Venus Goes Direct!! June 27, 2012 – Impact on Your Relationships, Values and Money

Venus is reflecting on her own image – via a mirror being held up to her by Cupid – or Love. What reflections have you made during Venus Retrograde that YOU can move forward with now that VENUS is moving forward?

Venus begins her forward motion today, having appeared to be traveling backwards since May 15, 2012. Yay!

We’ve had a full 6 weeks (and the spectacular Transit of Venus across the Sun) to come back to right relationship with our loved ones, our resources (money!) and our values. Maybe we’ve felt a little estranged from love, beauty and appreciation during this time (especially Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius & Pisces). Maybe a close relationship has come up for inspection and failed to pass muster, or the shadow nature of it has been exposed to work on. Maybe the darker side of intimacy came up for air. Maybe you just haven’t felt very social… or if you’re an artist of any kind, perhaps your work has taken an unexpected turn and deeper material was exposed.

What have you learned? What have you processed about the way you approach, receive, and share love? How have your more feminine desires made themselves felt and understood? What has come up to be processed about your creativity – your artistic nature? What happened to help you look at money, investments, and your resources differently?

Venus moving forward means that we can get our beauty groove back on… we can see the light of love once again. Look for a real solution/resolution after August 1 when Venus travels forward over the 23rd degree of Gemini – where she was when she began her backwards travel.

And remember that Venus is in Gemini (as was the Retrograde and the  Transit of Venus). So the workings of your mind are involved here – how you process, how you think, how you communicate all things Venus – that’s right LOVE, RELATIONSHIP, MONEY, RESOURCES, BEAUTY, WHAT PLEASES YOU – PLEASURE, WHAT YOU FIND BEAUTIFUL. Ponder, ponder, ponder where the past 6 weeks have taken you with respect to thinking about, understanding and expressing yourself around these ideas, these parts of yourself.

Feel appreciation! Venus is back on track, and all that walked in the shadow can come out into full light again.

If you have a Venus Retrograde or a Transit of Venus story, I’d love to hear it! Venus IS direct now – time to share!

3 comments on “Venus Goes Direct!! June 27, 2012 – Impact on Your Relationships, Values and Money

  1. This Gemini Sun, Venus in Cancer ruling my house of home/relationships IS DAYAM glad Venus is moving direct! Stories: taking a sabbatical from a relationship after 2 yrs of struggle, shifting another one dramatically after 5 yrs of struggle, got slammed with money stuff that is still in fall out (so get direct Venus!), reevluating business plan. Yup, that about covers it :o) oh yeah, fostering doggie which has rearranged the relationships with kitties significantly :o) whew! Through it all, lots of clarity, some stress and relief in letting go. Thanks Michelle!

  2. Saivite – thanks for sharing!! Sounds like you’ve hit just about all areas of Venus during this retrograde… glad she’s moving forward for you! But don’t let the shadow land retreat without really figuring out how you can change the reason for the issues. You know the drill… treat the issue not just the symptoms. Keep me posted!!

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