US in Financial Transformation – Some words from the experts

About a week ago a friend asked me if I thought we, as a country, would be out of this financial crisis soon now that Obama is in office. Sadly, my answer was no. There are many reasons why that is a true response, but I’ve decided that rather than re-write what’s already been written brilliantly, I’ll share with you a couple of articles from the experts.

Raymond Merriman - Financial Astrologer

Raymond Merriman - Financial Astrologer

Here is the first from Raymond Merriman, creator of The Merriman Market Analyst – The Leader in Market Timing Services and Products. Ray is the leading expert on the planet today in astrological financial timing and consults with the big dogs in the stock market and other financial arenas.

Here’s the first article from him:
MAJOR GEOCOSMIC SIGNATURES OF 2009-2010: SATURN REALITIES, JUPITER AND NEPTUNE HOPES,-jupiter-and-neptune-hopes-in-2009%112010/

And here’s the second:

If you’re interested in money markets at all you should explore Raymond Merriman’s website. He knows what he’s doing!

Michael Lutin

Michael Lutin

Now I want you to read something from Michael Lutin, another great astrologer who writes the Planetarium for Vanity Fair. This article is from 2006 – before we even knew the name Obama really. Michael does say that the country is going to become even more conservative politically – I’m not sure that’s happened since our election of Obama, although the conservatives are becoming stronger in their fight against the liberals, and we have seen the rise in popularity of folks like Sarah Palin (despite her resignation – some still say she’s planning to run for President in 2012).  Lutin’s take is more historical and cultural, than financial, and very readable:

A planetary configuration not seen since 1776 is coming our way, heralding chaos, revolution, and rebirth. Let the stars guide you through the coming storm.
by Michael Lutin VF.COM December 6, 2006

For those of you are hoping that the national financial crisis ( and the cultural one) is on a up-swing, you’re right. But we have to get through the trenches first. And that’s going to take awhile.

Oh! If you haven’t seen the June/July 2009 issue of The Mountain Astrologer, and you’re interested in reading more from Raymond Merriman, you should try to pick it up. The article is called the Economy and the Cardinal Climax of 2008-2015. Hope you can get your hands on it!

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4 comments on “US in Financial Transformation – Some words from the experts

  1. If you follow the 84-year cycles of Uranus you will see 1777, 1861, 1945 very prominent as events in US history. It’s only as Uranus transits Gemini.
    However, as Uranus transits Aries, you can already see some action going on. So, my guess is to look for 2028 for the next revolutionary wave in the US, and all current events will lead up to there. By 2014, when Uranus squares US’ Sun this movement will be more clear.

  2. 1757-1777 brought unrest in the US colonies stirred by stamp act and tea parties
    1841-1861 revolutions in Europe and America civil war
    1925-1945 great depression lead to world war II
    2014-2028 socio-economic crises and revolutionary wave

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