Back in the Saddle – September 2010 Forecast

September’s Sky 2010

Monthly Astrological Forecast

by Michelle Gregg

We enter September in the midst of Mercury Retrograde, a small season within which to restore and regenerate. Jupiter and Uranus take a bit of the edge off of some rather harsh energy by moving back into Pisces from Aries, allowing us to release some tension with a much needed exhale. And the recent Saturn/Pluto square requires our attention, not with action but with rumination. Because we really feel a heavy weight planetary alignment fully after its implications begin to sink in (and the alignment itself begins to separate), September might be best understood as the fall-out month following the intense ride we’ve been on for the past many weeks.

The final exact Saturn/Pluto square on August 21 was the most recent energetic test, and also the culmination of that year long event.  What began to demand your attention around Fall of last year? Now is the time to begin making sense of that transition and over the next several months to find some resolution to the long standing challenges that began then. (The last time we experienced a Saturn/Pluto square was from Summer 2001 to Summer 2002. What was going on then? Use this Mercury Retrograde to retrace your steps to find clues to your evolution.)

Odds are we’re still righting our apple cart after all of this Summer’s astral shenanigans: the Cardinal Eclipses with the portals for new direction that they opened; and the Cardinal Cross that included Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Pluto – wow. There’s so much movement, tension and transformation generated from that combination, we’re likely to continue to sort through our necessary transformations – personal, social, political and environmental – for quite some time to come.

As we begin September we’re revisiting and reorganizing due to Mercury Retrograde in Virgo, so be prepared to back track a bit to make sense of events and projects. My best advice until Mercury goes direct on the 12th (and for several days afterwards) is to consciously make the effort to rest and restore your spirit. September’s New Moon occurs on the 8th in Virgo. This new beginning seems to be one focused on organizing the mind, projects, and paying attention to the details of your own communication processes; a very appropriate pass-time during the Retrograde. On the 18th we’ll experience some high energy and might have moments of enlightenment with the exact opposition of Jupiter and Uranus. Open your mind and your belief system to some new ideas around that day.

Be kind to yourself and try to relax and restore your mind during the Retrograde as we move into Fall, which begins on the 22nd as the Sun moves into Libra late night. Very early next morning, the 23rd, is the Full Moon in Aries. This Moon activates all the Cardinal Cross planets, meaning be very conscious and aware of your own motivations and temper your actions accordingly. With the Sun in Libra and the Moon is Aries, expect this illumination to be focused on relationships.

So what’s really going on these days? I honestly don’t know a single person who hasn’t been affected in some way by the recent cosmic climate. No one is exempt, so whether you’re a wolf living in the Rockies, an under paid and overwhelmed bread-winner, a senior on Social Security, a hornbill, turtle, fish or fisherman living in the Gulf, a soldier in Afghanistan, a child in the public school system, a businessman or woman, or someone in real need of health care, the times are requiring something about your life to change and transform, and in complicated and long-term ways. 2007 through 2015 is an era of transition.

Now, due to Mercury Retrograde and the separation of a couple of long-term configurations, this month is the perfect month to regroup – get a handle on what this process of change might/can/will mean for you and the way you intend your life from this point forward.

Early month, with Venus and Mars in Libra connecting to Neptune/Chiron, look to your close relationships for connection, social release, healing and service to the greater good. After the 15th, with both Mars and Venus in Scorpio connecting to Pluto and the North Node, look to your relationships to provide passion and opportunities to assist you toward your goals for the future. Resist the urge to obsess or manipulate, instead using the energy to delve deeply into your own relational psyche.


The high energy you may have been experiencing will step down a bit making it necessary to look toward duties and responsibilities. Mercury Retrograde in the Aries 6th house encourages you to visit your daily routine as a place for revamping. Ruminate on the details of that routine and begin to implement the changes after the 15th.


Mars and Venus in Scorpio moving into the Taurus house of partnership, both intimate and business, places the September focus on relationships. You might acknowledge the profound or intense nature of the impact of someone close to you. Mercury Retrograde in your 5th house places the emphasis for revisiting and restructuring around children and pleasure.


This is a great month to really let new ideas steep. Don’t implement anything new until well after the 15th since your ruling planet is Retrograde, but there is high energy to be made use of. Mercury in the Gemini 4th house puts home, hearth and family in position for a re-do after careful consideration early month.


The planets of romance and intimacy are playing in the Cancer 5th house this month supporting you in love, creativity and fun society. Mid-month a relationship could become more serious and intense. Restore your spirit via siblings and friends.


The home front is in the spotlight during September, and you may find that it is the stage for an intense exploration of your closest relationships. Mercury Retrograde in the Leo 2nd House makes it important to read the fine print in all of your financial dealings and to realign your values and resources with the true you.


If your birthday is this month, use your day to really rest, regenerate and restore. Mercury, your ruling planet is Retrograde in your 1st house of Self, so the focus is YOU. If you’ve already had your birthday, give yourself another special day to call your own. Mid-month direct your focus to real (and careful) communication with your intimate partner.


While balancing your responsibilities to yourself with your duties to your close relationships has become a long-term trend, after mid-month September becomes a great time to learn how you truly value and relate in intimate partnership. Mercury Retrograde in your 12th house means pay very close attention to your dreams and inner life.


If you don’t have an intimate partner you could attract one this month with Mars and Venus in Scorpio hovering along your relationship axis. You may find that you have a bit more magnetism than usual. If you do have a partner, use this energy to bring in a deeper more profound connection.


You may be challenged with re-learning and refining your organizational skills this month, particularly relating to your career, so try to step away from your ego to make room for practical growth. Keep the mental buzz to a minimum via meditation or other calming practice.


