January 26, 2013 – Full Moon today in Leo – Remember what you began 6 months ago…


Happy Full Moon everyone!! Today is the Full Moon in Leo (Moon entered Leo at 9:20 AM and will be full at 11:38 PM Eastern Time). Below is a beautiful meditation from the August 17 New Moon in Leo that you can do to connect you with Leo energy. Whatever you began then, 6 months ago, should either be coming to fulfillment, or have reached a denouement. And today, also look at what you started 2 weeks ago at the New Moon in Capricorn (it just missed being in Aquarius). Think about what is coming to fruition now that you began at those 2 times and really connect with the cycles of creation that you initiate. Everything happens in cycles – so it only makes sense to be aware of and to connect with them!

This meditation was created at the New Moon – so it is geared toward new beginnings – not what the Full Moon is for. As you read it, do so with eyes and heart toward fulfillment rather than initiation. Maybe this will jog your memory around whatever you began then – in Aug. 2012. 

New Moon in Leo Meditation from August 17, 2012

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