I Can’t Help Myself…A bit of politics please

Compliments of Sarah Palin

Compliments of Sarah Palin

Last night I witnessed the remarkable speech of Barack Obama as he accepted the Democratic nomination as Presidential Candidate. What a historic moment before 80,000 people in Denver’s Mile-High Stadium!! There’s plenty already being written about this event, but I simply wanted to share how incredibly hopeful I’ve become about the future of our country and the possibility that once again I’ll be able to hold my head up with pride to be an American…instead of feeling awash with shame at the state of our government and the way we treat others under the dubious leadership of George W. Bush.

Basking in the glow of this heady feeling, I learned this morning that John McCain has announced his Vice Presidential running mate. My glow fell from its place of grace around me, and I took on a black cloud as my mantel instead. These two words pierced my brain, and I saw red: Sarah Palin.

Unbelievably the woman that I have waged war against for 2 years is now chosen as the possible Vice President of our country! Sarah Palin, Governor of Alaska, aka Wolf Murderer. This is a woman who, against the majority of her constituents wishes, promotes and supports the annual winter sport of aerial wolf gunning. Wolves are driven from cover after the first snows have fallen and chased to exhaustion by small planes and helicopters. Once they’ve been run down, they are gunned down in cold blood. They are calling this savagery “predator control”. Their goal is to bring up the moose population. Why bring up the moose population? So that the Alaskan hunters can shoot them during hunting season!! And, it might interest you to know that Sarah Palin herself, as well as members of her family, are…you guessed it clever reader…moose hunters! That’s quite a step to protect your own self interests. Despite the tens of thousands of petitioners in Alaska signing against the brutality of aerial gunning of wolves, bears and wolverines, she persists in this treacherous slaughter. She has even offered to give a $150 bounty to every hunter who guns down a single wolf.

Sarah Palin is a conservative religious fundamentalist and a pro-life advocate. She now has 5 children…that alone is irresponsible in this time of starvation and child-labor and millions of children who need loving families but cannot be adopted…but her 5th child, born just a few months ago has Down’s Syndrome. How much does Sarah Palin love her newborn? Three days after his birth she was back to business as usual, holding a meeting about the gas pipe line. She announced that she had decided not to take maternity leave. That sort of negates all the gooey press she’s been giving about how blessed she feels to have the opportunity to be mommy to a Down’s baby doesn’t it?

I’ll be looking at the astrological implications of Sarah Palin to see how she fits in to the bigger election picture…and I’ll let you know what I find!

A Total Eclipse of the Heart

The Total Solar Eclipse that honored Planet Earth on Aug. 1, 2008 at 6:22 AM EDT, is one that’s almost purely LEO energetically. At the time of the Eclipse the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, the South Node of the Moon and the Ascendant (the Ascendant from an Eastern Daylight Time perspective) were all in the creative, courageous sign of Leo! And these planets were situated such that they didn’t connect strongly with any other planets. Eclipses are major movers and shakers. They stir up stagnant energy and open new vortices of power. They are intense, hard to ignore and can be felt for months (some claim years) after the event. Eclipses proclaim, “Out with the old and in with the new!” What does it all mean? It means that right now, and for many months to come, the heart, the organ of life and vitality ruled by Leo, has the capacity to be fully engaged. This Eclipse sets up a long-term energetic pattern that supports our ability to connect to our heart’s desire’s, our life purpose, and pushes us to fully and creatively engage in determining our perfect future. It means that if we ever wanted to be the benevolent, strong, courageous ruler of our own life, now is the time to embark. It means that this is the time to listen to your heart, and then act on what it’s telling you! What brings you joy? What makes you feel vitally alive and true to yourself? What sparks your creativity and gets you completely enthusiastic? Answer these questions and you’ll get the answer to your life path. Right now we are being asked to listen fully to our hearts and to commit to our Soul purpose. If you’re saying “YES” and getting goose bumps — then go ahead and allow a total eclipse of your heart! The Universe is supporting you!