New Moon in Cancer Meditation

The Dark of the Moon in Cancer – July 19, 2012
On the day of new moon, the moon rises when the sun rises. It sets when the sun sets. It crosses the sky with the sun during the day… and she is not visible to us at all. This is the time to turn inward, regenerate and restore in preparation for a new beginning…


This New Moon is proving to be such a powerful event for me! This evening I hosted a New Moon Tele-Class and Meditation, and was just elated with all the folks who joined the call and shared this special time. Thanks to all of you! 

Now I want to share our meditation with everyone. Enjoy it for the next 2 days when we’re in the Dark of the Moon phase, and into the next two weeks before the Full Moon on August 1. 

In creating this meditation I focused specifically on the energies of the New Moon and Sun in Cancer in a square aspect (a 90 degree angle) to Saturn. It is meant to get you to that space of the Dark of the Moon – to experience the healing energy of darkness – the fertile dark womb of creation – and to become refreshed, restored and to regenerate your spirit in that space so that you are ready for a new beginning at the Crescent Moon. 

Listen to the meditation here.

Or read the meditation just below:

New Moon in Cancer Meditation – July 19, 2012

This is a guided imagery meditation. I’m using Earth imagery and Water imagery since the New Moon chart shows the Sun and Moon in the Water sign of Cancer, and they are both strongly connected to the planet Saturn – the Earthiest of planetary energies.

The best way to experience this meditation is sitting comfortably upright with your bare feet on the ground or the floor, with closed eyes and an open heart and mind.

Relax your face. Smile and release any tension there. Relax your shoulders. Gently lift them and let them fall into a comfortable place. Shake your arms and hands lightly and then allow them to become comfortable and loose, resting your hands in your lap. Breathe deeply into your torso and as you breathe out twist easily and gently from side to side, then come to center and settle into an easy position. Now gently shake your legs and move them from side to side for a couple of breaths, then bring them to stillness, releasing any tension in them… just let them relax and become heavy, allowing your feet on the floor to support them gently. Now lift your feet a little and wiggle your toes and circle your ankles and let them come to rest, planting them firmly on the floor again, knees bent and wide, easily supporting your relaxed legs. Breathe very deeply, in and out, at a natural and comfortable rate.

Even gentle breaths – getting deeper and deeper as you relax.

Breathing slowly, slowing your heart rate. In. Out. In. Out.

Now the darkness behind your eyelids is growing even darker. Darker with every breath.

Now empty your mind. Free yourself into a blissful conscious darkness.  Breathe there, relaxing in pleasure.

Now breathe your breath into your heart imagining warm, gentle dark hands lovingly holding and supporting your heart-space. Breathe gently and feel the love that is offered.

Breathe into your breasts. Let them become full with your breath and the loving presence of the Great Mother who offers perfect nourishment and comfort, a solace from the world of light.

Breathe into your stomach. Allow it to expand with the nourishment that is offered from the Mother and know that it will digest everything you need to assimilate and move forward perfectly.

Breathe into your womb. Feel it awaken and quicken with your divinely inspired creativity and intuition.

Now, imagine that you you’re lying down in a dark, wild wooded place. Smell the damp earth. Hear the sounds of the night creatures. Listen to the music of the dark flowing stream that runs nearby. Know instinctively that you are home here – completely protected and safe. Breathe in the sensation of safeness, even in the velvet darkness of the moonless night.  No sight is needed. Everything is understood through your feelings and intuition. Lie here in perfect safety and comfort, connecting your breathe to the pulse of the earth, understanding that the Earth is your mother and safe haven.  Breathe deeply and gently.  In. Out. In. Out.

Now ever so slowly and gently imagine that you sit up, legs crossed in meditation pose, continuing to breathe deeply, eyes staying closed, feeling safe within the dark womb of the woods, and settle your 1st Chakra, the area of the tail bone, onto the warm ground. Feel it connect with the Earth. Feel yourself becoming one with the Earth. Settle deeply upon it. You are connecting with the ancient feminine, understanding that you are part of that powerful source and as such, also ancient and indestructible. Your first Chakra is soaking in the infinite support and love that the Mother offers, healing and replenishing.

Now that you are grounded in pure Mother Love, slowly rise and walk to the edge of the dark night stream. Move confidently and with grace and power through the black, feral night. Squat down beside the clear flowing stream, placing your hands in the warm, pulsing waters. Bring the water to your face and as you become accustomed to the feeling, lie down with your whole body in the water and feel it flow and contour around you. The water of the Mother, the water of life is cleansing your body and soul and opening you to feeling wholeness as a woman, a mother, a protector, a nourisher, of yourself and of those you love. Feel the sensation of the liquid warmth and revel in it with joy, understanding that pleasure, feeling, and sensation are your right. Breathe deeply and gently as the water flows over and around you, bringing you peace in the darkness.

Breathe. In. Out.

Breathe. In. Out.

Now, feeling restored and regenerated, imagine that you slowly rise and lift your arms to the night sky. As you do your body is dried and warmed by a comforting breeze. Walk with a lifted spirit onto the shore and become aware again of the soft dark earth at your feet. The rustlings of dark nature all around you. You sense that the dark moon is passing and that a tiny sliver of light will be visible when you walk from the forest into and open field.  You are refreshed and your light consciousness begins to flow as you get your first glimpse of the lovely crescent of the New Moon.

You have been nourished, regenerated, made whole in the Dark of the Moon and now it is time to release newly formed ideas into your Creative Spirit and out into the world. Just as the Moon begins to show herself anew, so can you, with confidence and surety. You are supported and loved. Your creativity is poised to spring forward.

When you’re ready, begin to bring your breathing back to a normal pace. Still sitting, still with eyes closed. Still relaxed – but with stirring thoughts and an emerging idea. Breathe. Smile.

Now slowly open your eyes, feeling refreshed and restored. 

If this was meaningful to you and you’d like to go further with this healing energy, I invite you to a consultation with me so that we can get very specific about how and where in your life this energy impacts you.

What house does the New Moon occur in your chart? Which area of your life is being impacted and is up for change and growth? What does your personal Moon Sign say about how you need to nurture yourself to feel whole?  Reach out and we can explore this month’s energies in your personal birth chart and see what is ripe for transformation. If you’re having relationship challenges, or mother or family issues, or you’re not expressing your creativity the way you’d like to – all Moon related issues – please email me at I’d love to help! 

Thank you!! And I hope to hear from you soon and to share with you on the next New Moon Tele-Class & Meditation on Friday, August 17, 2012 when the New Moon is in Leo. A very different energy! Be well and Happy New Moon!

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  1. Reblogged this on Astrology with Michelle Gregg and commented:

    This is a New Moon in Cancer Guided Imagery Meditation that I posted for the New Moon in Cancer in July of 2012. I’d actually forgotten about it! This meditation was created for the New Moon in Cancer connected in a square to Saturn… the New Moon in Cancer that we experience tomorrow, July 23, 2017 is also connected to Saturn in an opposition, albeit widely. Given the similarity of the energies, I thought it would be right and lovely to re-post this beautiful meditation again. It takes you deeply into the dark of the feral, mother Moon. Please read, listen, and enjoy as you regenerate and restore at this Cancer Dark Moon.

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