September Forecast

September 2009 Forecast
A Month of Mercury Retrograde

(sign by sign forecast included below)

Mercury - God of Communication and Transportation

Mercury - God of Communication and Transportation

We enter September a bit wobbly. Many are still incorporating the shifts brought about by the Eclipse Season in July and August. September 4th brings a Full Moon in Pisces. Focus on bringing together visionary ideals with the practical details that are required for accomplishment. Feel the unity symbolized by Pisces, while doing the work necessary to harvest the vision. Mercury turns Retrograde in Libra on Sept. 7th, marking our relationships as the target for misunderstandings and demanding that we look deeply into the way we communicate with our loved ones, rebalancing the manner in which we relate with them. On Sept. 11th, Pluto, harbinger of purging and transformation, turns direct in Capricorn. Expect shifts in business, where locked horns will begin to work their way loose to continue the lessons in “new finance” for our country. Saturn and Uranus make the third of five exact oppositions to each other on Sept. 15th. These opposing energies, in place from 2008 through 2010, represent the archetypal battle between light and dark,

The last Saturn/Uranus opposition brought us The Sixties - the Beatles, Vietnam, JFK's rise and fall, MLK's dream and death, free love, psychedelic drugs, and the overturn of the old into the new for our country.

The last Saturn/Uranus opposition, which happens about every 45 years, brought us The Sixties - the Beatles, Vietnam, JFK's rise and fall, MLK's dream and death, free love, psychedelic drugs, and the overturn of the old into the new for our country.

old and new. Think Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker! This is a season of “tradition vs. the new way” with September as the dénouement. This month will bring much in the news demonstrating this struggle. Our personal goal is to find the balance between our own darkness and light, learning to embrace the past as a wise teacher and the future as a better way. Mercury moves back into Virgo on the 17th, requiring that how we serve others and our ability to be discerning undergo some re-adjustments.  The 18th brings a New Moon in Virgo. This New Moon, strapped as it is by Saturn, brings old emotions with it – perhaps with the purpose of finding new meaning in them. This is a sober, practical and work oriented New Moon, with connections to both past and future. Mark your new beginnings by looking behind you to figure out how to move forward. Mid-month Mercury again becomes shadowed by Saturn and opposes Uranus. For those of us unwilling to reflect and re-evaluate, problems with technology could be on turbo boost. Venus moves from Leo into Virgo on Sept. 20th, shifting our relating principle from creativity and fun to practicality and service.  On Sept. 22nd we very soberly welcome Autumn as the Sun moves into Libra. The Sun is close to Saturn, and this Equinox strongly activates the Triple Aquarians – Jupiter, Chiron, and Neptune. This liberating group is the most profound messenger of what is happening in our lives right now:  a new egalitarian belief system, profound social healing, and a unified vision of connection for all of humankind. Saturn is in an agitating relationship with the Triple Aquarians and their inspiring message for the whole of September. We can expect irritation between those who are pushing the new message, and those who would see the rich/poor class system maintained. September 29th Mercury Retrograde is over. This is our opportunity to process the lessons experienced during the Retrograde and incorporate our new-found way of communicating in relationships and service.

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  1. I’m completely psyched about Pluto turning direct in Capricorn! If we just play with the symbology of that for a minute we can come up with some pretty astounding things: deep reaching transformation of the social order, purging of hierarchies, profound fulfillment through work, magical destiny, death of the patriarchy, deep healing of the wounds of tradition and conservatism. And of course, what you said: intense and unstoppable work! Thanks Saivite!!

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