ushering in a brand new paradigm. Here’s why.

Every 45 years, Saturn and Uranus find themselves at a stand-off in the sky – a 2-year period when, like duelists meeting at dawn with drawn pistols, they are opposed – literally being 180 degrees apart, and symbolically. Let’s talk about the symbolism. These two planets are rather like those duelists – feet slipping in the morning dew, the mist swirling thick between them, and not nearly enough light to really see the other for a clean shot. They must feel as if they’re moving in slow motion, sticky with apprehension, and that their target – their goal – is not clearly emerged enough from the elements to offer clear vision. The outcome of this precarious adventure is wildly uncertain…the fact that something has to happen – to change – is unalterable.

(Which can perhaps be seen as the death throes of the Age of Pisces as we move faster into the Age of Aquarius.)  since Uranus is the ruler of Aquarius and is occupying the sign of Pisces

At 8:51 EDT on Sept. 15 (yesterday as I write this) Saturn and Uranus made the third of five exact oppositions, the denouement of this Little Age. This exact 180 degree separation, placing Saturn in Virgo on one side and Uranus in Pisces on the other, is an astronomical phenomenon that occurs about every 45 years.

1918 – 1920

End of WWI

Spanish Flu kills 700000 Americans and others worldwide

Russian Civil War

Austria went from an Empirical society to a Democratic one – the Austro-Hungarian empire/monarchy disentegrated.

Leading into the Roaring Twenties

Change in fashion, music – flappers and jazz

Prohibition – 1919 to 1933 the 18th Amendment to the US Constitution banning the production and sale of alcohol.

Suffrage – August 26, 1920, the Nineteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution became law, and women were finally given the legal right to vote in this country.

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