Time to put it back into high gear: Mars Direct, June 29, 2016


Aimee Mullins is a Paralympic Athlete, actress, model, innovator, and TED talker. To me, she’s the epitome of inspiration to get motivated and moving forward no matter what you have in front of you to accomplish.


I’ve been waiting for this day for quite some time… actually for a little over 2 1/2 months! Mars finally begins his forward motion today after being Retrograde since April 17. 


A Mars Retrograde period occurs about every two years & two months, and when it does, it seems to put breaks on around areas of your life that you had been feeling a great sense of vitality and progress around. The things that you were taking positive action toward may have since receded into the distance a bit, but not because you haven’t been trying. And if you’ve been trying too hard, you may have been feeling that you’re knocking your head against a wall. (As a comparison point think back to the last Mars Retrograde: March – May 2014)

Let’s look back. During March and the beginning of April 2016 you may recall feeling pretty excited about something that you expected would take off at that point, and become something pretty amazing. And then mid-April came along with Mars stationing Retrograde, and your project may have begun to lose momentum, but the polish was only a little chipped and hope was still intact. Then over the past several weeks, you may have begun to experience doubt, or even started thinking about giving up. 

That means it’s time to stop, reflect, ruminate! If you haven’t done those yet – which is what the Mars Retrograde wanted you to do – then do them now. Maybe the project is sound and you just need to take action on it differently – or take it in a different direction. Maybe the project is sound, but it’s not for you – though it could be for someone else – in which case, be honest with yourself and be willing to share it or pass it on. Maybe this project needs some work, and you need to go back to the drawing board so you know how to better take action to get wings under it. And just maybe, the project isn’t a great one to move forward with. In which case Mars Retrograde has saved you the time, energy, and resources required to push forward with something that wouldn’t be a sound bet.

That’s what this 10 week Mars Retrograde period has been all about. The question has been (and is until we’re out of the shadow period on Aug. 22), “Are you taking right action on the right thing?”

Erin Sullivan said in the book Retrograde Planets: Traversing the Inner Landscape, “The slow burn that the transit of Mars retrograde engenders can either be corrosive and psychologically depleting or it can free up frustrated energy.” If that’s the case, then there may have been a different perspective for some folks during this period of time… “or it can free up frustrated energy.”  I take that to mean that if prior to the Mars retrograde you were feeling stuck, then during the retrograde you may have come back to right action for yourself. Appropriate action. In which case I applaud you! The idea now will be to continue your momentum as Mars begins his forward motion again. 

So, now that you know the logistics, what are the particulars of this Mars Direct? First, Mars has been retrograde in two signs – Scorpio and Sagittarius. Scorpio goes deep, and Sagittarius finds meaning and wisdom… so do those two things around how you take action in your life. To know where precisely in your life you are impacted by this event, I’d have to know your specific birthchart. If you’re interested in understanding the areas of your life that are being impacted by the Mars Retrograde/Mars Direct, then please contact me for a session and we’ll dive in. 🙂  (If you have the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars or any of the angles – ASC, MC, DESC, IC – in Aries, then this Mars Retrograde is a turning point for you.)

Second, since since the beginning of June, Mars has been in a connection of ease and flow with the centaur Chiron. (I sometimes refer to this connection, the trine of 120 degrees between planets, as the lazy aspect.) This connection brings idling energy to our past actions and how those actions have created habitual patterns in our lives currently – and with this non-agitated connection it may seem ok to continue in these habits of action, or inaction, as the case may be. However, the square between these two is hard on our heels (Sept. 2016), and at this point we are tested, and the reality of what occurred during the Mars retrograde comes to the fore. During September we must come to terms with whether we continue our ingrained habits of how we connect with our desires, the ways we implement our will, and take action from these two aspects of our personality – OR – we take on the challenge of making changes, so that we take action to get what we want in ways that are congruent with who we are now – rather than who we used to be. This is an awakening challenge… an opportunity to really move forward in a more evolved way. Anytime Chiron is involved elements, traits, events, people, and our own wounds may come up from the past. When Mars is the trigger, then it’s all about taking action to balance, correct, resolve, and heal.

I hope this is helpful information as we start to rev things up again! As Mars moves forward, so can we! And when Mars trines the Sun again in 18 days on July 16, all of the excitement and confidence that we felt this past March might just be full throttle again! If not, then certainly by August 22 when Mars finally passes out of the shadow of when the retrograde began. So, get ready… get set… and move forward in RIGHT action.

