The Autumn Equinox and the Moment of Balance – September 22, 2017


Sunset in Autumn


This is the word we reflect on at the Autumn Equinox. As we see and feel the shifting of the light and the crisping of the air, the Sun, just entering the astrological sign of Libra, continues its descent across the Southern sky, gradually weakening in light and height. This day is the day of equal day and night hours, when light and dark are not battling for the sky, but equal in strength. The equinoxes, both Spring and Autumn, are the only times when the Northern and Southern Hemispheres are equally illuminated. In the Northern Hemisphere we are now in-between the extremes of the heat of Summer with its long, languid days just past, and in anticipation of the short, dark, cold days of Winter. We are betwixt and between… a time of equilibrium, a time of balance. A time of transition. It is as though we are between a deep inhale and a powerful exhale, where the moment hangs shimmering and poignant, before it passes away.


The Red Vinyard at Arles, Vincent Van Gogh, 1888

Before we started buying our food at grocery stores and super centers, the Autumn Equinox was a celebration of the harvest – the time when, both exhausted and jubilant, we’d successfully brought in the fruits of our labors, preparing and storing them for the winter. It was a time to mark the importance of working together for a common cause, a time to revel in our community as the stronghold of our survival together. This is an idea that is central to the energy of Libra and to this time of year: equality, balance, community, peace, beauty – the peace and beauty of the dying sun, of the vibrancy of the trees in their final blaze of glory, of our relationships and what we create when we are equal together, honoring all sides, balancing all views, and coming to diplomatic solutions that strengthen and protect us all.

Equinox is from the Latin aequinoctium, meaning “equal night.” Today the night is equal to the day, yet as we move through time away from the Equinox and toward the Winter Solstice, the days become shorter and and we have less light to live by. What was known to our ancestors, before technology gave us permanent days with electric light, is the part darkness plays in the work of spiritual transformation. The darkness, to which we are absolutely heading as each day passes, is a place that restores us, a space where we germinate, and regenerate. But before we reach the full darkness of the Winter Solstice,


The glyph for Libra represents both the scales and the Autumn sun setting over the horizon, a symbol for equilibrium and peace.

we have the opportunity to learn from the harmony and symmetry of the Equinox. We tap into the beauty of internal balance, that sense of equilibrium we need in order to start preparing for the darkness. In this space of anticipation, when the light is gorgeous, the air is temperate and cooling to the skin, and the riotous, rich colors of ‘Nature in her Fall’ imbue our spirits with gratitude, with generosity – and because we are feeling externally delighted – we find it easy to extend ourselves in love, open to both giving and receiving. The crispness of the season is reviving to the spirit, and for as long as we dare, before the dark and cold drive us inside, we strive toward company among others, pleasures, beauty, harmony, and love. This is the message of Libra.

The particular message of this Autumn Equinox, found in the astrological chart drawn for the moment the Sun moves into Libra at 4:03 PM Eastern on September 22, 2017, has much to do with balancing our wounds with our identities, and where we want to shine. Often the places where we feel wounded, excluded, abandoned, or victimized so interfere with our potentials that we can’t seem to get past ourselves to achieve our goals or take the next step toward healing. Sometimes we even project our talents, our greatness, onto others, not quite believing that we can ever fulfill the dreams we long for, leaving it to others to lead creative, fulfilled lives. This Autumn Equinox season brings the opportunity to pull in those projections so that you can own your own dreams and potentials. This energy also includes showing you the the ways in which to attain the tools you need to bring your gifts into reality – if you are willing to see and take the challenge and do the necessary work. So again, we are back to balance. Being out of balance is living only in a dream; or conversely being so focused on duty, responsibility and work that you don’t allow yourself to have a dream. Use this Autumn Equinox energy to open you to the balance of both creating a vision from your dream, using the tools before you, and doing the work to manifest the reality that you yearn for. (Sun in Libra opposite Chiron in Pisces, both squaring Saturn.)


Chart for the moment the Sun enters Libra, heralding the Autumn Equinox. Drawn for Sept. 22, 2017, 4:02 PM Eastern, from Atlanta, GA



The Virgo New Moon – A Calling – September 20, 2017


This early morning New Moon feels like a calling to me.

At 1:30 AM Eastern today, September 20, 2017, the Sun and Moon conjoined in one of the most astute signs of the Zodiac: Virgo. And, the degree of this New Moon set off the degree of the Solar Eclipse just past – so there’s an intensity, and a force behind this moment.

The combination of this intelligent Virgo New Moon with the Autumn Equinox in two days, on Friday, Sept. 22, is asking us to work on something that is bigger than we are, even if it requires personal adjustment, and long-term effort. We can begin anew for our families, communities, and our country – and the goal is to serve the greater good with our intellect, with our genius, with our actions, with the certainty that the future will be better than our now. And we can begin anew with our vulnerable, wounded hearts on our sleeves – the same sleeves that we must roll up so that we can get to work.

The business at hand in this new beginning is action in service toward healing each other.

Let me just say that again. The business at hand is action in service toward healing each other. Healing you and me. Healing them. Healing us. And that means letting others in to help you heal you – while you’re doing all you can to help heal others. Another way to put it is reciprocity in love, service, and compassion.

The tools at our disposal are both practical and spiritual in nature. Call on your ability to discern what is useful and what is pointless – what is healthy and what is sick. Call on your ability to ground and stabilize whatever is necessary to create new structures, structures that are built with compassion and acceptance for everyone. Call on pragmatism. Call on determination. Call on commitment. And do the details… while keeping a broad view.

Show your broken heart – the heart that is full for those who have lost everything, for those who now live in fear, for those who are maligned and beaten and murdered – and know that in showing the cracks, you become stronger by the loving compassion of others that fill them in. Accept the love and compassion with gratitude and give it back in full. This is the most powerful tool possible.

Will you accept the call?

