About Michelle Gregg, Counseling Astrologer


Michelle Gregg, Counseling Astrologer “takes you on an odyssey of personal discovery.”

Michelle Gregg is a Counseling Astrologer who is passionate about helping you re-connect with your joy and reminding you of your life path. Using astrology, mythology and a Jungian perspective, she works gently and with humor to help you realign your self-perspectives, personal issues, relationships, career, finances, and your health – and any life challenges or concerns that you face throughout the cycles of your life. Working to help you break outworn psychological and emotional patterns is her forte. There is a deep spiritual grounding to all of her work. Michelle writes, speaks, teaches, and sees clients all over the world. Contact her at astrology@michellegregg.com.

As an active principal member of the Metropolitan Atlanta Astrological Society Steering Circle, Michelle tirelessly encourages astrological education and growth of astrological awareness in the Metro Atlanta area and beyond. She annually teaches a 2-term astrology course (one 3-hour class per week for 24 weeks, broken into two 12-week terms) at MAAS each year, called The Fundamentals & Essentials of Astrology. This class is a profound, in-depth, and provocative entrance into astrological knowledge. Image rich and immersive, Fundamentals & Essentials of Astrology is one of the best portals into learning astrology available today, and will be available outside the actual physical classroom in 2018. Michelle will offer FEA on-line in real time via GoToMeeting, and will also offer it as a packaged, digital, self-paced, self-study course, including the image-rich power-point presentation with printable hand-outs and study guides. Contact astrology@michellegregg.com for info regarding any of the ways to begin this wonderful course of study.

On how she came to astrology, Michelle said, “I’m so often asked how I got to be where I am today – you know, an astrologer tugging folks back onto their path. The answer is that I’ve been fascinated by astrology since I was kid – and had no real access to it growing up as the daughter of a United Methodist Minister. As I got older I studied voraciously for many years, and I still study every day! I’m unwaveringly passionate about helping people see their lives in a brighter light – helping them through the rough patches. I’ve always been the one who everyone comes to with their troubles – because I believe in them and know they can do better – live happier! Yet, there have been times when I wanted to be seen differently, so I moved onto different career paths. But every time I’ve tried to do something else, I end up right back here! I LOVE it! This is my calling – absolutely what I am meant to do with my life. So, where else could I be?”

Who Should Have a Consultation?

My work appeals to people from all walks of life, transcending career, cultural, and geographic boundaries. I see stay-at-home-moms, actors, corporate execs, corporate workers, restaurant workers, health care professionals, artists, yogis, children, grandmothers, writers, gallery owners, students, farmers – anyone, anywhere really. I’m available to counsel individuals, couples, children & teens and whole families. Hope to hear from you atastrology@michellegregg.com.

Where to Have a Consultation with Michelle

Geography is not an issue – I work with clients exclusively via telephone conference or Skype, so you can be anywhere in the world. Please email astrology@michellegregg.com to set up a consultation.

Consultation Packages

I don’t believe in fast fix astrology “readings.” What my clients love is deep, emotional and spiritual work. So one session usually just leaves you wanting more. I do 3 different pre-paid, on-going session plans that save you money: 3-Session Sticky Issue Package, 6-Session Real Inner Work Package and the big one, 12-Session True Transformation Package. Visit the Consultation Page for more information.


Michelle Gregg is the real thing: an astrologer who uses her extensive, up-to-date knowledge with real intuition. She has helped me with her insights, and I am especially impressed with her thoughtful and sensitive approach. The world doesn’t always realize it, but we need a person with Michelle’s special gift now more than ever.”
~Thomas Moore, Author of Care of the Soul and Soul Mates

I cannot tell you how much I have gotten out of my many, many consultations with Michelle! I first went to her when my daughter and I were in our most difficult stage EVER and I got so much clarity from Michelle on our relationship that the months-long challenge seemed to dissolve almost immediately.Expect to be shocked at how this total stranger understands your (and your kids’/husbands’/wives’/biz partners’) deep emotional complexities AND gives you concrete tools to transcend the icky parts! Really.”
~Andrea Lea, Owner/Trainer/Yogi at Embody Studio

