Meditating with the Moon – Jan 27, 2017


MEDITATING WITH THE MOON – Friday, January 27, 2016

Remember when your mom said, “Why can’t you just be like everyone else?” THIS ISN’T THAT DAY. This Aquarius New Moon demands a new cycle of being independently and uniquely who you are – to unhinge from emotional wounds that limit your sense of Self, your motivation, and your ability to fully engage in relationships without emotional grunge. Commit to unshackling from co-dependence or victimization. This is the time to release regret or self-denial, the time to let go of feeling like an outsider. Grab onto your creativity in a bright, revolutionary way that showcases your genius and your true, inherent gifts – especially if they rock a long-held, but no longer needed, tie from the past. Look up. Look out. See the future through YOUR eyes.
I am free to be me. I let my genius shine forward in bright and unexpected ways.
NEW MOON in AQUARIUS (7:07 pm Eastern) – 0% ILLUMINATED – 0 DAYS OLD
MOONRISE: 7:11 am Eastern
MOONSET: 6:00 pm Eastern
MOON VOID 2:18 am UNTIL 3:37 am Eastern


Using these simple Moon thoughts are a wonderful way to begin a daily meditation practice that keeps you focused on, and grounded in, the emotional energy of the Cosmos each and every day.
You can do a very simple 8/4 count meditation, which means you settle into a comfortable position, close your eyes, focus on your breath, and breathe in to a slow count of 8, hold it for 4 counts, and then breathe out for a slow count of 8. Hold your breath again for 4 counts before breathing in again. On the in-breath recite a word or phrase from the Moon Meditation in your mind, focusing on that energy and holding it, and then consciously release that same energy out into the world on the out-breath. Then begin the process again on the in-breath, either using the same word/phrase you’re working with (until it feels comfortable and “right”) or move on to the next word or phrase from the Moon Meditation.
Starfield Over Yosemite High Country

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