Welcome to 2012 – Astrology and Healing

Welcome to the New Year!! 2012… hard to believe we’re here already! And welcome to Astrology with Michelle Gregg! I hope you’ll join me often this year in a journey toward discovery. Discovery of the energies that this year, as the weeks and months go by, will offer to each one of us, propelling us to growth, evolution and change.

Astrology is an eloquent and intricate map of the energies that are available in every moment of life. Each sign, planet, house and planetary alignment bring us such amazing information about the energetic tools that we can harness and use for our own development on every level: emotional, psychological, spiritual and physical.

If you haven’t ever considered astrology as a part of your health system – something to compliment and advance your work with your doctor, psychologist, chiropractor, herbalist, homeopath, naturopath, or any healer that you visit – I hope you’ll begin to now.

Just for you in the new year through the month of January I’m offering Individual consultations for only $95 – which is $55 off, and Relationship Consultations for $130, which is also $55 less than usual.

I’m also offering fantastic rates to those of you who want to do regular sessions. If your New Year’s Resolution is to really do some deep healing work on yourself, or if you can’t seem to unstick yourself from a particular habitual problem spot – you’ll be interested in a package of either 3, 6, or 12 pre-paid sessions, which give you fantastic savings over paying for one session at a time. I’d love to hear from you about how to get these pre-paid sessions started.. .

Please be in touch with any questions by emailing astrology@michellegregg.com and visit http://www.michellegregg.com often.

And thanks for taking this ride with me! Can’t wait to see where it leads…

Until next time, BE WELL!

An Astrology Consultation with Michelle – The Perfect Holiday or New Year’s Gift for You and Everyone on Your List!

Looking for the perfect Holiday or New Year’s Gift for your loved ones or yourself?

An Individual Consultation is one of the best gifts you can give this year.

Now only $95 (regularly $150) – Gift priced for Holiday giving and throughout January 2012 

Perfect for New Year planning!

Email astrology@michellegregg.com for details.

In an Individual Consultation we spend an hour-and-a-half talking and learning about you! Your passions, your potentials, your challenges – and then we move into how the energies available right now are impacting you and what opportunities for growth and personal evolution they offer. We look at the coming year – emotional, spiritual, psychological and physical trends – and we figure out how to make sure that you’re the hero of your own story.

Now through January, Individual Consultations (regularly $150) are gift priced at $95! Take advantage of this great rate for the perfect Holiday Gift! Your recipient will receive a gorgeous gift certificate via email.

Relationship Consultations are also great gifts! Regularly $185, they are now $130 – priced to gift now and through the whole month of January. The perfect Holiday Gift for the lovers in your life! Your recipients will receive a gorgeous gift certificate via email.

Contact me today at astrology@michellegregg.com to finish your Holiday Shopping with a gift your family and friends are sure to love! 

And Happy Happy Holidays to you and yours!!