Aspects in the New Moon chart referred to in this article:
Sun conjunct Moon in Virgo
Sun/Moon in Virgo in opposition to Chiron in Pisces
Saturn in Sagittarius square to Sun/Moon in Virgo and Chiron in Pisces
Mars/Mercury in Virgo in Opposition to Neptune in Pisces
New Moon at 28 Virgo (Sun/Moon) semi-sextile to Aug. 21 New Moon Solar Eclipse at 29 Leo.
Sun/Moon in Virgo quincunx to Uranus in Aries (also eclipse degree)
Sun/Moon in Virgo semi-sextile Jupiter in Libra (eclipse degree and in opposition to Uranus)
Jupiter in Libra opposite Uranus in Aries


Chart for the New Moon in Virgo, Sept. 20, 2017, 1:30 AM Eastern, from Atlanta, GA

The Summer Solstice and the Wisdom of Spiritual Action


From our earthbound perspective, as we watch the Sun on his apparent path around us, he reaches the fullness of his heat during the Summer. Today, actually this morning at 12:25 AM Eastern, the Sun moved into the cardinal sign of Cancer, heralding the Summer Solstice, the height of his annual golden reign over the sky. In the Northern hemisphere there’s no question that we’ve left behind the experience of freshness, newness, and possibility that Spring brings, as we achieve the high point of our journey living life through the fullness of long, hot days.

The word Solstice is derived from the Latin “solstitium”, and means “the sun stands still.” So I like to think of each Solstice, both Summer and Winter, as a moment when we pause, take stock, reflecting on our connection and experience to our own “hero’s journey” which is symbolized by the Sun. In mythology the characters at the center of all hero stories are “solar characters.” In astrology, the symbol for the sun is a circle with a dot at the center, and from a personal perspective the circle represents the perfection of life around you, and the dot is you. Each of us has the Sun somewhere in our birthcharts, meaning that it is our birthright to live as a solar hero, or a golden child – at the center of the perfection of life surrounding us. The path to that experience is called the “hero’s journey” in which we live our life experiences with consciousness, moving ever closer to ourselves as the rightful center of our own lives. For some, this journey might be challenging and fraught with fear, obstacles, and challenges. For others it may be easier… but whichever is your experience, it’s a perfect day to pause and reflect on where you are in your own “hero’s journey.”

What can be helpful in that reflection is to understand the energies available to us in this particular Solstice, which I like to think of as being the “background energy” informing the entire season. This morning’s Summer Solstice astrological chart shows that taking action on our beliefs may be somewhat challenging, but also supported by the Divine – and if we take the challenge we may be rewarded with the wisdom that the task accomplished brings. (Mars in Cancer applying to the square to Jupiter in Libra. Mars in Cancer applying to the trine to Neptune in Pisces.) This energy creates the impetus we need to allow our inner Divine nature to inform and support our quest for wisdom through right, if perhaps challenging, action.

There is also emphasis on analyzing our ideas, and allowing our curiosity to push us into new ways of thinking, and communicating whatever we come up with. Through these new ways of thinking is a potential kernel for healing a wound, or wounds – perhaps wounds around playing the victim, loss, needing redemption, or feeling outside the realm of God/Spirit/Universe/Wholeness. (Mercury conjunct the Sun, both in a square to Chiron.)

With the Mars/Jupiter emphasis, there are other ways that we might see this energy manifesting: pushing beliefs on others, courage of our convictions, the conquering spirit, ambitious aims, the need to travel or “go far,” a pioneering spirit, daredevil actions, righteous vindictiveness, the “means justifies the end” mentality, gambling or taking risks toward an ideal. There are many ways to combine the energy of Mars and Jupiter, but consciously choosing to elevate your actions with optimism and grace is one of the finest, and a good choice to strive toward.

Happy Summer Solstice everyone!


Summer Solstice 2017 – Sun moved into Cancer at 12:25 AM Eastern / Drawn from Atlanta, GA


Astrology for Thursday, June 9, 2016: Cosmic Life Ops


During the morning hours, due to an uncomfortable angle between the Moon and Pluto (quincunx), there could be some adjustments that must be made in an emotional situation… the need to control something could be pretty strong, but look deeply at your motivations and see where you can shift a little to create a more comfortable atmosphere. As we move into the afternoon there are some super pleasant energies available today via Venus and the Sun in Gemini being intimately close (conjunction – we can see this as the beginning of the birth of Venus as she transitions into her new phase as the evening star), and the Moon reaching out to both of them (sextile) from Leo for possible social time with an intellectual bent – or maybe just a gossipy one. 🙂 These combinations create an emphasis on our vitality being impacted by beauty and relationship, our values coming to the fore in a prominent role, and connecting with others emotionally for companionable or even playful gatherings. There could be some creative tension possible with Mercury (the way we communicate) in Taurus moving into opposition with Mars (the way we take action to get what we want) in Scorpio, but the key is to be willing to go deeply into an issue without manipulating your opponent or refusing to budge in an opinion. Allow your peers and companions time to process rather than pushing for resolution. During the evening things may get a little more exciting – and whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing will mostly depend on how willing you are to let go and flow. The Moon will contact Uranus (trine), with Venus heading toward a connection with him as well (sextile), so be prepared to step outside the norm so that you can move with this often unusual and fluctuating energy. And make it fun! If your schedule unexpectedly shifts outside your comfort zone, move with the current and see where you land. It could be eye opening!

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The Meditation for the New Moon in Sagittarius – The Sun at Midwinter: A Meditation, by John Matthews

Father Yule - The Green Man

Father Yule – The Green Man

I’m doing something special this month for the New Moon in Sagittarius meditation… I didn’t write this one, but rather I’m sharing one written by John Matthews. It’s called The Sun at Midwinter and you can find it in his book titled The Winter Solstice: The Sacred Traditions of Christmas. (Here it is on Amazon.)

