Just Had to Share this New Testimonial…

One of my most faithful clients, Andrea Lea, Owner/Trainer/Yogi of Embody Studio in Covington, GA, wrote this to me just a couple of days ago and sent it out to her clients to introduce me to them for an upcoming event that I’m doing there.

Here’s the testimonial:

“I cannot tell you how much I have gotten out of my many, many consultations with Michelle! I first went to her when my daughter and I were in our most difficult stage EVER and I got so much clarity from Michelle on our relationship that the months-long challenge seemed to dissolve almost immediately.

I am not well-versed enough in how astrology works to try to explain it to you. Just know that Michelle is not into trying to predict your future – it is surprisingly scientific and you will be amazed at what riddles she can help you solve. Always – ALWAYS – I come away from a session with Michelle feeling inspired and calmer, and that I am a part of a great mystery that is infinite in its reaches. And THAT brings me a smile and a sense of peace like you won’t believe! Sometimes, it feels like you have strayed from the path – with Michelle I am always reminded that I am on the path, right where I need to be, mystery and all.

Expect to be shocked at how this total stranger understands your deep emotional complexities (and those of your kids/husbands/wives/biz partners)AND gives you concrete tools to transcend the icky parts! Really.”

I was truly humbled when I read this.  And of course I was in touch with Andrea to give her all my gratitude! You never know how you will affect someone, and it’s always a source of joy and amazement to hear that your work is… working! I just had to share…

Just Had to Share this New Testimonial…

Featured Testimonial

One of my newest clients, Isabella Vickers, an inspired artist (www.IsabellaVickers.com) and Jungian Oriented Psychotherapist at Living Air Dialogue in the Willamette Valley in Oregon, sent this wonderful testimonial to me after our first session last week. As a result of our amazing session we are collaborating to create a new deck of art cards that will combine the symbolism of  Astrology and Jungian Psychology to be used as a tool for growth, evolution and inspiration in both counseling and in personal practice. Yay!! Here’s to synchronicity and a true meeting of mind and hearts. Thank you so much Isabella!

The beautiful painting below is just one glorious example of the art that Isabella creates!

Here’s the testimonial:

“Michelle, our time together today was so special and deeply meaningful! Dare I say — Life changing?!!! YES! In so many ways and on so many levels, I can feel the shifts beginning already because my breathing is deeper and the air is sweeter. Thank you!!!”


Gorgeous!! Shining Her Light
by Isabella Vickers