January 10, 2013 – By the Light of the Moon – Today’s Moon in Capricorn, i.e. our emotional environment, is VERY busy…

Constellation of Capricorn

That lustrous orb that sweeps our oceans to and fro is also the harbinger who describes and defines our day-to-day fluctuating energy. As the face of the Moon is ever changing, so are the feelings and intuitions that push and pull us through our daily rounds. The sign of the Zodiac the Moon occupies changes about every 2-and-a-half-days and as she orbits she makes different connections to other planets, touching all of them in different ways as she speeds her way through the sky. Each of us will resonate to the energies of the flirting, capricious Luna in different ways and with different reactions according to the energies of our own birthcharts – our own dispositions and levels of consciousness. However, this comes as a guide to help you understand which fickle face our Lady Moon is showing today.

If you know your birthchart, or at least your Sun, Moon, or Rising signs (or better yet – all three – and if you don’t know any of them, maybe it’s time for you to send me an email) knowing where the Moon is playing and who she’s playing with will help you understand how to navigate your day and why you may be feeling the way you are or why you’re having the reactions or responses that you’re having. 

I’m going to try to write this everyday for you – or at least, most days. No promises being made here, but I hope the days I manage it, that you’ll find some peace, and maybe even gain a little edge, in knowing. I want to dedicate this effort to Kat. She told me that she missed my posts. So Kat – this if for you. If any of you enjoy this lovingly crafted energetic gift – please let me know! It will help to keep me motivated to continue…

(The above 3 paragraphs will be repeated each “By the Light of the Moon” post, so if you’ve read it before and know it by heart, just skip to the stuff after the … All times given in this column are Eastern time. )

Unlike yesterday, the Moon is connecting with many other planets throughout the day lending a complexity, diversity, and realistic relatedness that was completely absent in the emotional encounters of the previous 33 hours. The Moon moved into Capricorn at 3:54 AM Eastern today, January 10, 2013, making her first connection to another planet at 6:03 AM (since 9:30 PM Tuesday) and the energy as compared with the Sagittarius Moon we just experienced couldn’t be more different.

(If you missed yesterday’s “By the Light of the Moon” explaining the Void-of-Course Moon in Sagittarius on Jan. 9, you might like to read it – especially if you had an “odd,” unusually quiet, or as my son described it “really weird” day.)

The Moon in Capricorn describes an emotionally responsible mood around us today. It’s supportive in a realistic, not overly expressive way. It wants the best for others and practically asks “what can we do to get results?” It wants to express itself and offer love and connection conscientiously, leading to security and authenticity. Capricorn, at its highest vibration, is about authority and extraordinary integrity. And while this all sounds very serious, and can be, I have to say that I’ve known lots of Capricorn/Saturn influenced folks who are just plain funny. Their wit is keen and they love to open others’ eyes to a way of seeing situations that are probably motivated by their sense of irony and the ridiculous – in a very dry way. You can’t climb to the top – which is what Capricorn types are known for – without coming across and personally experiencing some stuff that will blow your hair back. Seems you might have to develop a funny bone to keep trudging up that path of ambition (else become Mr. Scrooge before his miraculous transformation – the classic lower vibration Capricorn.) So bear that keen Capricorn wit in mind as you navigate this day – you might need it. 

Early this morning – 6-ish AM Eastern – this solid Capricorn Moon connected with both Venus and Neptune. Now Venus just recently moved into Capricorn as well… so there’s yet more  emphasis on realism and a practical and serious approach when it comes to relating with others and negotiating desires, values and resources. But the Moon’s visit to Neptune around the same time might have confused issues a bit and lent either of sense of vagueness or heightened your sensitivity and empathy, while perhaps having you wishing you could spend some time daydreaming rather than taking care of business. Hopefully most of us in North America were still asleep or just getting our coffee then… it’s those of you in the UK, Europe and farther East who would have had to juggle these two different energies simultaneously.

At this writing (10:45 AM Eastern), the Moon is heading into a challenging meeting with Uranus providing us with a potent environment for unexpected upsets (I lost this entire post a few minutes ago when my computer decided to close my work and install updates – but bless WordPress – I was able to recover it) and headbutting in a polarized atmosphere over whether to maintain the status quo or to proceed outside the box. Will Saturn/Capricorn win the battle and keep things copacetic? Or will Uranus rule, and usher in some wild fresh air? This is a quirky, up and down energy, so just expect the unexpected and to feel a bit on edge. 

Afternoon, with a sandpaper like condition between the Moon and Jupiter, could bring some minor irritation with navigating others beliefs that are possibly being imposed on you – or perhaps you’re the one who insists on waxing philosophical?  Either way, be aware that the Moon, i.e. the emotional environment, doesn’t really want to expand its horizons at the moment. Still later, when the Moon joins the depths with Pluto, things could get deeply intense, with either deep fears or deep healing coming to the fore. At the least expect a little emotional entanglement… unless you’re abed by then (7:30 PM Eastern translates to after midnight in the UK and beyond), in which case, write down your dreams in the morning! You might find some penetrating insights into your psyche with this combination mastering your slumber.

Around 8 PM Eastern, things even out with a nice meet-and-greet between the Moon in Capricorn and her ruler, Saturn. Finally an energetic combination that makes sense to the current emotional needs. Here’s where we come to our senses, shake off the drama, realize that tomorrow is a new day, and make plans to make tomorrow’s New Moon a step forward in our commitments.

Now, if you’re an earthy person – with the Sun, Moon or other personal planets in the earth signs of Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn, or a Watery sort with the Sun, Moon or other personal planets in Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces, this Cappy Moon will probably feel less restrictive and more comfortable to you than if you’re a fiery person – with the Sun, Moon or other personal planets in the fire signs of Aries, Leo or Sagittarius, or an Airy person, with the Sun, Moon or other personal planets in Gemini, Libra, or Aquarius. If you’re largely fire or air, just understand that you need to reign in sometimes… you’ll feel shinier in a couple of days when the Moon moves into Aquarius.

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