The Breath of Spring

How many of you are familiar with how we mortals know when the moment of Spring arrives? The answer maygarden surprise you, because it is an astronomical event, with an astrological interpretation. It becomes Spring each and every year when the day and night are of equal length after Winter (in the Northern Hemisphere). This equality of day and night are the reason for the term “equinox”. Spring coincides with the Sun moving into the sign of Aries. That’s our clarion call to the brave new season that takes us out of the cold, dead Winter, and breathes new life into all that we behold. When the  Sun entered the sign of Aries at zero degrees this past Friday, March 20, 2009, it became Spring once again.  We feel the burgeoning of new life in every corner of our lives. Nature is speaking eloquently of rebirth, and we are feeling the contractions, forcing us out weak eyed and pale into a new life of sunshine and vibrant color. In a matter of days (in the Southern US at least) we’ll be walking out into an even greater saturation of bold hues and breathtaking pigments, no doubt designed to pull us happily out of our germinating Winter stillness.

What does this season hold for us over the next 3 months?

From the Eastern Daylight Time Zone (I’m in Atlanta, GA),  Spring looks both  aggressive and reserved simultaneously, with a compelling push down into the grasp of karmic destiny, if you will. That will take some explaining. First the aggressive.

Specifically for those of us in Atlanta, almost unbelievably the sun was rising on the horizon at the exact moment of the Equinox (7:45 AM EDT – in other places and time zones, this won’t be true), perfectly and literally symbolizing a new dawn, heralding a fearless hormone driven season fresh with promise and brash confidence. An Aries rising herald to Spring in Georgia speaks volumes about the  nature of the season we’ve just entered. The true purpose of this brief era is to bring forward the will in a clear expression of assertion.

I’ll expand on this thought further in just a bit! I must go forth bravely and feed my family dinner.

2 comments on “The Breath of Spring

  1. I wished I’d known all these special things about Atlanta before the actual Equinox. I was so busy running around the city that day, I hardly had time to acknowledge such an important turning of the cycle.

    I’ll be making up for it in tomorrow’s Aries New Moon.

  2. Yes…I don’t think I’ve seen anything quite so perfect as the Sun rising at the actual moment of the first breath of Spring! Very exciting! I’ll be writing more about the Equinox soon, and also about the New Moon in Aries! Stay tuned! You can look at the New Moon in Aries as an extension of the Equinox…since it IS Aries. That way you haven’t missed a thing!

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