You can do it! 

For Astro Students

Sun trine Mars: March 26, 2016 – 6:33 AM EDT
Mars Retrograde: April 17, 2016 –  8:14 AM EDT
Mars Direct: June 29, 2016 – 7:35 PM EDT
Sun trine Mars: July 16, 2016 – 11:45 pm EDT

Out of the Shadow: August 22, 2016 – Mars finally reaches the same degree upon which it went retrograde

Mars and Chiron were trine in Feb 2016
Mars and Chiron were trine in June 2016
Mars and Chiron will be trine in July 2016
Mars and Chiron will be square in Sept. 2016
Mars and Chiron will be sextile in Oct. 2016

Mars Direct - June 29, 2016

Chart for Mars Direct on June 29, 2016 at 7:35 pm EDT






The Sagittarius Full Moon – again! – and the Summer Solstice of June 20, 2016


Welcome to the second Full Moon in Sagittarius (7:02 AM EDT today, June 20, 2016) in a row… that’s pretty unusual! This Moon is called The Strawberry Moon, signifying to our early Native Americans that it was time to pick ripened fruit. (Maybe we can use that symbolism metaphorically. What ripened fruit is it time for you to pick?) This Full Moon also occurs at the 29th degree of Sagittarius, with the Sun at the 29th degree of Gemini, which is a very special degree. Add to that the Summer Solstice beginning today when the Sun moves into Cancer at 6:34 PM EDT, and we have very exciting energies to explore!

There are several different ways to come to this Full Moon. First I invite you to think back to 6 months ago, specifically Dec. 11, 2015, when the Moon was New in Sagittarius. Can you remember anything that you may have been excited or anxious about? Anything you were just beginning or making decisions on? Today is a culmination of that time, a moment of en-lighten-ment around whatever was going on in your life then. I also invite you to look back to a little over a year ago – May 2, 2015. This was the last Sagittarius Full moon until last month’s  (on May 21) – so we’ve come a full year’s cycle since then. What has occurred for you emotionally during the past year? Track back and really think about what has come to fruition for you, and whether you have evolved in meaningful ways emotionally – perhaps pushing past boundaries and creating higher, broader parameters, which is what the Sagittarius Moon requests of us. Or perhaps you’ve devolved? In which case, you have another opportunity to become unstuck and get moving.

With-this-fiery-MoonSecond, this Full Moon in Sagittarius at the critical 29th degree seems to be highlighting relationships pretty “loudly.”  With this fiery Moon in opposition to Venus, the planet of all things “love” and the ways of being that go with it, there’s an immediate understanding that this lunar event impacts us where we relate to others. Add to that a square to Chiron, our friendly karmic relationship indicator, as well as a trine to Juno, who wears the crown of symbolizing relationship from a karmic commitment perspective, and we have a relationship karmic cocktail. Juno, amazingly, is also at that 29th degree – of Libra in her case – which just happens to be the sign of, you guessed it, relationship. That critical 29th degree carries the energy of taking a new direction, sometimes in a completely unexpected way that belies our past ruminations and carefully laid plans. (And don’t get me wrong, I’m thinking positive here!) Degree 29 can carry a fated quality to it, and sometimes has us feeling a bit out of control. So there can be questions around our commitments, or, and better, opportunities to refresh them!

One other ally in this cosmic lunar posse pushing us to “clean” our love auras is Uranus – that feisty renegade who calls it like he sees it, and breaks down the status quo. So at this Saggy Full Moon, I’m imagining there may be some culminating moments providing us opportunities to clear our love alliances, particularly those with whom we carry karma. There can be enormous healing during this Full Moon energy… healing that allows us to attend to our loved ones with more acceptance of their uniqueness. Healing that opens the doors of the past and the future, asking us to balance our need for freedom and independence within relationship with our deep caring and devotion of our loved ones. This isn’t the time to be proud or stubborn, but a time to talk, to risk the truth, to stand by our commitments in a more faith-ful way, in order to create something more authentic – something that feeds our vitality and our emotional health. For many, I know there’s a whole lot of YUMMY that can happen with this Full Moon…

Thirdly, Mercury is also at 29 degrees in this Full Moon chart… and it’s creating a trigger point to the Saturn / Neptune square. How does this land? We need to talk. We need to talk about what makes us feel safe and secure. We need to talk about what confuses us, and about our pasts – not to create an environment of judgement, but to create an environment of acceptance and grace. Let’s get past the fears and anxieties that are holding us back (Saturn), be open about our dreams and our vision for the future (Neptune), and create a goal for our compassion – a goal for our spiritual evolution. And then make a commitment to it! You know what happens when we make a real commitment. All heaven and earth move to support it… And with Jupiter also involved in this mix, we can truly benefit from positive thinking here.

