UPDATES on Astrology Course! I’m teaching a new basic astrology class and I’m SUPER EXCITED about it!


New Update: Hello all! A new update on this class – after the first couple of weeks in, we realized that 8 weeks would not be nearly enough to cover the material in the deep, rich way we wanted to, so the class has been changed mid-stream to a 12-week class, and Term 2 will follow the same format. So much better! All info has been / will be changed below to reflect our longer terms. THANKS!

Beginning July 1, 2017 I’m teaching a wonderful new class on the basics of Astrology. There are two terms, each one 12-weeks. All the info is below… I’m teaching at the Metropolitan Atlanta Astrological society in – you guessed it – Atlanta, GA. If you don’t live in Atlanta, and you’d like to take the class remotely, I’m very open to doing this class on-line as well. So if you’re interested in that, just send an email letting me know to astrology@michellegregg.com, and when we get a few other folks excited about the idea we can study together on-line. Tell your friends! Maybe they’ll want to join.

**UPDATE: The class is running beginning tomorrow, July 1, from 10am to 1pm! It’s a holiday weekend, so I’m extending registration through July 6, because a couple of the attendees will be missing the first class due to the 4th of July long weekend. I don’t want anyone to be deterred because they might miss the first class – or any class. Therefore I have designed the course so that if you can’t attend in-person you can sign in remotely via GoToMeeting and join us from a distance during the actual meeting times. Each class will be recorded so if you miss you still have access. All the attendees will be sent a link to the recording of each class right after they happen. So if you can’t make it in-person or virtually, you can catch up via the recordings before the next class. It’s not too late to get in on the fun!

**UPDATE: Also I’ve created a private Facebook Group for the Fundamentals & Essentials of Astrology students. Once you’ve registered I’ll invite you to the group so we can share and discuss information and ideas from the class, and all things astrology – and create community! Hope to be able to add you to the Group! 

**UPDATE: I will be running the same course again via the internet – on-line only. I’m not sure yet of the dates, but probably in 2-3 months. 

And thanks so much!!

Fundamentals and Essentials of Astrology

Term 1
12-weeks / July 1 – September 23, 2017
Meets each Saturday, 10am – 1pm
Metropolitan Atlanta Astrological Society
Harobi House – 2054 Harobi Drive, Tucker, GA 30084

Michelle Gregg, Instructor


Every person is his or her own unique energy system. Each of us is an energetic, evolving, transforming microcosm of the macrocosm that is the Cosmos. It is Astrology that provides us a profound look into that Cosmos, and into ourselves.

In this exciting new “foundations in astrology” class we’ll discover the underlying principles of a thousands-of-years-old language from a modern perspective, and why this language is so relevant and important to us today. We’ll learn about the sky, the map that is the birthchart, and how to “read” it.

Beginning in Term 1 we’ll explore the planets and signs of the zodiac, and their meanings and interpretations. The context will be psychological (primarily Jungian), mythological, spiritual, and evolutionary (karmic), all from the perspective of life as energy, with the birthchart (or horoscope, meaning “time map”) as the tool that maps that energy.

The class will be hugely informative, eye-opening, fun and lively! Come join us!


Week 1
Introduction to Astrology
What is Astrology?
A Brief History
The Solar System
Energy / The Imprint of the Birth Moment
The Birthchart as a Geocentric Map of Energy – Blueprint of the Psyche
The Birthchart as a Map of the Sky and Time

Building Blocks of a Birthchart
The Astrological Glyphs, Symbols & Shapes, and Their Meanings
The Flat or Natural Wheel
The Elements: Fire, Earth, Air, & Water
The Concept of Masculine/Yang and Feminine/Yin Energy – Polarities and Axes
Brief Intro to the Four Keystones of Astrology: Planets, Signs, Houses, Aspects

Introducing the Planets and their Role

The Luminaries
The Sun: astronomy, symbols, meaning, & myths
The Moon: astronomy, symbols, meaning, & myths


The Personal Planets

Mercury: astronomy, symbols, meaning, & myths
Venus: astronomy, symbols, meaning & myths
Mars: astronomy, symbols, meaning & myths

The Special Relationship between the Sun, Mercury, & Venus

The Transpersonal Planets
Jupiter: astronomy, symbols, meaning, & myths
Saturn: astronomy, symbols, meaning, & myths


The Outer/Evolutionary Planets
Uranus: astronomy, symbols, meaning, & myths
Neptune: astronomy, symbols, meaning, & myths
Pluto: astronomy, symbols, meaning, & myths

The Maverick Planetoid
Chiron: astronomy, symbols, meaning, & myths

Introducing the Signs and their Role

Week 4
The Annual Cycle of the Sun (the Seasonal Year) and the Ecliptic or Tropical Zodiac
Signs not Constellations
Intro to Planetary Rulers of the Signs

Aries: ruler, symbol, psychology, keywords
Taurus: ruler, symbol, psychology, keywords
Gemini: ruler, symbol, psychology, keywords
Cancer: ruler, symbol, psychology, keywords
Leo: ruler, symbol, psychology, keywords
Virgo: ruler, symbol, psychology, keywords

Week 5   SIGNS
Libra: ruler, symbol, psychology, keywords
Scorpio: ruler, symbol, psychology, keywords
Sagittarius: ruler, symbol, psychology, keywords
Capricorn: ruler, symbol, psychology, keywords
Aquarius: ruler, symbol, psychology, keywords
Pisces: ruler, symbol, psychology, keywords
Planets in Exaltation, Detriment, and Fall

Week 6   Number Symbolism
Division by Polarity and Polarity as Psychological Projection – Two
Division by Modality – Three
Division by Element: Fire Signs, Earth Signs, Air Signs, Water Signs – Four
Jung’s Psychological Types

Planets in Aries
Planets in Taurus
Planets in Gemini
Planets in Cancer
Planets in Leo
Planets in Virgo

Planets in Libra
Planets in Scorpio
Planets in Sagittarius
Planets in Capricorn
Planets in Aquarius
Planets in Pisces

Wrap Up

Questions? Contact Michelle Gregg @ astrology@michellegregg.com

Tuition and Payment
Tuition is $425 for 8 Week Term payable in advance by check,
PayPal (plus $13.00 fee) or Venmo (no fee)

PayPal.com: pay $438.00 to astrology@michellegregg.com
Venmo.com: pay $425 to MichelleGreggAstro /astrology@michellegregg.com
Check: pay $425 to Michelle Gregg – Email astrology@michellegregg.com for the address.

Term 2 will begin October 21, 2017 and will cover
Astrological Houses and Aspects.

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