Today is the 10 year anniversary of the demotion from planet to dwarf of our transformational friend-Dark Lord Pluto


10 years ago today our beloved Pluto was demoted from the status of “planet” to “dwarf planet.” Below is an incredibly interesting article about the process behind Pluto’s demotion. In my opinion, it’s just like Pluto to be the source that is transforming the way the world looks at what defines a planet. To be sure though, the demotion isn’t changing the way astrologers interpret him and his powerful influence – the intense God of Transformation – the harbinger of death and rebirth – of a purified life re-born from ashes. Pluto is well loved in the astrological community, as well as the astronomical. The article below provides us with the image that you see above of Pluto with a large heart shaped land region discovered in 2015. (!) British astrologer Liz Greene recently said, “Demoting Pluto from a planet to a planetoid might be appropriate from an astronomical point of view, but it seems that Pluto isn’t paying a lot of attention to having his potency reduced on paper.” As an astrologer I couldn’t agree more. Pluto is one of the most potent and transformational energies available to us, and orbiting in a square aspect to Uranus since 2008, has been impacting our society, our politics, gender roles, violence, government, etc. – and prompting the personal transformation of countless lives. I’m certain that regardless of his scientific status afforded by humankind, Pluto, God of the Underworld, will continue his evolutionary mission. You’l love the article below.

Have a read!

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