I’ve Been Selected for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award!

My First Blogging Award! The Very Inspiring Blogger Award…

I’m delighted to share that I’ve been given a wonderful nod by my one of my fellow bloggers – and how cool is that? And how surprising?

One of the things about publishing your own written work is that you never know, once you press that “publish” button, how what you’ve written will be received. This comes as such a happy confirmation that I must be doing something right, and that someone out there in the land of the internet is being inspired!  I’m so honored and grateful!

Thank you anonymous super nice, smart, literary guy from The Living Notebook blog for nominating me for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award

I’m so happy you thought of me!

The Process

When you’re selected for this award there are a couple of reciprocal rules to follow to continue to spread the love. A bit of paying-it-forward so to speak (except there’s no real anonymity involved) , and I LOVE stuff like that!

1. Link back to the person who nominated you:
Thank you again, The Living Notebook!

2. Post the award image to your page: (Lovely Victorian image above!)

3. Tell 7 facts about yourself:

1. I LOVE my work as a Counseling Astrologer… helping folks have happier, more joyful lives is my absolute passion! Watching people go from uncertainty to confidence and then on to positive change is so fulfilling.

2. I’m the daughter of an Appalachian farm girl and a United Methodist Minister, and the mother of a fabulous 15-year-old-son, Ian, who is an actor.

3. I’m a vegetarian and a darn good cook!

4. Besides being a Counseling Astrologer I’m a big animal activist and belong to several different Animal Activist groups. I used to have 2 dogs and 10 cats at one time. Did they call me the “crazy cat lady?” Yes. They also called me the “pied piper” since all 10 cats would follow along every day when I walked the dogs. Too cute! And I used to do greyhound rescue work.

5. I LOVE to travel and used to live in the UK and in Germany.

6. My biggest as yet unfulfilled dream is to be a published novelist.

7. I once worked as an herbalist’s assistant and loved being so connected to Mother Earth and her healing gifts.

4. Nominate 7 other bloggers and let them know they’ve been nominated:

I’ve listed my 7 blog winners in no particular order – so the ones closer to the bottom of the list are just as wonderful as the ones at the top. Please explore them all with equal fervor and delight!

1. Auntie Moon with CJ Wright – Wonderfully insightful astrology, tarot and even cooking with astrology! Yum. 

2. Love & A Six-Foot Leash– One family’s quest to open minds, win hearts, and save lives through dog fostering. This is a pit-bull friendly blog!

3. in case i’m gone– This blog is written by Leigh to her son Loch. Leigh was diagnosed with a rare disease and given 2-3 years to live when her baby boy was six-months old. In her words, “This blog is an attempt to record myself. Who I am and who I was, in case I’m gone.” 

4. Soul SeedsRev. Anthony David, a wonderfully insightful and inspiring Unitarian Universalist minister in Atlanta, writes Soul Seeds – true food for thought. I LOVE this blog! Rev. David covers LOTS of topics, and some of my favorites are Science & Religion, Health & Wellness, Philosophy and Vocation & Calling. 

5. Melody’s Metaphysical Musings– A blog about Spiritual Growth, Spiritual Purpose & Spiritual Awakening from Melody Larson, a freelance writer and editor by profession, a spiritual & metaphysical author by passion, and a “conscious evolutionary” by philosophy. Awesome!

6. Kristin Wartman – Kristin is a food writer living in Brooklyn. She focuses on the intersections of food, health, politics, and culture. And let me tell you she doesn’t mind pushing the envelope to get us to open our minds to the truth about what we eat.

7. Richard Reeve – Dreaming Awake – This is a beautifully artistic and Neptunian-like blog. A window into the dreamy and nebulous reality of what it is to be human from a Jungian perspective. Richard Reeve  is a candidate at the C. G. Jung Institute of New York where he is training to be Jungian Analyst. This blog is a stunner and makes you think!

Once again, I’m so honored and delighted to receive this Very Inspiring Blogger Award! I hope all of you reading and the 7 I’ve nominated will be just as happy as I am!