Just Had to Share this New Testimonial…

One of my most faithful clients, Andrea Lea, Owner/Trainer/Yogi of Embody Studio in Covington, GA, wrote this to me just a couple of days ago and sent it out to her clients to introduce me to them for an upcoming event that I’m doing there.

Here’s the testimonial:

“I cannot tell you how much I have gotten out of my many, many consultations with Michelle! I first went to her when my daughter and I were in our most difficult stage EVER and I got so much clarity from Michelle on our relationship that the months-long challenge seemed to dissolve almost immediately.

I am not well-versed enough in how astrology works to try to explain it to you. Just know that Michelle is not into trying to predict your future – it is surprisingly scientific and you will be amazed at what riddles she can help you solve. Always – ALWAYS – I come away from a session with Michelle feeling inspired and calmer, and that I am a part of a great mystery that is infinite in its reaches. And THAT brings me a smile and a sense of peace like you won’t believe! Sometimes, it feels like you have strayed from the path – with Michelle I am always reminded that I am on the path, right where I need to be, mystery and all.

Expect to be shocked at how this total stranger understands your deep emotional complexities (and those of your kids/husbands/wives/biz partners)AND gives you concrete tools to transcend the icky parts! Really.”

I was truly humbled when I read this.  And of course I was in touch with Andrea to give her all my gratitude! You never know how you will affect someone, and it’s always a source of joy and amazement to hear that your work is… working! I just had to share…

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