Now I know that the Winter Solstice occurs when the Sun moves into Capricorn… but this meditation seems so appropriate to the energy of the New Moon in Sagittarius that I couldn’t resist sharing it tonight. 

I don’t have a written copy of this meditation – so I hope you’ll listen to it as I’ve recorded it. 

You can read the meditation here in a PDF however. 

So, here it is! I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. My family listens to this meditation as I recorded it years ago every Winter Solstice… 

Listen to The Sun at Midwinter: A Meditation by John Matthews, as read by Michelle Gregg

Since I wasn’t able to share the written version of the meditation, I thought I’d share the written transcript of the actual New Moon in Sagittarius TeleClass that we shared just a few minutes ago. Enjoy! And know that this is what you can expect if you ever decide to join us for future New Moon calls! Happy Holidays to you!

Hey Everybody!!

I’m Michelle Gregg and I’ve been a Counseling Astrologer for about 18 years. My work is a bit like therapy in that I usually work with folks over a period of time, rather than just in one session. I do that as well, though I most love working with people over time. That’s the way we work through those issues!

I use the teachings of Carl Jung along with astrology, mythological stories, meditation, dialoguing with the Gods, and anything else I can think of to help you get to where you want to be. I love to help people, so this work is very fulfilling!

I’m in Atlanta GA, and I can work with anyone anywhere in the world via phone or Skype. I’d LOVE to work with each and every of you so your gift for being here with me this evening is that you get 20% off any consultation that you schedule with me between now and the Full Moon in Cancer on December 28. I SO hope you’ll take advantage of that! If you want a consultation go to the page on my site ( that says Client Info Form and follow those instructions. Easy Peasy! This offer is only for you folks on the call – so that means you are very special to me and I’m very grateful to you for being here with me now.

Let me just say that at least part of the reason I do these classes and meditations is because I’d love to be able to help you with your individual concerns by seeing you in personal consultation. That’s why I offer my sessions to you at such a great discount. No one has decided to take advantage of that offer yet however, and I’m wondering if any of you have any feedback on the class or have any ideas around that?

So couple things about being on the call.

If you want to mute yourself so that the rest of us can’t hear you or your background noise, then just press 4*. You can unmute yourself by pressing 4* again.

If you want to ask a question or make a comment press 5*. That way I can see that you want to speak and I’ll ask you to go ahead – it’s like raising your hand. I think this evening though, unless something happens, I’m just going to leave all the lines unmuted (though you can mute yourself like I said before if you want to). That way you can just jump in with questions and comments whenever you’d like. I really don’t mind being interrupted and as a matter of fact I’d love your participation.

Another thing is that I’m going to ask you to take your shoes off for the meditation (if it’s not too cold now!) so if you’re comfortable with that, feel free to go ahead and slip them off. And since this really is the Dark of the Moon when no part of the Moon is visible, if it’s possible you might want to turn off your light and close your curtains to get you into the right space in your mind.

OK Let’s Get Started

First, how did last month go? It was the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Scorpio – anything about the last month you’d like to share?

For me: Over the past month in my life, my practice has really started to take on a different feel… it’s more intense and it’s building very quickly now. That’s really been my focus the past 28 days and it’s paying off. Where I felt a little blocked prior the recent eclipses – I feel that now the path has really been opened.  

If you want to see the New Moon chart that I’m using, which is drawn for Dec. 13, 2012 at 3:42 AM, the moment of the New Moon, go to  and click on the very happy winter cartoon that you see at the upper left side. The article says Food for Thought. If you open that and scroll down, you’ll see the key phrases that I sent out earlier today that are relevant to this New Moon and then below those you’ll see the New Moon Chart. If you click the chart it will get bigger and easier to see. It’s drawn for no particular place, an Aries Wheel, so it’s good for where ever you are.

A little bit about how the New Moon works

The New Moon, any New Moon, is a time for regenerating and restoring your spirit and seeding new ideas. So all of the things that we talk about in the next hour are places to seed these new ideas. The New Moon is a time to relax and connect with your subconscious self and your creativity. This is the time when we can’t see any moon in the sky at all, leaving us in a very fertile darkness as we prepare for the next cycle of the moon through the sky. It’s a new beginning because it’s the time when the moon and sun are together – the core-self represented by the sun and the instincts and emotions represented by the moon, are feeding each other. They’re communicating – they have much in common because they are in the same sign.

And the New Moon chart sets the stage for the next 28 day cycle – it’s the imprint of what we can expect and how we can best move forward EMOTIONALLY for the next month.

I’m looking at this month’s New Moon chart with a particular eye toward the Sun and Moon in Sagittarius. This Sagittarius energy is pretty pure – the Moon has been void for most of the day, meaning that it doesn’t connect with any other planets. And because the Sun and Moon come right together during the New Moon, the Sun isn’t making any connections to other planets either. Or they weren’t. I think the Moon made its first aspect, which was a sextile to Neptune at about 5:45 this evening. That should lend us a very nice, dreamy quality for the meditation in a little while.

This New Moon in Sagittarius, asks us to meet the coming month with faith! It asks us to open ourselves up to the possibility of a bright future… Sagittarius energy is very future oriented. So my feeling on the idea that the world is ending and everything is all doom and gloom is beautifully off-set and denied by this gorgeous Sag optimism.  

What do you think of when you think of Sagittarius?

I am a Sagittarius, so I might be too close to all of this. Not only do I have the sun in Sag, I have Mercury, Venus and Mars in Sag too!

So what I’m thinking is this is our month not to worry… Sagittarius energy is not a worrier. It doesn’t dwell on possible negative outcomes or what happened in the past. It wants to get on with building the happiest possible future, have as much fun as possible while doing, bring as many people as possible along for the ride, and believe that life is going to support us!!

And I gotta say – that’s pretty much how I have lived most of my life. Sound scary to some of you?

