January 11, 2013 – By the Light of the Moon – New Moon in Capricorn… find your integrity and plant your new seeds from there.

The New Moon in Capricorn, and a new cycle, begin today at 2:44 PM Eastern. Time for regeneration and planting new seeds...

The New Moon in Capricorn, and a new cycle, begin today at 2:44 PM Eastern. Time for regeneration and planting new seeds…

“On the day of new moon, the moon rises when the sun rises. It sets when the sun sets. It crosses the sky with the sun during the day… and she is not visible to us at all. This is the time to turn inward, regenerate and restore in preparation for a new beginning…”

That lustrous orb that sweeps our oceans to and fro is also the harbinger who describes and defines our day-to-day fluctuating energy. As the face of the Moon is ever changing, so are the feelings and intuitions that push and pull us through our daily rounds. The sign of the Zodiac the Moon occupies changes about every 2-and-a-half-days and as she orbits she makes different connections to other planets, touching all of them in different ways as she speeds her way through the sky. Each of us will resonate to the energies of the flirting, capricious Luna in different ways and with different reactions according to the energies of our own birthcharts – our own dispositions and levels of consciousness. However, this comes as a guide to help you understand which fickle face our Lady Moon is showing today.

If you know your birthchart, or at least your Sun, Moon, or Rising signs (or better yet – all three – and if you don’t know any of them, maybe it’s time for you to send me an email) knowing where the Moon is playing and who she’s playing with will help you understand how to navigate your day and why you may be feeling the way you are or why you’re having the reactions or responses that you’re having. 

I’m going to try to write this everyday for you – or at least, most days. No promises being made here, but I hope the days I manage it, that you’ll find some peace, and maybe even gain a little edge, in knowing. I want to dedicate this effort to Kat. She told me that she missed my posts. So Kat – this if for you. If any of you enjoy this lovingly crafted energetic gift – please let me know! It will help to keep me motivated to continue…

(The above 3 paragraphs will be repeated each “By the Light of the Moon” post, so if you’ve read it before and know it by heart, just skip to the stuff after the … All times given in this column are Eastern time. )

The New Moon, any New Moon, is a time for regenerating and restoring your spirit and seeding new ideas. It’s time to set your intentions for the coming month, and this month to seed these new ideas around Capricornian energy. Every New Moon is a time to relax and connect with your subconscious self and your creativity. This is the time when we can’t see any moon in the sky at all, leaving us in a very fertile darkness as we prepare for the next lunar cycle. It’s a new beginning because it’s the time when the moon and sun are together – the core-self represented by the sun and the instincts and emotions represented by the moon, are feeding each other. They’re communicating, working in tandem – and they have much in common because they are in the same sign.

And the New Moon chart sets the stage for the next 28 day cycle – it’s the imprint of what we can expect and how we can best move forward EMOTIONALLY for the next month.

The New Moon in Capricorn is all about seeding our emotions with and setting intentions around building personal integrity and truly beginning to experience – to really feel – our own authority. Because this New Moon is so closely connected to Mercury, God of the Mind, Thinking & Communicating, allow your thoughts total freedom around your personal and career ambitions, keeping in mind that Capricorn and Saturn, its ruler, operate at the highest vibration of this energy when you come from integrity. Without integrity, there is only ambition – with integrity, the heart is involved, and the spiral upward includes the best intentions for everyone. And because it’s the Moon – listen to your gut. If what you want to plant feels good in your belly, it’s probably the right thing for you. 

This is the path to follow with Capricorn, and the New Moon is the perfect time to focus on planting seeds of responsibility and commitment, of conscientiousness and achievement.  When you truly commit to a path from integrity, magic begins to happen. The Universe conspires to assist you in making your dreams a reality. And the result is becoming an authority and true master – two of the gorgeous benefits of healthy relationship with Capricorn/Saturn energy.

I have little time today – my own path is calling! But I hope this helps you understand where today’s New Moon focus lies and the beauty that is perfected in moving with it. Allow yourself to restore your goals and intentions during this beautiful, dark and fertile time.

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