Jupiter and Venus Shining Together TONIGHT = Big Love!


If you’re very, very lucky you have a perfect view of the Western horizon. If you don’t, you might want to go find that perfect view, because tonight (Saturday, Aug 27, 2016), about a half hour to 45 minutes after sunset (sunset in Atlanta is 8:08 pm – check your local time), you’ll be able to see Venus twinkle out from the darkness just above the Western horizon, very shortly followed by Jupiter in almost exactly the same spot. A beautiful moment!

Venus and Jupiter are the two brightest lights in our sky after the Sun and Moon – when they come together it’s quite a show! Bear in mind however, that light around you and light from our planet may make these two beauties challenging to see unless you’ve found a nice dark spot. Pair that with the fact that Venus and Jupiter will be setting by 9pm  Eastern, so it’s crucial to be in your viewing position on-time, a little before sunset. And you WILL want to see this – this visual event doesn’t occur again until Nov. 22, 2065, and the last time we were able to see this encounter was Nov. 14, 1660. Very rare.

But let me say, that whether you see this lovely event or not, these two planets create something pretty special when they shine together. A few words that describe the combination of Venus and Jupiter energies are: big love, happiness, a noble heart, beautiful art, happy gatherings, extra confidence, a beautiful future – you get the idea. The heart swells with well-being and generosity, and seeks pleasant company and beautiful surroundings. And the effects of this meeting of planets is not just valid for this evening. They’ve been dancing together since about August 18, and will be fading in energy by the first week of September. But energies experienced and lessons learned are not forgotten. 🙂

Tonight’s Venus/Jupiter meeting of worlds in Virgo also includes little Mercury – he will be very close to the two much brighter planets. With the inclusion of Mercury, we may just experience a coming together of minds on some level, or find some peace within our own minds where we have been restless or anxious. There could also be an expansive, inclusive nature to our thoughts, and some very expressive communication. Perhaps through music or art, which would be very appropriate. Perhaps through beautiful words. Poetry – loving murmurs.

This whole lovely shebang occurs across the Virgo/Pisces axis in an opposition to Chiron, The Wounded Healer. Deeper analysis leads to the possibility of relationship wounds finding rest through forgiveness, and the potential for seeking a future in which we don’t play the role of victim or stay lost in co-dependence or addiction – both very prevalent Virgo/Pisces themes.

I like to think that with this beautiful emphasis from the heavens, in the sign of Virgo and opposite Chiron in Pisces, that we’ll feel compelled to open our hearts to ways of being in true service to others – in service to, rather  than serving (or being a door-mat) – meaning that we don’t lose  or forget ourselves when we serve, but rather serve from a strong sense of Self (the Jungian, individuated capital “S” Self); from self-worth in the spirit of unconditional BIG love, for both ourselves and others.

It is thought by more than a few that it was a Venus/Jupiter conjunction that led the wise men to discover the Christ child 2000 years ago. The two planets connecting so closely together, especially if both are in full light, create the illusion that they are one enormous, amazingly bright star – perhaps the Star of Bethlehem. You can read more about that possibility here and it’s very interesting.  And here’s another article offering several different possibilities on the Star of Bethlehem. 


This is the chart of the moment of the exact Venus/Jupiter conjunction along with Mercury at 6:29 PM Eastern time. We won’t be able to see these two beauties at that point – the sky will have to get darker first. By 8:30 we should be able to see them, and certainly by 8:45.


This chart at 8:55 PM Eastern shows Jupiter, Venus, and Mercury setting – just about to dip below the Western Horizon.


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