January 25, 2013 – By the Light of the Moon – Moon in Cancer – Emotions may feel counter to our relationships today… or maybe they’re mirrors of each other


family (1)

“A career is wonderful, but you can’t curl up with it on a cold night.” 
~Marilyn Monroe

The sign of the Zodiac the Moon occupies changes about every 2-and-a-half-days and as she orbits she makes different connections to other planets, touching all of them in different ways as she speeds her way through the sky. Each of us will resonate to the energies of the flirting, capricious Luna in different ways and with different reactions according to the energies of our own birthcharts – our own dispositions and levels of consciousness. However, this comes as a guide to help you understand which fickle face our Lady Moon is showing today.

If you know your birthchart, or at least your Sun, Moon, or Rising signs (or better yet – all three – and if you don’t know any of them, maybe it’s time for you to send me an email) knowing where the Moon is will help you understand how to navigate your day and why you may be feeling the way you are or why you’re having the reactions or responses that you’re having. 

***Today the Moon is in it’s final day of being in the sign of Cancer for the next month, having moved into that sign on Jan 23, and she’s opposing Venus in Capricorn. (Personally I’m ready for Venus to move into the lighter feeling Aquarius! That happens on February 1.)

When the Moon opposes Venus we have a connection of the two “feminine” planets – the Moon representing our emotions, Mother, family, home, and traditions, and Venus representing how we give and receive love, and what we value and find beautiful, as well as our resources/money – after all, we draw to us what we value. With this combination, as with all planetary combinations, we can operate from the highest possible vibration or the lowest – or somewhere in between. Today’s option, on the lower end, is to experience discord between our emotional selves and those whom we love. We could find that we are torn between our relationships and what we desire, between the need for security and a safe haven and the need to authenticate ourselves and our ambitions and keep moving forward. It could be the classic balancing act of home/family and career/business.

On the high road, we could find that the enduring we love we have for our families and our traditions is the perfect mirror for our sense of home and hearth and all who are there… our traditions and how we value them could play a part in how this day unwinds emotionally.

It would be great if part of today is spent in preparation for tomorrow’s Full Moon in Leo. That simply means looking back over the past 2 weeks (from the New Moon in Capricorn on  January 11) and over the past 6 months (since the New Moon in Leo in August) and thinking about what is coming to fullness – to fruition – in your life. Connecting to our cycles is a very positive way to stay connected to our intentions. What were your intentions 6 months ago? Are they coming to fulfillment now?

Enjoy this day of family – even if your family is really your friends, or your Calico or Golden Retriever. Extend love and watch it mirror back…

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