So this month, as far as I can see, which hopefully like that gorgeous Centaur drawing back his bow is pretty far – as far as I can see for the next 28 days we are meant to focus on the happy future that we want to create and start galloping in that direction.

Now there are some common Saggy pitfalls to be aware of:

1. If you’ve got yourself focused on running ahead toward the future, you might miss the hole in the ground that’s right in front of you – you might gracelessly stumble and even fall. Brush off, see what the trouble is, figure out what you can do about it, and then grab hold of your faith and head forward again. Don’t let the pot hole change your course… do let it give you pause and time for a little reflection.

2. You might think that everyone else wants to hear everything that you’ve got to say about your vision of the future and what it should be. Just remember – maybe they do and that’s wonderful. Maybe they don’t… so don’t forget to check that there is in fact some appreciation in response to your vision before you carry on. Sag energy can get a little carried away with its own ideals and its own importance. So smile and move to your next victim if you can tell they don’t want to hear it. Better to expend your energy on those happy to be inspired.

3. Overwhelm and overextension… Sag energy is big and bold and pretty fearless because it has so much faith that everything is going to fine and that failure is not an option. So Sag can be a yes man – and saying yes too many times without consulting your calendar can get you into trouble. So can doing too much or going forward too fast… so be careful.

Basically, what I’m saying by spouting all of this stuff that you probably already know about Sag energy, is that this month it is okay – nay expected – for you to depend on grace and faith and hope and love and set your foot forward with confidence toward a better future – whatever that better future that you envision for yourself might be.

Where this New Moon falls within your birth chart will give you clues as to where this expansion and new growth will take place – and how you’re pre-disposed to optimistic energy in the first place will also go a long way in understanding whether you’ll be able to go whole hog with this – or take baby steps.

It doesn’t matter. Anything that takes you out and away from where you are now toward something that is lighter and brighter is using the energy well.

Do this on purpose this month. Get out of your comfort zone. Listen to the call of the wild. Put your inherent gifts to use and listen to the voice in your head and your heart – they are your intuition and they know what you’re supposed to be doing. They are your vision. They are very WISE. And you know what? Creativity is WISE. It can be scary and dangle us outside our comfort zone – that is true. But real creativity from our intuitive vision is WISE and will not steer us wrong.

So – get out there and move forward with your gifts. They are only gifts if you GIVE THEM.


Okay – so here are some Sagittarius keywords and words phrases – and you guys feel free to throw some out there too as you think of them:

Freedom, adventure, don’t fence me in, preacher, teacher, mentor, quest, journey, search for meaning, search for truth, honesty, philosophy, wisdom, ideals, the student, the citizen of the world, fiery, optimistic, joyful, Pollyanna, the higher mind, higher education, world travel, traveler, instincts, intuition, the hypocrite, the high priest, the missionary, the zealot, the evangelist, belief in faith, hope and love, expanding the horizons, expanding knowledge, higher purpose, religion, morality, law and legal issues, justice, prejudices, self-righteousness

Some of these are positive and some are challenging… meaning that Sagittarius energy, like all other energies, has a high vibration and a low vibration and everything in between. And, as I always say, you get to choose which way you want to vibrate with it.

I do want to say a little bit about the fact that the Sun and Moon this morning at the New Moon were conjunct to the asteroid we call Juno.

Juno/Hera was the wife of Jupiter/Zeus… so we have the marriage of Sagittarius energy, which is ruled by Jupiter, involved in a committed relationship with his wife in mythology.

Juno represents our ability to commit to something… so I’m thinking that with the Sun and Moon closely connected to her in Sagittarius, this truly is a time when we can make a commitment to our vision for the future – and have it pan out. Whenever we are committed to something, and I mean truly committed, things begin to happen to us and around us that supports us in that commitment.

I know you’re familiar with this quote, but both in terms of Sagittarius energy which begs us to boldly go for our dreams, and in terms of Juno which begs us to make a commitment, I thought it appropriate to bring it up. It is actually one of my favorite quotes of all time. And while it has been attributed to Goethe, I’ve come to understand that it was probably actually said by a great adventurer named W. H. Murray in The Scottish Himalaya Expedition back in the 1950’s as a sort of paraphrase to a verse found in Geothe’s Faust.  And how appropriate is it that we’re quoting a great adventurer during a New Moon in Sagittarius? This great adventurer, mountain climber said:

“Until one is committed, there is hesitancy, the chance to draw back, always ineffectiveness. Concerning all acts of initiative (and creation), there is one elementary truth the ignorance of which kills countless ideas and splendid plans: that the moment one definitely commits oneself, the providence moves too. A whole stream of events issues from the decision, raising in one’s favor all manner of unforeseen incidents, meetings and material assistance, which no man could have dreamt would have come his way. I learned a deep respect for one of Goethe’s couplets: 

          Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it. 
          Boldness has genius, power and magic in it!'”


So that’s the flavor of the month kids… dream big, use your intuition and trust it! And then boldly go forth with faith and commitment and make those dreams happen.

I posted a list of key phrases that are relevant to today’s New Moon energy earlier in the day, so let’s touch on those for a few minutes. They are:

faith and hope in the future
optimistically opening to your heart’s desires
expanding your belief system
finding meaning in your life
discovering a talent for happiness (yay!)
holy, happy, noble, rich feeling

I think most of what I’ve talked about already covers them, but please share your thoughts on these phrases with us… anyone?

We’re doing something different tonight. Because it’s the holiday season, I wanted to do something holiday-y so I hope you won’t mind my digression from form. Normally I write the meditation that we use, but this evening I want to use a meditation that is very special to me. I really just felt like I have to share it – it’s not necessarily about the New Moon or Sagittarius energy per se – but I think you’ll understand that it is appropriate as you experience it. It’s called The Sun at Midwinter: A Meditation and it was written by John Matthews and is published in his book called The Winter Solstice – The Sacred Traditions of Christmas. And we’ll get to that in just a minute.

