Culmination – The Scorpio Full Moon

(Note: To read the Mercury Retrograde post, scroll down)

It’s a little after 2pm on Saturday, May 9, 2009 – and the Moon was exactly Full in Scorpio about 14 hours ago. At the moment of the Full Moon, 12:01 AM, I walked outside with my son Ian, my dog D’Mitri, and a heart filled with delight that I was able to walk under those reflected glowing rays and fully ponder what is culminating in my life.

The Full Moon always brings passion, RELEASE and the energy of a denouement. This particular Full Moon was in Scorpio – opposite the place of the New Moon in TaurusFull Moon two weeks ago. Whatever you began then may have come to some culmination at this point – especially if you started a short term goal. It’s likely however, that you are at the culmination of something that you began in late October, 2008, when the Moon was new in Scorpio. Ponder that a moment. Where were you then? What were you beginning? What were you changing? How does that relate to now?

For each New Moon there is a culminating Full Moon in the same sign approximately 6 months later. It’s a great idea to watch this natural 6 month/1 year cycle. Use the symbolic meaning of the sign of each New Moon to start appropriate endeavors. For instance, if your desire is to become more assertive about getting your needs met, start working on that under an Aries New Moon. Six months later, when the Moon is full in Aries, you will be at the culminating point of your goal. By the time a year has passed and the next Aries New Moon arrives, you should have resolved your issue. If you want to learn a new language – start under a Gemini New Moon; planning a long-term overseas journey? Begin under a Sagittarius New Moon. Creating a humanitarian non-prof? Get started under an Aquarius New Moon. And then remember to watch the 6-month Full Moons in the same sign as markers of your progress.

With this Full Moon and it’s mother New Moon 6 months ago, there’s a strong Scorpio influence, made even stronger (for those of us in Atlanta, GA) by the fact that it’s ruler, Pluto, was rising at the moment of this Full Moon. The higher vibration of Pluto/Scorpio is deep, transformative healing and wealth – the richness of living a profound and meaningful life. Give much thought and reflection (using both the Pluto and Mercury Retrograde influences) on what is rich and pure in your life. How does that relate to your physical, earthy self? Bring these two polarities into balance if possible: your deep inner life (Scorpio/Pluto) and your physical/earthy/practical self. Balance your wealth (both literal and metaphorical) with your values and what brings you pleasure. Concentrate your energy on what is rich in your life – particularly in relationship and via your emotions.

Be advised that the Moon is void-of-course from 2:48pm until 9:49pm today. That’s 7 hours when we can experience disconnection in terms of our plans or expectations. Plan to meet someone at 4 at the side entrance? You might miss that someone, who is actually waiting at the front entrance. That sort of thing. The void-of-course is a  perfect time to zone out in solitude. Meditate, put on the head-phones, write a story, stroll the museum. Whatever you do for the next 7 hours, release your expectations and let the energy have it’s way with you. You might be absolutely delighted with whatever comes your way, even if it’s not part of the plan!

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