Mars & Saturn Together – Oh My!


Today, Mars and Saturn, two of the glorious bodies orbiting ceaselessly with us, are coming together in the sign Sagittarius.

This alignment can be viewed in a couple of different ways, but I see this as a moment in time to take up a challenge with integrity and make something tangible happen via your serious efforts. Yes, there will be the naysayers who only want you to believe that Saturn’s ability to stifle and stymie will simply put the brakes on any right efforts you’re attempting… but this is the lower vibration of these two engaging energies. The higher vibration of this combination is what my mom would’ve termed “elbow grease.”

If you’re not familiar with that old fashioned phrase, it means – get down to work and put your back into it. Full effort. Full energy. And when you’re finished, you’ll feel great. A sense of accomplishment based not only on your efforts and strength of will, but on your sense of integrity – that part of you that operates from your highest ground and best intentions. Integrity means making whole – so let that be the impetus behind your actions.

That these two planets, Mars and Saturn, are together in Sagittarius lends us an even broader message. That message is to take responsible action not only with integrity, but also to fully engage your wisdom. And share it. And along the way you might find the rich positivity in going beyond your personal limits with strength and vitality – and with assurance of success.

So please – go and do! No complaints, just pushing through even beyond the hard bits. You might just surprise yourself with what you can accomplish.

Hey! Be sure to look for Mars and Saturn in the night sky… they’ll be aligning directly overhead tonight between 8 and 9 pm Eastern, with the fixed star Antares – a delightful threesome in a lovely line across the heavens.


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