Looking for an Astrology Podcast? I’m Guest Podcasting about Astrology with Chiara Luce on Clear Light Creative!

Clear Light Creative Podcast with Host Chiara Luce and Astrologer Michelle Gregg
Clear Light Creative Podcast with Chiara Luce and Michelle Gregg

Astrology Podcast: Very Cool & Topical Astrology Topics on CLEAR LIGHT CREATIVE PODCAST with CHIARA LUCE and MICHELLE GREGG!

If you’re interested in hearing some full-on consciousness streaming (and consciousness raising) conversation about astrology, how to use it now, and how it’s significant to the times in which we live, I invite you to join me, Michelle Gregg, on Chiara Luce’s new podcast, Clear Light Creative!

The last 15 to 20 minutes of each of her podcasts we get together and dish on some incredible astrology topics like:

  1. Debunking Sun Sign Astrology
  2. George Floyd, The 13th Amendment, and Black Lives Matter
  3. The 27 Club: Suicide at 27 from an Astrological Perspective
    (we look at Janis Joplin, Amy Winehouse, & Kurt Cobain)

  4. Uranus in Taurus – What this Shift Means for Us Now (Money/Earth)
    (and a look at it historically, politically, financially, ecologically)

And that’s just the first four! We’ll be talking about many more topical astrology subjects throughout the coming months, as it applies to the current state of our culture and government, as well as how you can use astrology for greater understanding and fulfillment in your life.

Besides Astrology, the Clear Light Creative Podcast is All About Inspiring You Creatively!

The first hour-ish of each of Chiara’s podcasts are interviews with amazing, creative, and inspiring humans.

Clear Light Creative Podcast is a new and expansive resource for:

  • Aspiring Artists
  • Wellness Seekers
  • Astrology Enthusiasts

Chiara interviews creatives in every field, from all walks of life, who provide their stories, unique experiences, and guidance on how they achieved their professional and artistic success. These artists and professional creatives inspire and motivate with every episode!

There are also episodes with Chiara deep diving with guest experts from all branches of the healing modalities, covering beliefs from Eastern and Western viewpoints, as well as esoteric traditions.

Who is Chiara Luce?
(And there’s a bit about me at this link too!)

Well, first – her name. In Italian, Chiara means “clear” and Luce means “light.” So it seems that in creating this amazing platform called Clear Light Creative for artists, creatives, wellness seekers, and astrology enthusiasts, she’s living up to her name in a gorgeous way!

Otherwise, Chiara is a copywriter and career creative who has explored and experienced many facets of the artist’s life. From creating and directing for Cirque du Soleil, acting off-Broadway, to singing in the Notre Dame Cathedral and helping create some of the coolest sets in Hollywood, Chiara has left her mark and garnered quite a bit of wisdom along the way… and she loves to share it all…

And to top it all off, she has a full-on passion for astrology!

Astrology every episode!

The last 15 to 20 (and maybe even 30) minutes of each episode of Clear Light Creative focuses on a specific topic in astrology that Chiara and I are excited to explore, and to bring to you to contemplate and engage with. We’ll be sure to keep every episode juicy, relevant, fun, and fascinating!

Where can you listen to this awesome podcast?

Clear Light Creative (and our exciting astrology chats) can be heard on:

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I hope you’ll give us a listen!

I’m really SO EXCITED to be bringing all this exciting astrology info to you with Chiara on her motivating and inspirational new podcast, Clear Light Creative!

Give us a listen and let me know what you think!

As always, be well,

Today is the 10 year anniversary of the demotion from planet to dwarf of our transformational friend-Dark Lord Pluto


10 years ago today our beloved Pluto was demoted from the status of “planet” to “dwarf planet.” Below is an incredibly interesting article about the process behind Pluto’s demotion. In my opinion, it’s just like Pluto to be the source that is transforming the way the world looks at what defines a planet. To be sure though, the demotion isn’t changing the way astrologers interpret him and his powerful influence – the intense God of Transformation – the harbinger of death and rebirth – of a purified life re-born from ashes. Pluto is well loved in the astrological community, as well as the astronomical. The article below provides us with the image that you see above of Pluto with a large heart shaped land region discovered in 2015. (!) British astrologer Liz Greene recently said, “Demoting Pluto from a planet to a planetoid might be appropriate from an astronomical point of view, but it seems that Pluto isn’t paying a lot of attention to having his potency reduced on paper.” As an astrologer I couldn’t agree more. Pluto is one of the most potent and transformational energies available to us, and orbiting in a square aspect to Uranus since 2008, has been impacting our society, our politics, gender roles, violence, government, etc. – and prompting the personal transformation of countless lives. I’m certain that regardless of his scientific status afforded by humankind, Pluto, God of the Underworld, will continue his evolutionary mission. You’l love the article below.

Have a read!


Tragedy Strikes – Mass Shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut


I’m just stunned and broken hearted thinking about the mass-shooting this morning at the Sandy Hook Elementary School. I believe the time of the shooting was probably around 9:20 to 9:30 am… Newtown police called in the shooting to Connecticut State Police at 9:40 AM. I haven’t seen an official time yet of the actual shooting.

I just thought I’d share a 9:30 am chart here with all of you. It looks like there’s a Moon/Pluto conjunction. Obvious implications there – the moon represents mothers, families, children. Pluto represents death, destruction – dark psychological issues. Mars was rising putting rage/aggression in the forefront. And a Sagittarius sun… somehow there is often a Sagittarius flavor when mass shootings like this occur – perhaps because of the self-righteous, vainglorious lower vibration of that sign. 26 (at least) people were killed. Incredibly tragically 18 of those were children between 5 and 10 years old. Absolutely horrifying. Absolutely heart shattering.

Please join me in sending light, love, prayers and healing to the parents, families and the entire town of Newtown, Connecticut.

This chart is drawn for 9:30 AM - an approximate time of the shooting based on a 9:40 call from the Newtown, CT police to the CT State Police Dept.

This chart is drawn for 9:30 AM – an approximate time of the shooting based on a 9:40 call from the Newtown, CT police to the CT State Police Dept.