Consulting with Michelle takes one on an odyssey of personal discovery. She is friendly, easy to talk to, extremely patient, and thoroughly knowledgeable about her subject. She gives wholeheartedly…
~Nanette Littlestone, Editor, Author ofThe Sacred Flame

I highly recommend Michelle Gregg’s work. Her interpretation of “how I am” in the world has helped me to relax, regardless of what is happening. An excellent teacher, her explanations of “what is happening, now” help me to choose how best to proceed. I suggest that you see her when you face illness, crisis, or any major change. She’s great on your birthday, too!
~Susan Kramer, PhD, Herbalist & Homeopath,
Author of The Healthy Traveler

It’s that time again – Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio, Oct. 21 – Nov. 10, 2013


Just a reminder that Mercury has been slowing down over the past few weeks and stationed (meaning he appears to have stopped) at 18 degrees of Scorpio on Friday, Oct. 18, and will turn Retrograde on Oct. 21. He will be Retrograde until Nov. 10, reaching back to 2 degrees of Scorpio. (Read the article Mercury Retrograde: The Unlikely Healing Gift here for an in-depth look at the meaning of this phenomenon in general, a bit of Mercury mythology, and how to navigate the Retrograde with better ease and understanding.)

If you’ve been feeling, like I have, that it seems Mercury Retrograde has already been happening for a while, remember that there are two shadow periods during every Retrograde phase. The pre-shadow that occurs for about 2 weeks when things feel as though they’re slowing down prior to the actual Retrograde and when, if you pay close attention, you are getting clues as to how a particular Retrograde period will impact you; and the post-shadow that occurs for about 3 weeks afterwards, when things are picking back up, but you are still integrating and seeking resolution. So really, the entire Mercury Retrograde phase takes about 8 weeks.

Mercury-Retrograde-diagram-of-movementOur typically fleet footed planet appears to slow down, stop, and then turn and trudge in the opposite direction once every 4 months. This phenomenon occurs when Mercury is at his greatest distance from the Sun (when he appears as the Evening or Morning Star), and then turns back toward the Earth, appearing to us as though he’s going backwards. It’s as though Mercury is conferring with the Sun who gives him information to bring back to Earth for the use of us mere mortals – thus Mercury’s ancient reputation as the Messenger of the Gods. 

If you know your birthchart, look to the house that contains Scorpio, and to any planets in that house to gain understanding of how this particular Retrograde period will impact you. Also look to any planets in your birthchart that fall between 2 and 18 degrees and find what sort of angle (the geometric distance between) this Mercury in Scorpio is making to them. This will give you further insights.

Folks born between 1956 and 1970 all have Neptune in Scorpio. If you were born between late 1956 and late 1966 your Neptune is somewhere between 0 and 22 degrees of Scorpio, meaning that it is in range of being impacted by this particular Mercury Retrograde. If your natal Neptune is also in aspect to (having a significant geometric distance between) any of your natal personal planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars), then this Mercury Retrograde period could be a significant one for you. 

Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio brings our inner attention to probing topics like sexuality, long-standing emotional issues, death and dying, our deepest psychological fears, profound shamanic healing and making the unconscious conscious. The tendency and purpose is to thin the veil between our typical movement away from these somewhat taboo areas of life and bring them into greater awareness – and ultimately greater integration. Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio can help us heal our Shadow. (What more perfect energy could be afoot for Samhain / Halloween / All Saints Day when the veil between the living and dead is reportedly thin, allowing connection between the two worlds!)

Mercury connected to Neptune (just for those late forties and fifty-somethings among us that I mentioned earlier) is a complex combination of energies. On the one hand Mercury and Neptune combined can bring up visionary experiences, loosen the imagination, prompt us to express our dreams and give voice to the images that arise from our Souls. On the other hand we can feel muddled in our thinking, express ourselves chaotically, or tune in to our fondest modes of escape – which can translate into a Mercury Retrograde double whammy. Watch for your tendencies, one way or the other, but understand that you have the choice of which way to direct yourself.