First, here’s another twist for tonight that I’ve never done before – before we do this amazing meditation I want to read you yet a different piece. I have no idea who wrote this one. I found it earlier today on-line and whoever posted it said they found it on a website called – But I went to that website and didn’t see it there. So I have no one to attribute this to.

I get a little choked up at the end, so hopefully I can get through this without embarrassing myself.

It’s called Twas the Night Before Yuletide.

Here goes:

Twas the night before Yuletide and all through the glen
Not a creature was stirring, not a fox, not a hen.
A mantle of snow shone brightly that night
As it lay on the ground, reflecting moonlight.

The faeries were nestled all snug in their trees,
Unmindful of flurries and a chilly north breeze.
The elves and the gnomes were down in their burrows,
Sleeping like babes in their soft earthen furrows.

When low! the earth moved with a thunderous quake,
Causing chairs to fall over and dishes to break.
The Little Folk scrambled to get on their feet
Then raced to the river where they usually meet.

“What happened?” they wondered, they questioned, they probed,
As they shivered in night clothes, some bare-armed, some robed.
“What caused the earth’s shudder? What caused her to shiver?”
They all spoke at once as they stood by the river.

Then what to their wondering eyes should appear
But a shining gold light in the shape of a sphere.
It blinked and it twinkled, it winked like an eye,
Then it flew straight up and was lost in the sky.

Before they could murmur, before they could bustle,
There emerged from the crowd, with a swish and a rustle,
A stately old crone with her hand on a cane,
Resplendent in green with a flowing white mane.

As she passed by them the old crone’s perfume,
Smelling of meadows and flowers abloom,
Made each of the fey folk think of the spring
When the earth wakes from slumber and the birds start to sing.

“My name is Gaia,” the old crone proclaimed
in a voice that at once was both wild and tamed,
“I’ve come to remind you, for you seem to forget,
that Yule is the time of re-birth, and yet…”
“I see no hearth fires, hear no music, no bells,
The air isn’t filled with fragrant smells
Of baking and roasting, and simmering stews,
Of cider that’s mulled or other hot brews.”

“There aren’t any children at play in the snow,
Or houses lit up by candles’ glow.
Have you forgotten, my children, the fun
Of celebrating the rebirth of the sun?”

She looked at the fey folk, her eyes going round,
As they shuffled their feet and stared at the ground.
Then she smiled the smile that brings light to the day,
“Come, my children,” she said, “Let’s play.”

They gathered the mistletoe, gathered the holly,
Threw off the drab and drew on the jolly.
They lit a big bonfire, and they danced and they sang.
They brought out the bells and clapped when they rang.

They strung lights on the trees, and bows, oh so merry,
In colors of cranberry, bayberry, cherry.
They built giant snowmen and adorned them with hats,
Then surrounded them with snow birds, and snow cats and bats.

Then just before dawn, at the end of their fest,
Before they went homeward to seek out their rest,
The fey folk they gathered ‘round their favorite oak tree
And welcomed the sun ‘neath the tree’s finery.

They were just reaching home when suddenly it came,
The gold light returned like an arrow-shot flame.
It lit on the tree top where they could see from afar
The golden-like sphere turned into a star.

The old crone just smiled at the beautiful sight,
“Happy Yuletide, my children,” she whispered. “Good night.”

Don’t you love that?? 

Ok. Now on with the meditation!

Listen to The Sun at Midwinter: A Meditation by John Matthews, as read by Michelle Gregg

The Sun at Midwinter: A Meditation by John Matthews

This is a guided imagery meditation.

The best way to engage in this experience is to sit comfortably upright with your bare feet on the ground or the floor, with closed eyes and an open heart and an open mind.

Relax your face. Smile and release any tension there. Relax your shoulders. Gently lift them and let them fall into a comfortable place. Shake your arms and hands lightly and then allow them to become comfortable and loose, resting your hands in your lap. Breathe deeply into your torso and as you breathe out twist easily and gently from side to side, then come to center and settle into an easy position. Now gently shake your legs and move them from side to side for a couple of breaths, then bring them to stillness, releasing any tension in them… just let them relax and become heavy. Now lift your feet a little and wiggle your toes and circle your ankles and let them come to rest, planting them firmly on the floor again, knees bent and wide, easily supporting your relaxed legs. Breathe very deeply, in and out, at a natural and comfortable rate.

Even gentle breaths – getting deeper and deeper as you relax.

Breathing slowly, slowing your heart rate. In. Out. In. Out.

Now the darkness behind your eyelids is growing even darker. Darker with every breath.

Open your mind to suggestion. Free yourself into a blissful conscious darkness.  Breathe there, relaxing in pleasure.




Mmmmmm. Ok. Very nice. How do you feel?


Ok! That’s it then. I hope you’ll take this meditation with you into your daily lives this month and please come back to it on my website again and again – whenever you feel like you need a Soul boost.

And I’d love to help you with a consultation this month – so please be in touch about that. Remember that you get 20% for being here on the call with me tonight.

Thanks all! Happy Holidays to you and I’ll see you next New Moon!

Full Harvest Moon in Aries: An Evolutionary Moment – What is YOUR “AH HA!?” September 29, 2012, 11:19 PM Eastern Time

Full Harvest Moon

Look at this day! Feel this potent moment! This Full Moon in Aries! 

It is truly an evolutionary moment in time. Why?

This Full Moon fully and perfectly connects with the Uranus/Pluto square – THE configuration for revolution, transformation and total change. 

The Moon is in Aries, conjuncting the planet Uranus within 23 minutes of exactitude, triggering a consummation within our personal emotions, and simultaneously fueling us with the energy to initiate. Even as we reach the denouement in the current monthly cycle something within us is enlivened! The Sun in Libra brings this energy into connection with those we love – with whomever we keep close company, our social circle. It ensures that whatever this moment holds, it is not only for ourselves but to be shared in the deepest possible way – and perhaps in the most unique and unexpected possible way. 

