Fall Equinox 2011 – The Power of a Rainbow

Beautiful double rainbow...

Rainbow Story…

This morning on the way back from dropping my son off at school, my mom, who because of progressive dementia is usually not very cognizant of what’s around her, leaned over and said with joy in her voice, “There’s a rainbow!”

Her joy was contagious and as I looked heavenward and found the arching hues, I was astonished. Not just one rainbow – but two, following the same path, one over the other. On a morning that had been the typical rush and push out the door, my equilibrium was immediately restored. I felt my breath deepen, the corners of my mouth lifted into a genuine smile and my eyes were shining with delight. All because of a rainbow – or actually two.

Mom continued to look up and as we moved through neighborhood streets she craned from side to side to keep the gorgeous spectrum of colors in sight. She started talking about the rainbows she had seen as a child and lamented that she never saw them anymore. She asked with wonder what could possibly cause a rainbow? And I described to her the process of light refracting through water droplets in the atmosphere… I could see that she didn’t understand and because her short-term memory is completely gone I was asked how a rainbow is created several times… but it was so nice to be sharing something in real-time with her, both of us steeped in the natural glory of this phenomenon of light and water in the morning sky.

As I drove along with mom at my side, window down to the cool breeze, truly enjoying my new-found happiness, I realized something with a jolt. Today is the Autumn Equinox! A day when light and dark are equal… a day of equilibrium! My pleasure increased yet again. Here we were, rapt by the vision of the reaching colors, feeling connected, feeling joyous and centered – on one of two days in any year that symbolizes balance, equality, mystery and beauty – the balance to be found between dark/light, good/evil. When we stopped at the next traffic light, I took a picture so that I’d have a way to remember my lovely feelings and symbolic realizations.

Fall Equinox 2011 Astrology…

This particular Autumn Equinox occurred at 5:05 AM EDT, Sept. 23, 2011. Considering our feelings during that rainbow drive, it’s not surprising that the astrological alignments today have much to do with balance and beauty.

The Equinox happens annually when the Sun moves out of Virgo and into Libra – and Libra is all about balance, equanimity, grace, and gaining and maintaining equilibrium. Venus, Libra’s ruler, also has everything to do with pleasure, aesthetics and what we value – if you think about it, it is the things we find most pleasing that we tend to value, hence the connection. And not only is the Sun in Libra, but so is Venus herself, as is Saturn.

Venus and the Moon are in a lovely angle to one another today, and when they combine the energies brighten with a desire to socialize with loved ones and create harmony and peace. There is a gentleness to this combination.

And since Venus is also in a very nice combination with Mars, there is an alluring eroticism in the air just waiting to be tapped into by ardent lovers. (Don’t let this one pass you by!)

Saturn touches Venus as well… some may argue that this combination is barren and austere, putting the brakes on our relationships. But the orb is still wide and there is a bright side to these two coming together… Try tapping into these: Simple beauty. Enjoyment of clear forms. Pleasure through structure. The peace of stillness.

There are other prominent energies today… Uranus is opposite the Sun branding us with some volatile energy that revels in the unique, sudden and revolutionary. This coupling also unleashes the quality of the trickster – so be aware that all is not rainbows and unicorns! Still this is an opposition and mirrors the energy of finding balance and equilibrium that Libra portrays.

And of course, we have the long-standing Uranus/Pluto square, which the Equinox is energizing as the Sun is opposite to Uranus and squared to Pluto creating a T-Square, that brings our attention to the combined archetypes of revolution and breaking down the status quo with destruction, re-construction and transformation. But we’ve been mired in that energy for a very long time…

Today, for this beautiful Autumn Equinox, enjoy the more fleeting energies represented by the Sun, Moon, Venus and Mars… go find a little pleasure.

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