One-World-One-Love-One-Community-Global-Hands-HeartFourthly (and I’m about to get political) I like to think of Sagittarius as being “the citizen of the world.” That’s the phrase that Banzhaf & Haebler use in the book Key Words for Astrology as the by-line for Sagittarius. “The citizen of the world.” That’s always stuck in my mind. In the past 30 days we’ve been sandwiched between two culminating points – two Full Moons in the sign Sagittarius – highlighting who we are as citizens of the world. And with the deadliest mass shooting in the history of our country just behind us, we are left pondering – at least I hope we are – how we go about being better citizens of our world. Perhaps that’s the reason we’ve had two Sagittarius Full Moons in a row… so that we must use this emotionally charged energy to become wiser citizens of the world – to become righteous about gun control despite previous blocks preventing that effort, to become higher minded around, and more tolerant of, those who have different lifestyles. The 15-hour gun control filibuster on the the Senate floor this past Thursday, led by Senator Chris Murphy, is a perfect example of Sagittarius energy “having enough” and “stump thumping” to make a point of justice. And sadly, the horrific actions of the shooter are also an example of the lowest possible vibration of Sagittarius at work – being so self-righteous and filled with the fervor of your cause that you take life, feeling somehow justified in your actions. The shooting and the filibuster occurred between 2 Sagittarius Full Moons, the second one at the critical 29th degree – meaning we’ve reached a critical turning point, and while we may not follow any plans we’ve previously put in place, and we may be feeling overwhelmed – we know we must go in a new direction. Fate is in play here, and that new direction must have greater meaning and a higher purpose, and point us toward freedom and justice – for everyone – as we move forward. All Sagittarian qualities. (An interesting point: the 1:58 AM chart for the Orlando shooting, when the first gunfire was heard, has THE SAME DEGREE – 29 degrees Sagittarius – on the MC – the most elevated point in the chart, which is the angle that shows how we see that moment in the greater world. Blows my mind.)

The key here is meaning… what expanded awareness and meaning can we derive from these events, and how do we move positively forward with that meaning? And how do we derive wisdom from something so horrifying? The comedian Hasan Minhaj addressed members of the press and members of Congress at the 72nd Annual Radio and Television Correspondents’ Association Dinner this past Wednesday evening – 3 nights after the shooting. He said something in his address -a very Sagittarius address I might add – that seems to push us toward the higher vibration of Sag – striving for higher things, and expanding our awareness. He said, “Stuff like this (the mass shooting) is going to continue to happen unless we recognize that civil liberties are an all or nothing game. A rising tide lifts all boats. It’s not pick or choose. So whether you like it or not, we all have to step up and fight for each other – otherwise the whole thing is a sham.” A “rising tide” pulled by these Sagittarius Moons. That’s what I’m thinking. It all seems quite a bit zeitgeist-y.

(If you want to see comedian Hasan Minhaj’s full address click here. The first 18 minutes are funny in a “roast” kind of way. The famous 5 minutes begin at 18:16 – but watch the whole 23 minutes if you can.)

Fifthly – Happy Summer Solstice! The Solstice officially happens at 6:34 PM when the Sun moves into the sign of  Cancer. As the longest day of the year, with more hours of sunlight than any other, most of us wait all year for this special day. It’s the FUN time of year! But as I mentioned previously, this Sagittarius Full Moon occurs at 29 degrees. The 29th degree of any sign is known as a “critical degree” or the “anaretic degree” meaning we’re coming to the end of one way of being and moving into another – a complete change of direction. Sometimes that change feels fated, or out of our control, but the change needs to happen. So as you’re soaking in the sun, soak in the meaning of this Full Moon as you think about your Summer. How will you be changing directions? What is your highest calling? Toward what direction will you be shooting your arrow of intent, and where will you be seeking meaning and purpose? This bright moon, this enlightened moment, is the perfect time to answer these questions.

