New Moon in Leo Meditation – August 17, 2012

This New Moon in Leo is a time for “getting real” with your creative drive and your heart’s desires.

The New Moon occured on August 17, 2012, at 11:54 AM Eastern

I’m feeling the energy of the Leo New Moon having just finished up the free New Moon in Leo Teleclass & Meditation… just minutes ago. I’m so grateful to each and every one of you who took time out of your busy schedule to join me this evening. It was such a powerful sharing! I wish wide-open heart spaces, loving support and gratitude, practical forward movement  in your heart’s desires, and inspired creativity to every one. 

Now I want to share our gorgeous meditation with all of you! 

In creating this meditation I focused on the energies of the New Moon and Sun in Leo as they emphasize and engage our hearts – in love, in relationship, in creativity and self-expression. At this moment, the New Moon, intended to restore your soul, the Sun and Moon are involved in a sextile aspect to Saturn. That simply means that these bodies are 60 degrees apart in the sky. This is a connection of opportunity between your core creative being symbolized by the Sun, your emotional being symbolized by the Moon, and the impetus to bring form and structure into reality symbolized by Saturn.

This connection brings an opportunity to engage realistically with your emotions and your heart’s desires and lends practical support to expressing them. Allow this meditation to refresh, restore and regenerate your spirit as you prepare for a new creative beginning in the next few days. A new cycle of creation begins.

Below you may listen to the meditation or read it for yourself. 


New Moon in Leo Meditation

This is a guided imagery meditation.

The best way to engage in this experience is to sit comfortably upright with your bare feet on the ground or the floor, with closed eyes and an open heart and an open mind.

Relax your face. Smile and release any tension there. Relax your shoulders. Gently lift them and let them fall into a comfortable place. Shake your arms and hands lightly and then allow them to become comfortable and loose, resting your hands in your lap. Breathe deeply into your torso and as you breathe out twist easily and gently from side to side, then come to center and settle into an easy position. Now gently shake your legs and move them from side to side for a couple of breaths, then bring them to stillness, releasing any tension in them… just let them relax and become heavy. Now lift your feet a little and wiggle your toes and circle your ankles and let them come to rest, planting them firmly on the floor again, knees bent and wide, easily supporting your relaxed legs. Breathe very deeply, in and out, at a natural and comfortable rate.

Even gentle breaths – getting deeper and deeper as you relax.

Breathing slowly, slowing your heart rate. In. Out. In. Out.

Now the darkness behind your eyelids is growing even darker. Darker with every breath.

Now open your mind to suggestion. Free yourself into a blissful conscious darkness.  Breathe there, relaxing in pleasure.

Now, breathing slowly and fully in and out, imagine that all the people you have ever loved, and who have loved you, are standing in a circle around you. Family, friends, teachers, mentors, co-workers, those you have met in your travels, even if only briefly. These are the people with whom you have shared loving moments in time and space, no matter how brief or how long your experience. These are the people with whom you have shared your life: those still in their earthly bodies and those who have gone on before you. Each one is smiling at you with love shining from their eyes and their hearts. Imagine you can see the love radiating toward you in golden waves of light and energy. This light emanating from them is pure, unconditional and endless love. It is the most supportive feeling you have ever experienced. Accept it. Accept the love they offer. Know with your whole being that you deserve their love and support and open yourself to feeling it completely. Immerse yourself in it.

Continue breathing and let go of your discomfort. Release any guilt. Let go of any shame. Let go of any grief. Release misunderstandings. Let go of slights and grudges. Push all of these feelings down from your heart and out of the soles of your feet into the body of Mother Earth. She will dissolve it all and transform it into love to be shared among all of you.

Open fully to accepting love. Continue to see the love, affection, tenderness, appreciation and gratitude radiating from their hearts and eyes… all for you.

Now, continuing to breathe deeply, it is your turn to radiate. Feel the love for these beautiful souls generate and then gather in your heart. Feel your appreciation for each and every one of them for the role they have played in your life and for the rightness of the lessons they’ve offered you. Feel the magnitude of completeness and grace that spreads throughout your body as you feel pure, unconditional love for every person in your circle. Push the love out toward them, shining it through your heart and your eyes, and ask each one to accept the love you offer as you accept their love for you.

You have become both a conduit and a generator of pure Universal love. You have created an unbreakable circuit of support and of giving and receiving, bestowing and accepting. And this is the space of creativity.

Imagine that your heart is a bridge between your Higher Self, which is your Consciousness, your Intuition, your Visionary, your Mind, your Communicator  – all who reside in the upper reaches of your body, with your Will, which is your Power, your Manifester, your Pleasure Principle, and your Physical Self – all who reside in the lower reaches of your body.  Your heart connects and binds all of your selves with love, with acceptance, with appreciation, with gratitude and with generosity. With your heart as the loving bridge to all parts of you, you are freed to create your reality, and to honor your life’s dreams and desires.

