Full Moon in Pisces – Respite, Imagination, and Idealism to Feed the Source of Service

Oh, how lovely the moon at it’s fullness! What ripe and ready intuition does this Pisces illumination bring us on Sept. 4 at 12:02 pm EDT? The gifts of idealism, imagination and respite for the Soul. Allow yourself some space to connect with these gifts…maybe as a rehearsal for the upcoming Mercury Retrograde on Monday, which asks us to reflect and re-organize our minds. Meander through your creativity, allowing your imagination to emerge fully engaged. Allow yourself to wander through the place that unlocks closed, solitary being and grants permission to feel, truly experience, the connectedness of all life, all existence.

A Full Moon is always exactly opposite the Sun reflecting back the incredible light and energy of that powerful star. Because the Moon is in Pisces, the Sun is in its opposite sign, Virgo. Every Full Moon is about reflecting and balancing polar opposite energies. In this case we become One through Pisces in order to inspire the Virgo work of service. Simply being in the Oneness and the space of imagination and idealism isn’t enough…once that is felt, the Solar energy of Virgo encourages us to buckle down to the work necessary to bring the dream and idealistic goals to fruition. In my September Forecast I stated, “This illumination shows us where we have either seen only the forest and not the trees, or vice versa. On this lunation focus on bringing together ideals and vision with the practical details that will certainly be required for accomplishment. Feel the unity symbolized by Pisces, while doing the work necessary to harvest the vision.”

Here are some key phrases to inspire you

harvesting the vision
working toward the dream
perfecting the ideal
healthy imagination
practical spirituality
idealization of order
dissolution of old methods of working
dissolution of social differences
inspired service

Think back to anything you started at the New Moon 2 weeks ago (see New Moon in Leo article) and to six-months ago and one year ago to see what has come to fullness in your own life. Reflect on lessons learned and begin integrating what is culminating now. Happy Full Moon everyone!

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