P.S. It’s interesting to have a Full Moon in Sagittarius – the sign connected with the Winter Solstice – the shortest day of the year – on the longest day of the year! Here we are in the fullness of Summer with the Sun at it’s highest point (in the Northern Hemisphere), while the emotional energy around us is reminiscent of the shortest. Hhhhhhmmmmm. That just occurred to me – not quite sure what to do with it yet, but I’m thinking.

Chart for the Full Moon in Sagittarius - 7:02 AM, June 20, 2016 Eastern Daylight Time

Chart for the Full Moon in Sagittarius – 7:02 AM, June 20, 2016 Eastern Daylight Time


Want some personal one-on-one help with navigating this Full Moon? Wondering where in your life and your psyche you’re being impacted? I’m happy to help! Please simply fill in the Client Info Form here, and we can set up an Individual Session. Looking forward to it! 

Super Quick Saturday Cosmic Weather – Astrology for June 11, 2016



Here’s the quick shake out for your Saturday, June 11, 2016 (Eastern Time.)
(I’m having a bit of fun with this one!)

Stay in bed until about 9am because the Moon in Virgo is in opposition to Neptune in Pisces, and all we really want to do is dream and fantasize anyway. Tell yourself that it’s ok to stay in bed, because the Virgo piece of this equation might feel guilty… a nice compromise would be to lay in bed in your half sleep, analyzing and making plans. 🙂

Then get up about 10am and really get down to weekend chores quickly to use the practical, get it done energy of the Moon squaring Saturn in Sagittarius – if you don’t get down to work, then you might just feel stuck and end up procrastinating (or feeling sorry for yourself.) The Moon isn’t only squaring Saturn… it’s also opposing Neptune. So there could be a bit of a quandary about whether to get something done, or whether to wallow a bit longer. Push, pull. Push, pull. Don’t use the energy that way! Best case scenario, do a lovely meditation, or sit outside in Nature to get centered, and THEN get down to business.

As the moon moves away from the Saturn/Neptune energy, make some afternoon plans for about 2pm, because just after that Luna gets a lot happier when she connects with Jupiter… shake off the dreams of the morning and all those chores (or the wishing that you’d actually done them) and just do something that makes you feel really good. Be social… Venus is still connected to the Sun today. 

After a nice big dinner, get cozy in your hidey hole and do some deep pondering, or even some research, about what you want your future to hold. The Moon is conjuncting the North Node and making a trine to Pluto, so dig deep, tell yourself the truth, and lean into your purpose. If you think something in your immediate vicinity is holding you back… throw it away! This can be literal, emotional, or metaphorical, but when Pluto is tapping at our emotions, he likes us to purge. And ponder. And go about the business of evolving…

And if you’re sharing your evening with another, expect emotions to run deeply – and maybe even passionately.

Happy Saturday!

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Astrology for Thursday, June 9, 2016: Cosmic Life Ops


During the morning hours, due to an uncomfortable angle between the Moon and Pluto (quincunx), there could be some adjustments that must be made in an emotional situation… the need to control something could be pretty strong, but look deeply at your motivations and see where you can shift a little to create a more comfortable atmosphere. As we move into the afternoon there are some super pleasant energies available today via Venus and the Sun in Gemini being intimately close (conjunction – we can see this as the beginning of the birth of Venus as she transitions into her new phase as the evening star), and the Moon reaching out to both of them (sextile) from Leo for possible social time with an intellectual bent – or maybe just a gossipy one. 🙂 These combinations create an emphasis on our vitality being impacted by beauty and relationship, our values coming to the fore in a prominent role, and connecting with others emotionally for companionable or even playful gatherings. There could be some creative tension possible with Mercury (the way we communicate) in Taurus moving into opposition with Mars (the way we take action to get what we want) in Scorpio, but the key is to be willing to go deeply into an issue without manipulating your opponent or refusing to budge in an opinion. Allow your peers and companions time to process rather than pushing for resolution. During the evening things may get a little more exciting – and whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing will mostly depend on how willing you are to let go and flow. The Moon will contact Uranus (trine), with Venus heading toward a connection with him as well (sextile), so be prepared to step outside the norm so that you can move with this often unusual and fluctuating energy. And make it fun! If your schedule unexpectedly shifts outside your comfort zone, move with the current and see where you land. It could be eye opening!

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