Keep breathing and take a few moments to see yourself as the loving creator of your dreams. Feel your passion rising. Feel your passion rising. See yourself realizing, manifesting your life’s potentials as the you who is balanced by love. Envision helpers coming to assist you in the real work and manifestation of your heart’s desires. Steep for a few moments in the you who creates your reality and manifests your dreams.

Continue to breathe in and out with the light of love. And now, see your heart not only as the bridge within you connecting all of your inner potential and talents, but also the bridge that connects you with your circle of loving and supporting people – the people of your heart. See your heart expanding to reach them as their hearts also become bridges to you. Together you are creating a wheel of loving energy that can manifest anything that comes from a place of love, acceptance, giving and receiving.

Breathing, feel the amazing power of loving energy radiating in all directions within your circle of love, and then begin to expand the waves that all of you create out into every direction. Beam the love into the whole of the world, connecting with heart bridges of possibility, potential, appreciation, generosity, acceptance, forgiveness, and creative expression with everyone who exists.

Breathe in. Breathe out.

In. Out.

Feel the vortex of creative energy that you’ve birthed within and without. Feel your dreams becoming reality via the bridges of love and support that now exist. See yourself taking loving action toward your heart’s desires, with passion and boldness, knowing that you cannot fail because your circle of people, the people of the world and the Universe supports and accepts your vision and creative genius. Know that you succeed because the world needs your creative breath, your loving heart, to live into the next paradigm.

Now – hold these feelings within your heart as you begin to bring your breath to a natural rhythm and your awareness to your physical surroundings.

Breathing, know that you take this moment of love and creation with you beyond this moment – and into all the moments of your life. You are a loved and loving creative force with the power and support to fulfill your purpose and manifest your heart’s desires. Your heart is the bridge linking the creative and the manifesting forces inside you. Your heart is the bridge connecting you to the loving support that will help you in every way to fulfilling your dreams.

When you’re ready, come to full awareness and open your eyes; eyes that are now glowing with love and creative drive, ready to plant the seeds and then to reap the harvest of your heart’s desires. Breathe. Smile…

Now slowly open your eyes, feeling refreshed and restored.

Mmmmmm. Ok. Very nice. How do you feel?

I have loved sharing this meditation with you. I hope on some level that your experience here will make a positive impact on your life and that it will help you get through the month more meaningfully and gracefully and creatively. And I really hope you don’t leave this as “shelf help” – meaning don’t just put it away and forget it’s impact.

And I’m here to help you! Reach out for an Individual Consultation and we can explore this month’s energies within your personal birth chart – see where the New Moon requires growth for you – and then get you on track if that’s what you need! If you’re having challenges connecting or manifesting your creative passions or your heart’s desires please email me at! I’d love to help. We can get very specific to your needs in sessions that are one-to-one. So I’ll talk to you soon, and Happy New Moon in Leo!

Mercury Retrograde is Over… Breathe, Smile, Move Forward & Prepare for the Future

Mercury is Direct! Time to step forward…


As of August 8, 2012 at 1:40 AM, while most of us in this part (EDT) of the world were sleeping, Mercury once again began his forward motion, freeing us to get on with it. This Mercury Retrograde was apparently a humdinger (translation: CRAZY!) I heard from so many people who were struggling with all kinds of things… and everyone had one question: When will it be over??

So now it is. 

And just now, so you know what else is going on, the latter days of this Mercury Retrograde and until about Monday, August 13, Mercury is in a bit of a challenging aspect with Neptune. These two are dancing at about 150 degrees apart, a Quincunx… which means the dance is more of an attempt to keep in rhythm and off of each other’s toes. Neptune diffuses the workings of the mind, lending a day-dreamy quality and not much impetus to perform. Neptune can also lend confusion to mental processes and keep communications off the mark of reality. It can make the mind easily distracted and long for peace. So if you’re one of the folks who is still experiencing the proverbial pebble in her mental shoe, don’t fret. This too shall pass. 😉

I’d like to mention a couple of other things that go along with the happy Mercury Direct news. For the future. 

1. When Mercury is Retrograde and you feel like you can’t get anything to cooperate in order to get things done… it is a message. Try to listen to it! The best possible recourse is to stop trying to get that particular thing done in that particular way and surrender to the energy. Walk away for a little while to gain perspective. That doesn’t mean to stop doing everything. It just means to stop hitting your head against the same wall when particular things obviously aren’t going to move for you. Surrender. If you’re at the airport and you’ve just heard the announcement that your flight is delayed and you’ll miss your big meeting – well, decide to enjoy the extra hours of free time you’ve been given. You can’t change the delay – but you can change your attitude around it and turn it into a blessing. Or if it’s a project related wall you’re banging your against, change your tactic – meaning, instead of trying to push something into existence, do a little more research instead. Review whatever it is and take it slowly. Relax around it and allow inspiration to come. Mercury, especially when Retrograde, likes to dip way down into the subconscious and retrieve golden nuggets buried deeply within the psyche and then bring them up to the surface to assist you. Let that process happen! The end result will be much richer for it. And you won’t have to keep re-doing things to get them right. And please, if your computer crashes and you have 24 hours before it will be repaired – go outside or meet a friend. Enjoy life without a screen to sit in front of!