Both the Sun and the Moon are almost exactly squared to Pluto (again within 23 minutes – that’s about 37 minutes less than one single degree out of a possible 30), making Pluto the focal point of this amazing configuration. Pluto. The God of Death, Transformation and Rebirth. The God of what’s deeply rooted inside you that needs to erupt into consciousness. 

What is that for you? 

What is the challenging, rotting debris lying deep within your psyche that needs to be brought into the light of consciousness? (Don’t read another word until you think about that for few minutes. Really. What is it?)

Get down into yourself to answer that question – the deeper you go, the more uncomfortable you may feel. But – that’s the point! Bring it up and out – let it burst forth suddenly without questioning it or trying to stamp it back down. Allow Uranus (sudden enlightenment) and Pluto (the dark, sometimes frightening, underbelly of who we are) to work their magic on you tonight. 

This could be, as it has been for me today, one of the most momentous personal breakthroughs of your life. 

Today I realized suddenly – with elation and a sense of release – the way in which I have stood in my own way. For me that has been resistance to others. For me that has been the fear of surrender. Talk about an ah ha!! I can feel that the energy around me is different. I can feel that my heart is wide open. I trust that all is as it should be and that I am home – wherever I am physically. (This may sound cryptic, but that’s the gist of my evolution today without going into all the sordid details!)

What is this moment for you?

Now let’s move just for a moment from the personal (and transpersonal) to the relative world. What might this configuration mean in the “real” world?

With the Moon and the Sun as triggers of the Uranus/Pluto square, we could see events in nature – earthquakes would be my first guess, as they bear such similar energy to the sudden and unexpected energy of Uranus, and bringing up hot masses from the bowels of the Earth, which is the energy of  Pluto. Hopefully though, there will be far less disruptive ways for this energy to manifest. 

The Moon and Uranus coming together represent, on the lower vibration of the energy, sudden uncontrollable emotions erupting forth. And with this energy squared to Pluto, lower vibration activation could be some sort of destructive force played out as a result of those unbounded emotions.

So there is the possibility of some fairly nasty representation of this combination. In nature, in politics, in any arena… but we can choose, at least for our selves and our own domains, to vibrate at the higher level – one of evolutionary transformation and soul surging ah ah! moments. 

Happy Full Moon! 

See the chart for this powerful lunation just below. It is drawn as an Aries Wheel – meaning for no particular location. 

The Aries Wheel for the Full Moon in Aries on September 29, 2012 at 11:19 PM Eastern Daylight Time.

Here’s and interesting article and video about tonight’s Full Harvest Moon from the Huffington Post!

Full ‘Harvest’ Moon Rises Saturday, Watch It Meet Uranus In The Night Sky (VIDEO)

August 31, 2012 Full Moon in Pisces (With Chiron and Neptune) – Compassion and Healing

Full Moons bring awareness and ask that we intensify our focus in a particular direction, just as we do when we walk out under a night sky containing the glory of a huge glowing orb – we are compelled to look up and see it – to experience the mysterious beauty above us. That fully visible and perfectly lovely full moon both lights our way through the dark and casts deep shadows. The same is true in our emotional selves at this time – we are both brought to awareness of something and may also be made aware of the shadows in our psyches.

This Full Moon occurs in Pisces, with the Sun in the opposite sign of Virgo. This is the axis of service (Virgo) and of compassion (Pisces), of getting on with the work at hand (Virgo) and of daydreaming (Pisces), of the Martyr (Virgo) and the Savior (Pisces), of practicality (Virgo) and of highest ideals (Pisces). And as all oppositions do, we are called now to find the balance between these very different areas of awareness – or in today’s Full Moon due to its connection to Mars –  to find the balance in these very different calls to action.

How will you bring balance between these areas today and for the next two weeks until the New Moon?

The Moon is very closely connected to both Chiron and Neptune, as well as Mars and Pluto, Jupiter and the Nodes of the Moon (see the chart I’ve included below)…

We are compelled to look deeply into our family wounding (family of origin, immediate family, family of choice, neighborhood, city, country) and feel out the ideal, the appropriate healing road to take. This can be a time of enormous healing – but also of enormous wounding. As always the two sides of the same coin are there to be chosen from. Let your imagination and your deepest compassion inform your awareness. And then, with the practical working ethic of the Virgo Sun, and the impetus stimulated by Mars, put forth the effort required for the healing to happen. And understand that what issues from today will both pull from the past, probably as information already received and processed, and lead toward the future, changing our beliefs and philosophies, due to the Grand Square being formed with the Moon’s nodes, which represent where we come from and are comfortable and where we are stretching toward.

Our *bodies and our physical health are part of today’s energies… there may be a kind of malaise here… a feeling that something is wrong but it’s hard to say exactly what. The Virgo/Pisces axis is the one of the health of the body, prevention, and of hypochondria. Most affected by this Full Moon are those with strong placements in Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces. I would say that in health concerns, hard decisions are not the way to go today. Practicing meditation or yoga, or finding peace and solace are more the tone of the day. If you’re feeling energetic (more likely for the Fixed Signs – Taurus, Leo, Scorpio & Aquarius), dispel any lingering clouds by doing something physically active – just don’t overdo. Our bodies (Virgo) are a reflection (Neptune/Pisces) of our consciousness. So whatever you’re feeling on the inside is what you will manifest through your body on the outside. This is a great thing to remember today and throughout the next two weeks (and always): love and be compassionate with yourself – your body and its health will reflect it. (*”bodies” can also be thought of as the body of the Earth.)

