Total Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Gemini – Dec. 10, 2011

There’s a Total Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Gemini tomorrow – today really – Dec. 10, 2011. Those of you who have Gemini, Sagittarius, Virgo or Pisces strongly represented in your charts will probably feel this event more strongly than others. Don’t just think of your Sun sign in this case – your Sun sign is a small part of the entirety of you as symbolized by your birth chart. Look at your Moon sign, your Ascendant, stelliums, planets on the angles, etc. to see what you have in these 4 signs. (If you don’t know your chart, send me your birth info.) 

Some of you, like me, may still be reeling from the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius on Nov. 25, 2011. This one will solidify, or layer what happened then. Eclipses bring endings and transformations. You may feel pushed forward into something that makes you feel anxious – but really look at the events and opportunities that are happening in your life. Understand that there’s a reason for the (eclipse) season!

This Lunar Eclipse will illuminate something to do with duality, logic, reason, mental workings, curiosity, information, knowledge – all things related to Gemini. And as all things occur on a continuum – in unbreakable relationship to what is opposite – Sagittarius meanings will be in play as well: seeking meaning, expansion, morality, judgment, education, enthusiasm, religion. Uranus, the planet of independence and revolution, goes direct at about the same time, so there’s likely to be a feeling of expectation and antsy pants… a need for something new. And Mars is squaring this lunation – so tempers may flare. At the least there will be lots of energy.

As you ponder what this eclipse can mean in your life, see if you can remember what was happening in June of this year (the first Total Lunar Eclipse of this Eclipse Cycle) and also try to remember about 19 years ago in December of 1992, the last time there was a Total Lunar Eclipse in Gemini. What was going on then may give you a bit of insight into what this event is all about.

Just remember that all endings make way for new beginnings. Cliche I know – but cliches are true for a reason!

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