2. After Mercury goes direct there is a “shadow” period during which Mercury retraces his steps over the same degrees across which he went retrograde. This is important to understand. To illustrate, this retrograde Mercury began traveling backwards when he was at 12-and-a-half degrees of Leo. Keep in mind that there are 30 degrees to every sign (and 12 signs, so that makes 360 degrees total to make the complete circle of the Zodiac, which is actually the Ecliptic, or the apparent path that the Sun and planets follow). So Mercury went backwards from 12.5 degrees back to 1.5 degrees, covering a total of 11 degrees in reverse. Now that he’s moving forward again, he must go back over those same 11 degrees, from 1.5 to 12.5 to get back to the place he started when the retrograde began. Savvy? So during the shadow period, you may revisit things that you thought you’d put into their proper place that need your attention to be finally set right. Also, during Mercury’s Shadow, move forward and start getting things done absolutely. But still, don’t force. You are meant to pay particular attention to that ground that’s already been covered and be sure that your t’s are crossed and your i’s dotted and that the fine print has been read or written properly. Use your intuition to know how far you can go how quickly. The current Mercury Shadow is in effect until August 22, 2012. And don’t let this news dampen your spirit… get out there and do! 

3. Every Mercury Retrograde affects every person differently. Where and how the retrograde impacts you depends on where Mercury is transiting around your birth chart. So each person will have a different response and a different place where the energy is the strongest – and where Mercury will play the most tricks. I did actually have one client who said this Mercury Retrograde was a piece of cake! She was the only one, but there it is. 🙂

4. Don’t be afraid of Mercury Retrograde. It is a gift! When you’re afraid of something that’s coming you build anxiety around it and your anxiety focuses your response and your expectations – and hence, the outcome. Focusing on fear creates the anxiety which in turn creates the self-fulfilling prophecy that something negative will occur. Instead, as you anticipate the Retrograde, think of it as a time to restore your mind. A time to amp up your meditation practice or sit quietly in nature or to focus on appreciation of what you’re already accomplished or to curl up with a good book in the evenings researching your next big dream. Mercury Retrograde is an opportunity to step away from the fast, forward push that you’re generally engaged in. Get a calendar and learn ahead of time when the Retrograde periods are coming and plan accordingly. 

And now celebrate! I hope you’re feeling refreshed and ready to skip down that new road of possibilities!

And with the New Moon in Leo coming up one week from today on Friday, August 17, I hope you’ll join me for the Free New Moon TeleClass & Meditation where we’ll be covering how to get real with your creativity and doing a beautiful guided imagery meditation all about Leo energy! And please remember that if you join this free call you’ll get Great Gratitude Offer which is 20% off when you schedule a consultation with me before the next Full Moon. So happy Mercury Direct and I hope to “hear” you on the call!

In case you missed it: Mercury Retrograde, The Unlikely Healing Gift 

Today’s New Moon in Leo – Express Yourself and Feel the Love


New Moon - Dark of the Moon

New Moon - Dark of the Moon

heartThis is a special New Moon indeed. It lets us know that despite all that’s awry right now in our world, despite all the challenges that we face both personally and collectively, we are still a world filled with love. Leo is the ruler of the heart – both the actual physiological pump and the feelings that are stored and emitted from that wondrous organ of life. And the sign Leo is ruled by the Sun – that burning orb of expression. What we have then is our expressive selves becoming love through our emotional awareness. Mmmmm. Lovely.

If we’re becoming love, it stands to reason that we become loving of ourselves. And that’s perfect, because if we love ourselves, we express ourselves without guilt or fear, just as does the Sun. We love, we express, and then we are loved in return via the expression of others. The New Moon in Leo can bring out a win-win love fest for all of us if we a) let it happen, and b) express it!

And that’s not all. This New Moon in Leo is opposite Neptune, Chiron and Jupiter in Aquarius. Now we’re talking BIG UNIVERSAL love. We’re talking feelings that take us out of ourselves and into a higher dimension. Agape, an ancient Greek word has several meanings. It’s translated into English as “love”, but our love has too many meanings to do this word justice. It’s not “eros” or intimate, erotic love; it’s not “philia” or brotherly love. My favorite definitions of “agape” are “unconditional divine love” and “wide open”.  Take this New Moon and allow your love/heart center to be wide open, and to express what’s coming up and out of it in a universal, unconditional way.


Sliver of a New Moon

Sliver of a New Moon

Start something from your newly wide open, self-loving and unapologetically self-expressive heart today. In 14 days at the Full Moon, see if something loving comes to fruition as a result and then blossoms to fullness just before the next New Moon. And remember too that whatever you begin today and in the next couple of days, has both a six-month and 1-year cycle that’s being put into play. When you see the slightest sliver of the Moon in a day or two, remember what you’ve read here, and commit to a new start in self-love. Be wide open with your heart and accepting of universal, divine, other love, be expressive of your heart – your deepest desires and most wondrous joys.

Start love.