A Feeling for the Whole – an excerpt from Gwen Gordon’s “What Does God Look Like in an Expanding Universe”

The Milky Way Over Ontario by Kerry-Ann Lecky Hepburn

The Milky Way Over Ontario by Kerry-Ann Lecky Hepburn

Sitting in the grass on a moonless, cloudless night I gaze at the arch of the Milky Way, letting the forms of beloved constellations reveal themselves in the wealth of the luminaries. I sink back into a happy sense of my own nothingness before the certainty of the stars. I do not experience terror at this vastness of space-time, but an aspect of immensity that is comforting – all those stars and all the invisible worlds beyond them are necessary for me to come into existence. I am this immensity gazing into itself, born from the fire of its stars and cooled down enough to be able to think, see, and admire. No matter how remote these distant ancestors are, in this moment I know that we would not be without each other. A sense of awe sweeps through me.

Excerpt from “A Feeling for the Whole” from What Does God Look Like in an Expanding Universe by Gwen Gordon.  Click here to read the entire excerpt.

Visit Gwen Gordon’s amazing website at www.gwengordonplay.com.

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