I won’t say that Mercury Retrograde will be a breeze for you, but if you remember to back track and rest your mind enough, this one could prove to be very useful particularly in self-awareness. Re-member your personal integrity this month. Look for attraction/fascination at work.


Call me crazy, but if you can travel with a partner this month it might be well worth the travel delays and glitches you can expect with the Retrograde. Look at them as an adventure. Best case scenario would be to wait until just after mid-month. If you can’t travel then share philosophies and beliefs with someone you love.


Depth transformations can deeply impact your closest partnerships, and also your finances. A new era of healing both yourself and the way you relate to others is beginning as Chiron starts its entry into your first house. Mercury Retrograde in your 7th house means pay close attention to your closest relationships and communicate with care and thoughtfulness.

Happy New Year! January Forecast w/ something for everyone…

I know. I’ve been away a long time (3 months exactly) and I really don’t want to explain, but suffice to say that it wasn’t because I didn’t want to be here. Sometimes things get in the way, sometimes the path diverges unexpectedly, and sometimes I really need to be more than one person to fulfill my personal expectations…but I think I’m back and I have something for you…

Happy New Year!  Happy New Decade!

(If you want to have a printed copy of this but are doing your part for the planet and don’t want to use even more paper, pick up a copy of the January issue of Aquarius magazine. In February you can use it to build a bonfire for Carnival…)

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“Your soul is oftentimes a battlefield, upon which your reason and your judgment wage war against your passion and your appetite.”  ~Khalil Gibran

The portal into 2010 is a profound New Year’s Eve Blue Moon Lunar Eclipse! That’s a mouthful and indeed 2010 opens with serious emotionalism leaving you with a lot to chew on over the coming weeks. Be aware that the effects of an Eclipse are felt long after the event, and this Full Moon in Cancer on New Year’s Eve demands a change of course in terms of your family, close ties, your history/tradition and the way you nurture and need nurturing. With Pluto and Saturn involved in the Eclipse your fears and limitations may try to get in your way over the next 6 months. Instead of falling to that dark side, tap the positive energy of Pluto/Saturn as the year begins: voluntarily purge what’s no longer useful in your life, particularly in the areas of family/tradition, career, and relationships. Willingly envision practical steps you can take for a more effective, more efficiently run life. Then take on the responsibility of actually accomplishing those necessary steps. Patience and perseverance will be required as well as a good dose of deep, soulful, self-reflection. Tightening the money belt may also be necessary, and there may be financial loss – learn to do more with less. Remember when being Eco Friendly was called being frugal and was the territory of common sense? Your depression era parents and grandparents can teach you all about that. Spend some time with them and learn the beauty of using only what you need, and saving for a rainy day. The era of boundless waste and thoughtless immediate gratification without consequences is over. With Mars Retrograde  in Leo, Saturn turning Retrograde in Libra on Jan. 13, and Mercury Retrograde in Capricorn until Jan. 15, don’t expect your new course to simply fall into place with your first effort. Persistence, diligence, and perseverance, 3 positive traits belonging to Saturn and Capricorn, will likely be required. January is more about charting the course than acting on it – get clear, get real, plot the map. Previously beloved projects may lose their shine and your interest may be projected elsewhere – it’s okay to let go IF you practice the proper rumination and use realistic judgment. Letting go may be a part of your changing course!  On Jan. 15 we are released from Mercury Retrograde and the communication, transportation, and technological glitches that come with it, and we are gifted with another moment to chart a new course with the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Capricorn. This Eclipse puts emphasis on your outer place in the world and your ability to perform with responsibility and dedication. The purpose of this moment is to offer the potential to balance the home/family/nurture energy of the Lunar Eclipse that began the New Year. The completion of duties is necessary to achieve goals and accomplish dreams that are dear. This is not the time to take off the yoke – but to ponder how you will throw your weight and strength into the practical, earthy furrow before you, despite the rocks and roots in your path. In what new way can you go about these responsibilities and tasks? If the way you’ve been at it has gotten you nowhere, this New Moon Eclipse brings the opportunity to go about bringing your dreams to fruition in a new, better, way – one that leads to fulfillment. You need only do the work, while maintaining focus and integrity.  Jupiter moves into Pisces on Jan. 17, Venus moves into Aquarius on the 18th and the Sun moves into Aquarius on the 19th. These new positions will offer a lighter feel, a softening  toward those who suffer, perhaps a bit of rebellion against the work that is now required, and some new innovation and new ideas to put toward achieving the goals began at the Solar Eclipse. Jan. 30 offers the Full Moon in Leo, the grand, high energy moment that is the culmination of the month, letting us know that despite limits and intensity, life is worth living, particularly when shared in relationship. Open your heart, watch for drama, and give love. And try to balance “yourself in the moment” with “altruism and the big, future picture”. The last day of the month is the second exact square between Saturn and Pluto – the first occurred Nov. 15, 2009; the third will occur on Aug. 21, 2010 heralding the demise of this nine-month Saturn/Pluto era. This second square is the time that we start to understand what we’re supposed to learn from this chafing combination of energies: limits, boundaries, time and tradition from Saturn; and purging, intensity, transformation and rebirth from Pluto. The rub creates the friction necessary to motivate a huge change…what will yours be? It’s not a warm and fuzzy start to 2010, but it can be one that gifts you with the practical reality of taking control of your own life and becoming authentic – live from your true core.  Be willing to steadily pass through any crisis and wholly experience the resulting transformation. Carry this Saturn/Pluto spirit with you throughout 2010.

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