April 24 – New Moon in Taurus – Body Connect

New Moon in Taurus
April 24, 2009
11:23 PM Eastern Daylight Time

How long since you laid down on the ground and felt the connection of lifesitting-in-the-garden beneath you? Luxuriously soaked in a bubble bath? Got a full-body massage? Rubbed your partner sensuously in oil? Dug a hole in the ground and planted a seed? Held the ones you love  in a long, slow, comforting embrace? How long since you fully delighted in the beauty of the physical world?

If you’re like most of us, especially in urban areas, the answer to those questions is probably “a long time”.

This New Moon, a time for new beginnings, occurs in the sign of Taurus, the most sense oriented, body loving sign of all. The Sun and Moon share a sign during each New Moon placing great emphasis there. The emphasis today is about connecting to our bodies, to the Great Mother Earth, to pleasure and serenity.

Can you remember when you found joy in discovering roly-polys and earthworms under a rock as a child? What an amazing discovery: the pungent scent of warm, damp earth; the rich colors of earth and stone; the dark, shiny bodies of wriggling earth-dwellers.  This New Moon draw that sensation of awe and delight back to the surface of consciousness. Re-connect to the importance of soil, skin, and sensation. Allow the zen of relaxation to settle into your being. From this point of being, create something new. Something solid and fine and ripe within you wants to be acknowledged and FELT.

There couldn’t be better timing for this particular Taurus New Moon. We’ve just experienced Earth Day, and moving through Earth Week. Reconnecting with our intentions of restoring and re-connecting with Mother Earth are absolutely perfect now. If we feel the Earth as a living, healing, caring and creative source that nourishes us, then we can in turn live, create, nourish and heal from our inner core.

In addition to the Taurus influence from the two luminaries, this moment of opportunity and newness is being supported by a flowing connection to Pluto. So not only are we conscious of the material world and the body, but we can create profound and transformational results within ourselves and the outer world.

Taurus and Pluto together bring up ideas around deep love (a transformational relationship?), rich resources (money ventures toward stability?), working for change (environmental activism?)…and of course sensuality and sexuality.

Lie back on the ground at least once in the next couple of days and feel the energy of what this means for you.

This New Moon is truly a time of new birth – literally and metaphorically. What seeds will you plant?

One comment on “April 24 – New Moon in Taurus – Body Connect

  1. I love your new site! Congratulations! I’ll be visiting often. Hope everything is great with you. I’m probably due for a reading–I’ll call soon to set one up.

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