There’s a very Universal feeling that goes beyond the personal and familial realm that is the typical designation of the Moon. We have those connections to Chiron (conjunction), Uranus (semi-sextile), Neptune (conjunction) and Pluto (sextile) that speak of bridging the purely personal and moving into the collective. The healing energy available now can be a balm to the flood victims of Hurricane Isaac, and beyond, especially if we harness the practical work ethic of Virgo, hand-in-hand with the compassion of Pisces.

Whatever and wherever you are today, know that there is healing and compassion available to you if you need it. And for those on the other end of the spectrum, today and until the New Moon is the perfect time to reach out and help – to be of service to those in need.

Aries Wheel Chart for the Full Moon in Pisces on August 31, 2012

Full Moon in Aquarius on August 1, 2012 – Be Unique and Expansive!

The gorgeous Full Moon! Be unique and allow your originality to shine during the next 2 weeks!

Tonight’s Full Moon is looming and the energy is UP! Nervy, initiating, expansive, original, rebellious, optimistic, and dare I say – possibly a bit combative?

The Full Moon occurs in Aquarius at 11:27 PM Eastern Time on this first day of August 2012. A Full Moon in Aquarius means that the Sun is in Leo and these two luminaries are playing in the sky exactly opposite to each other. We can look at that in a couple of ways – either we see it as Ego vs. Emotions; or we see it as an opportunity to balance the desires of the Ego with the pull of our Emotions. The latter is win-win if we can manage it. The former is a battle.

As is true for all Full Moons, this is a period of culmination – of flowering and illumination. Did you begin anything, plant any sort of seed, near the Cancer New Moon on July 19, 2012? Today marks halfway through that cycle, so consciously take note of your circumstances now to establish how to proceed. Alternatively, this could be a culmination point of something you began around the time the Moon was last New in Aquarius, just over 6 months ago on Jan. 23, 2012.  Perhaps it’s time to take stock of how those New Year’s resolutions are panning out? (Remember those?) That cycle resolves just before Feb. 10, 2013, so again, this is a great mid-point to see what’s being shown in the light either to let go of, proceed with, or change.

With the energies that are present right now (huge influences from Uranus and Jupiter on just about everything) I’m thinking CHANGE and expanding your awareness to include the new and exciting is what to be open to (note I did not say “act on.”) Here’s a potential mantra that is quite apropos: “I must risk disapproval from others and be true to my own unorthodox ideas in order to develop the deeper and more satisfying feeling of self-approval and to broaden my worldview and the way I live within it.”  Risk. That is classic Uranus/Jupiter ideology right there. Everyone who can get down with that say “AMEN!” If you have planets in Aquarius or Leo, or both, think deeply about this mantra. Let it go to work inside you. Again, I said “think.” I didn’t say do. 

Mercury is still Retrograde until August 8, so taking direct action on new, fresh and exciting ideas isn’t advised, though you must CERTAINLY be having them. Researching those ideas, collecting them, ruminating on the best possible new directions – that’s all good! This is a very mental Full Moon with a great emphasis on the Air signs which stimulates the mental processes. And admittedly there is emphasis on Fire as well and Fire wants to move… but Uranus IS Retrograde in Aries with Mars in close proximity to Saturn. That’s to say that some restraint is called for – some grounding due to make the most of this part of the Moon’s cycle. I get the sensation of chomping at the bit, or being ushered into the starting gait waiting for the shot to sound. A little more waiting is in order and this can make the most patient of us edgy and uncomfortable. 

Possibly the best parts of this Full Moon are the Jupiter connections. Jupiter is in happy conversation with the Moon, the  Sun,  and Mars lending, on the up-side, a level of generosity of spirit, nobility, optimism and self-assurance. True feel-good stuff. There is wisdom to be gained and our ethics are stretched wide to push our boundaries farther abroad. But we must also take a look at the down-side potentials as well: overextending, promising what can’t be delivered, soap-boxing and self-righteousness. So be aware of these tendencies in yourself and if they emerge, look realistically at what you can accomplish, council yourself wisely and open to other opinions around you that may be just as valid as your own. 

The bottom line here is to allow your high energy to come out to play, but try to stay grounded and don’t embark on new ideas just yet – and keep your temper in check. Enjoy the positivity that’s in the air and be social! And please, come out with your unique-ness, your originality. There are opportunities to be had through them! I’ll restate that in case you slipped right past it – there are opportunities to be had by being your original and unique self! Just remember that today is NOT the day (nor are the next two weeks) to let others tell you how to be –  just as it IS the time to allow others to be who they uniquely are and to be accepting of them. In this way, by wearing our own uniqueness proudly while allowing others the same due, we can best use this Full Moon’s energy.

(Didn’t say this above, but communications with folks might not go as expected. A bit blurry, and can be irritating – Mercury quincunx Neptune. And if you can do romance – Venus trine Neptune – without too much talking, all the better.) 

For you students of astrology, here is a line-up of the aspects in the Full Moon in Aquarius chart:

Planetary Aspects in the Full Moon in Aquarius Chart.
August 1, 2012 at 11:27 PM Eastern.

The New Moon in Aquarius Chart.
Aries wheel drawn for Aug. 1, 2012 at 11:27 PM Eastern.


New Moon in Cancer Meditation

The Dark of the Moon in Cancer – July 19, 2012
On the day of new moon, the moon rises when the sun rises. It sets when the sun sets. It crosses the sky with the sun during the day… and she is not visible to us at all. This is the time to turn inward, regenerate and restore in preparation for a new beginning…


This New Moon is proving to be such a powerful event for me! This evening I hosted a New Moon Tele-Class and Meditation, and was just elated with all the folks who joined the call and shared this special time. Thanks to all of you! 

Now I want to share our meditation with everyone. Enjoy it for the next 2 days when we’re in the Dark of the Moon phase, and into the next two weeks before the Full Moon on August 1. 

