Testimonials… Wow! My weekly clients speak out!

  A few of my long-term clients have written some pretty great things about the sessions we do together. I’m delighted to share!
Feeling pretty good about this wonderful work…

“Thanks for another great session! I can’t tell you how light I feel after talking with you each time – just illuminated from within, and happy! Like I had walked outside and got to watch the bees in the sunny garden. Or something equally as joyful to me. I love these consultations with you, and find them SO very valuable and life-changing (!!!)… I can’t well-describe, the part of just feeling bathed in love; I don’t know whether it’s from having touched deep truths and feeling validated and explained, or whether it’s from talking with you, who seem so bright and genuine. But there is a sure bliss after we hang up! Then starts the integration of things we discussed…”
J. James

“I’d heard Michelle was an amazing astrologer/counselor from a friend who recommended I have a session with her. I thought it would be fun and interesting to have a chat. That was about 6 months ago. Little did I know then how my life would change for the better as a result. What started as a one session curiosity has become a regular counseling session every two weeks. I prioritize my sessions with Michelle.  Even when things get tough financially I keep my sessions with her…not just because she can read charts, but because I see and deeply feel results. I am a better me. We peel the layers of the onion, getting at deep issues and addressing them. I am in awe of this woman and how she works…and how amazing I feel as a result of working with her. She listens…interprets…asks…sees…she truly works WITH me to help me with my questions. She utilizes her knowledge and depth of experience with astrology, combines it with her sense of humor, her curiosity, and her solid desire to be there for her clients. Does she provide value in one session?  YES!  But I believe the real value is in working with her over time…as I have and continue to do…as the planets move and the issues change…as she gets to know you and your birth chart and how the transits affect YOU. She wants to help you grow…learn…understand…address things…love yourself! She is my mentor and my counselor and I LOVE working with her…and soooo appreciate the person I am becoming as a result of better understanding my patterns and finding balance. Thank you Michelle!  I am freer…I more thoroughly enjoy myself and my relationships, and the circumstances I face every day. Life is smoother. I am softer. Thank you thank you. I’m looking forward to our next chat.”
Verena von Dehn

“Who knew that counseling could be fun?!  The best part of doing ongoing work with Michelle Gregg is that she uses the planets to make space for growth.  In just about every session, she holds me accountable (and we don’t have to blame my mother!), makes me laugh at circumstances out of my control, and helps me to navigate the challenges of the present.  She lets me wander out into the weeds sometimes, but then, by teaching me how to see a path where I thought there was no way, she opens doors to opportunities I had long written off.  With Michelle’s insights, I get to dance between the wholeness and brokenness of yesterday while celebrating the fullness of tomorrow.  For me, engaging in a long term relationship with Michelle means waking up to a brighter, more hopeful day each and every morning.”       –Corinne Dedini

“Michelle has the profound gift to take you on a journey to discover and understand the landscape of your internal world that affects every aspects of your external one. This knowledge gives you the true empowerment to affect changes in your life.  I have learned in working with Michelle over a period of time that the depth of understanding the self, translates into my ability to respond to the internal or external obstacles I am faced with in a way that creates breakthroughs from my negative habitual patterns with the most lasting positive effects in my life.”     –Dominique Sire

“Michelle is an extraordinary talent, combining an extensive knowledge of the humanities, Jungian psychology, and classical astrology into a unique approach that helps you find your place in your own life as well as the world at large. I flirted with therapists for it seems like forever, and never really found what I was looking for until I started working with Michelle on a regular basis…”    
Michael Brandt

“Working with Michelle regularly over this past year has helped me to understand and work with the astrological cycles and energy patterns so that my life runs smoother and in a more balanced fashion.  I have experienced tremendous personal growth during this time as well and I owe it all to my regular sessions with Michelle.  I’m less stressed and much more prepared for what life has in store for me.”          –Laura Halpin

If you’d like more info on my long-term, deep inner work, have a look here!

Contact me at astrology@michellegregg.com to schedule!

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