If you’d like help figuring this Mercury Retrograde phase out in your own life, please contact me ASAP for a Mercury Retrograde consult by emailing astrology@michellegregg.com. It will only set you back $25. Mayhem possible during Mercury Retrograde = frustration and anxiety. Navigating Mercury Retrograde with confidence = priceless. 🙂

Mercury Direct! Now the shadow…

Mercury - Roman MythologyTuesday, Sept. 29, 2009 – Happy Mercury Direct everyone! Mercury began its forward motion at 22 degrees of Virgo and will continue into Libra as the days progress. We’re now entering the after-shadow period; the down-time during which Mercury heads back to the same degree it was in when it went Retrograde 3 weeks ago. That means we have until October 15 to assimilate all that we’ve re-structured and received around our communication skills and needs within relationships (Libra), how and where we can truly serve from the heart while engaging our heads and our hands (Virgo). This time also gives us a couple of weeks to re-engage our brains into forward movement and to pull together a mental plan for the next 3 months so that we’re prepared for the next Retrograde that begins the day after Christmas in Capricorn (that should make for some interesting last-minute holiday shopping and party going! Word to the wise – if you’re buying electronics, cars, or anything that includes a contract this year, shop early!)  We can utilize the current shadow time to figure out how we can now take action and move forward on the juicy information that we may have been able to harvest from our psyches during the Retrograde. We can still expect communication glitches and other Mercury antics for the next few days, but if you’re paying attention you can feel the energy shifting. Don’t expect too much too fast; just breathe in the newly forward feeling and focus on what you’ve learned and how you incorporate that new knowledge into your daily experience of life.

Happy (and Challenging) Full Moon!

On Sept. 15th at 5:13 EDT we experienced the Full Harvest Moon. This is traditionally the Full Moon that falls closest to the Autumn Equinox, which occurs as the Sun moves into Libra on the 22nd. Happy Fall! The Full Moon is always a time to reflect on our accomplishments and to see where we have achieved clarity and resolution. It’s also a time of tremendous emotional energy. This Full Moon in Pisces, opposite the Sun in Virgo, is ULTRA charged emotionally, operating with the influence of the radical awakener Uranus, and the powerful transformer Pluto. What does this mean to us? That it’s time illuminate new ways of serving the greater good, using both our ability to discern and judge as well as valuing and working toward our highest ideals; time to see the details of our lives as the bridge to understanding the unity of all life and our role within that total fabric. Uranus will demand change and unleash the maverick mentality (change, maverick…heard those words anywhere lately?), while Pluto will either powerfully destroy or heal the putrid matter that still clings to the progress that is rushing us toward the future. Virgo’s enlightened task is diligent, practical service, but when in shadow, is hypercritical and slandering. (Slander: an untruthful statement about a person that harms the person’s reputation or standing in the community. Seems to be ALOT of that going around!) Pisces’ enlightened task is to imagine the ultimate utopia and unify all disparate sources into one. Yet, when in shadow, Pisces is confused and falls into escapist tendencies. We can clearly see both the light and the shadow sides of these two forces operating strongly in the political race toward the presidency. This Full Moon will mirror full light onto the intricacies and the idealism of both parties, and push them to reconcile reason and logic with chaos and the numinous. In order for one party to win and the other to lose, one must retreat farther into the shadow, and one must step fully forward into the light. Work with this same symbolism in your own life during this Full Moon. What did you begin in March that is either coming to light or stepping into the shadow world at this time? Use the energy of this Full Moon to harvest what is working, to cut away what is not, to boldly and radically step into new emotional territory and to cut away what is dead and transform what still has heart.

Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma — which is living with the results of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become.

Steve Jobs’ 2005 Commencement Address at Stanford