In creating this meditation I focused specifically on the energies of the New Moon and Sun in Cancer in a square aspect (a 90 degree angle) to Saturn. It is meant to get you to that space of the Dark of the Moon – to experience the healing energy of darkness – the fertile dark womb of creation – and to become refreshed, restored and to regenerate your spirit in that space so that you are ready for a new beginning at the Crescent Moon. 

Listen to the meditation here.

Or read the meditation just below:

New Moon in Cancer Meditation – July 19, 2012

This is a guided imagery meditation. I’m using Earth imagery and Water imagery since the New Moon chart shows the Sun and Moon in the Water sign of Cancer, and they are both strongly connected to the planet Saturn – the Earthiest of planetary energies.

The best way to experience this meditation is sitting comfortably upright with your bare feet on the ground or the floor, with closed eyes and an open heart and mind.

Relax your face. Smile and release any tension there. Relax your shoulders. Gently lift them and let them fall into a comfortable place. Shake your arms and hands lightly and then allow them to become comfortable and loose, resting your hands in your lap. Breathe deeply into your torso and as you breathe out twist easily and gently from side to side, then come to center and settle into an easy position. Now gently shake your legs and move them from side to side for a couple of breaths, then bring them to stillness, releasing any tension in them… just let them relax and become heavy, allowing your feet on the floor to support them gently. Now lift your feet a little and wiggle your toes and circle your ankles and let them come to rest, planting them firmly on the floor again, knees bent and wide, easily supporting your relaxed legs. Breathe very deeply, in and out, at a natural and comfortable rate.

Even gentle breaths – getting deeper and deeper as you relax.

Breathing slowly, slowing your heart rate. In. Out. In. Out.

Now the darkness behind your eyelids is growing even darker. Darker with every breath.

Now empty your mind. Free yourself into a blissful conscious darkness.  Breathe there, relaxing in pleasure.

Now breathe your breath into your heart imagining warm, gentle dark hands lovingly holding and supporting your heart-space. Breathe gently and feel the love that is offered.

Breathe into your breasts. Let them become full with your breath and the loving presence of the Great Mother who offers perfect nourishment and comfort, a solace from the world of light.

Breathe into your stomach. Allow it to expand with the nourishment that is offered from the Mother and know that it will digest everything you need to assimilate and move forward perfectly.

Breathe into your womb. Feel it awaken and quicken with your divinely inspired creativity and intuition.

Now, imagine that you you’re lying down in a dark, wild wooded place. Smell the damp earth. Hear the sounds of the night creatures. Listen to the music of the dark flowing stream that runs nearby. Know instinctively that you are home here – completely protected and safe. Breathe in the sensation of safeness, even in the velvet darkness of the moonless night.  No sight is needed. Everything is understood through your feelings and intuition. Lie here in perfect safety and comfort, connecting your breathe to the pulse of the earth, understanding that the Earth is your mother and safe haven.  Breathe deeply and gently.  In. Out. In. Out.

Now ever so slowly and gently imagine that you sit up, legs crossed in meditation pose, continuing to breathe deeply, eyes staying closed, feeling safe within the dark womb of the woods, and settle your 1st Chakra, the area of the tail bone, onto the warm ground. Feel it connect with the Earth. Feel yourself becoming one with the Earth. Settle deeply upon it. You are connecting with the ancient feminine, understanding that you are part of that powerful source and as such, also ancient and indestructible. Your first Chakra is soaking in the infinite support and love that the Mother offers, healing and replenishing.

Now that you are grounded in pure Mother Love, slowly rise and walk to the edge of the dark night stream. Move confidently and with grace and power through the black, feral night. Squat down beside the clear flowing stream, placing your hands in the warm, pulsing waters. Bring the water to your face and as you become accustomed to the feeling, lie down with your whole body in the water and feel it flow and contour around you. The water of the Mother, the water of life is cleansing your body and soul and opening you to feeling wholeness as a woman, a mother, a protector, a nourisher, of yourself and of those you love. Feel the sensation of the liquid warmth and revel in it with joy, understanding that pleasure, feeling, and sensation are your right. Breathe deeply and gently as the water flows over and around you, bringing you peace in the darkness.

Breathe. In. Out.

Breathe. In. Out.

Now, feeling restored and regenerated, imagine that you slowly rise and lift your arms to the night sky. As you do your body is dried and warmed by a comforting breeze. Walk with a lifted spirit onto the shore and become aware again of the soft dark earth at your feet. The rustlings of dark nature all around you. You sense that the dark moon is passing and that a tiny sliver of light will be visible when you walk from the forest into and open field.  You are refreshed and your light consciousness begins to flow as you get your first glimpse of the lovely crescent of the New Moon.

You have been nourished, regenerated, made whole in the Dark of the Moon and now it is time to release newly formed ideas into your Creative Spirit and out into the world. Just as the Moon begins to show herself anew, so can you, with confidence and surety. You are supported and loved. Your creativity is poised to spring forward.

When you’re ready, begin to bring your breathing back to a normal pace. Still sitting, still with eyes closed. Still relaxed – but with stirring thoughts and an emerging idea. Breathe. Smile.

Now slowly open your eyes, feeling refreshed and restored. 

If this was meaningful to you and you’d like to go further with this healing energy, I invite you to a consultation with me so that we can get very specific about how and where in your life this energy impacts you.

What house does the New Moon occur in your chart? Which area of your life is being impacted and is up for change and growth? What does your personal Moon Sign say about how you need to nurture yourself to feel whole?  Reach out and we can explore this month’s energies in your personal birth chart and see what is ripe for transformation. If you’re having relationship challenges, or mother or family issues, or you’re not expressing your creativity the way you’d like to – all Moon related issues – please email me at I’d love to help! 

Thank you!! And I hope to hear from you soon and to share with you on the next New Moon Tele-Class & Meditation on Friday, August 17, 2012 when the New Moon is in Leo. A very different energy! Be well and Happy New Moon!