New Moon in Libra Meditation Audio Now Available!

Meditation for the New Moon in Libra in the Autumn Mountainside

I apologize for the delay with the audio recording, and for not being able to be with you for the free New Moon TeleClass & Meditation this evening, but the good news is that the New Moon in Libra Meditation is now available for you to listen to!


Full Moon in Pisces – Respite, Imagination, and Idealism to Feed the Source of Service

Oh, how lovely the moon at it’s fullness! What ripe and ready intuition does this Pisces illumination bring us on Sept. 4 at 12:02 pm EDT? The gifts of idealism, imagination and respite for the Soul. Allow yourself some space to connect with these gifts…maybe as a rehearsal for the upcoming Mercury Retrograde on Monday, which asks us to reflect and re-organize our minds. Meander through your creativity, allowing your imagination to emerge fully engaged. Allow yourself to wander through the place that unlocks closed, solitary being and grants permission to feel, truly experience, the connectedness of all life, all existence.

A Full Moon is always exactly opposite the Sun reflecting back the incredible light and energy of that powerful star. Because the Moon is in Pisces, the Sun is in its opposite sign, Virgo. Every Full Moon is about reflecting and balancing polar opposite energies. In this case we become One through Pisces in order to inspire the Virgo work of service. Simply being in the Oneness and the space of imagination and idealism isn’t enough…once that is felt, the Solar energy of Virgo encourages us to buckle down to the work necessary to bring the dream and idealistic goals to fruition. In my September Forecast I stated, “This illumination shows us where we have either seen only the forest and not the trees, or vice versa. On this lunation focus on bringing together ideals and vision with the practical details that will certainly be required for accomplishment. Feel the unity symbolized by Pisces, while doing the work necessary to harvest the vision.”

Here are some key phrases to inspire you

harvesting the vision
working toward the dream
perfecting the ideal
healthy imagination
practical spirituality
idealization of order
dissolution of old methods of working
dissolution of social differences
inspired service

Think back to anything you started at the New Moon 2 weeks ago (see New Moon in Leo article) and to six-months ago and one year ago to see what has come to fullness in your own life. Reflect on lessons learned and begin integrating what is culminating now. Happy Full Moon everyone!

September Forecast

September 2009 Forecast
A Month of Mercury Retrograde

(sign by sign forecast included below)

Mercury - God of Communication and Transportation

Mercury - God of Communication and Transportation

We enter September a bit wobbly. Many are still incorporating the shifts brought about by the Eclipse Season in July and August. September 4th brings a Full Moon in Pisces. Focus on bringing together visionary ideals with the practical details that are required for accomplishment. Feel the unity symbolized by Pisces, while doing the work necessary to harvest the vision. Mercury turns Retrograde in Libra on Sept. 7th, marking our relationships as the target for misunderstandings and demanding that we look deeply into the way we communicate with our loved ones, rebalancing the manner in which we relate with them. On Sept. 11th, Pluto, harbinger of purging and transformation, turns direct in Capricorn. Expect shifts in business, where locked horns will begin to work their way loose to continue the lessons in “new finance” for our country. Saturn and Uranus make the third of five exact oppositions to each other on Sept. 15th. These opposing energies, in place from 2008 through 2010, represent the archetypal battle between light and dark,

The last Saturn/Uranus opposition brought us The Sixties - the Beatles, Vietnam, JFK's rise and fall, MLK's dream and death, free love, psychedelic drugs, and the overturn of the old into the new for our country.

The last Saturn/Uranus opposition, which happens about every 45 years, brought us The Sixties - the Beatles, Vietnam, JFK's rise and fall, MLK's dream and death, free love, psychedelic drugs, and the overturn of the old into the new for our country.

old and new. Think Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker! This is a season of “tradition vs. the new way” with September as the dénouement. This month will bring much in the news demonstrating this struggle. Our personal goal is to find the balance between our own darkness and light, learning to embrace the past as a wise teacher and the future as a better way. Mercury moves back into Virgo on the 17th, requiring that how we serve others and our ability to be discerning undergo some re-adjustments.  The 18th brings a New Moon in Virgo. This New Moon, strapped as it is by Saturn, brings old emotions with it – perhaps with the purpose of finding new meaning in them. This is a sober, practical and work oriented New Moon, with connections to both past and future. Mark your new beginnings by looking behind you to figure out how to move forward. Mid-month Mercury again becomes shadowed by Saturn and opposes Uranus. For those of us unwilling to reflect and re-evaluate, problems with technology could be on turbo boost. Venus moves from Leo into Virgo on Sept. 20th, shifting our relating principle from creativity and fun to practicality and service.  On Sept. 22nd we very soberly welcome Autumn as the Sun moves into Libra. The Sun is close to Saturn, and this Equinox strongly activates the Triple Aquarians – Jupiter, Chiron, and Neptune. This liberating group is the most profound messenger of what is happening in our lives right now:  a new egalitarian belief system, profound social healing, and a unified vision of connection for all of humankind. Saturn is in an agitating relationship with the Triple Aquarians and their inspiring message for the whole of September. We can expect irritation between those who are pushing the new message, and those who would see the rich/poor class system maintained. September 29th Mercury Retrograde is over. This is our opportunity to process the lessons experienced during the Retrograde and incorporate our new-found way of communicating in relationships and service.

For a More Complete Forecast and the Sign-by-Sign Breakdown for September, visit the Current Forecast.

For a complete look at Mercury Retrograde in a positive light, read my article Mercury Retrograde – The Unlikely Healing Gift here.

Today’s New Moon in Leo – Express Yourself and Feel the Love


New Moon - Dark of the Moon

New Moon - Dark of the Moon

heartThis is a special New Moon indeed. It lets us know that despite all that’s awry right now in our world, despite all the challenges that we face both personally and collectively, we are still a world filled with love. Leo is the ruler of the heart – both the actual physiological pump and the feelings that are stored and emitted from that wondrous organ of life. And the sign Leo is ruled by the Sun – that burning orb of expression. What we have then is our expressive selves becoming love through our emotional awareness. Mmmmm. Lovely.

If we’re becoming love, it stands to reason that we become loving of ourselves. And that’s perfect, because if we love ourselves, we express ourselves without guilt or fear, just as does the Sun. We love, we express, and then we are loved in return via the expression of others. The New Moon in Leo can bring out a win-win love fest for all of us if we a) let it happen, and b) express it!

And that’s not all. This New Moon in Leo is opposite Neptune, Chiron and Jupiter in Aquarius. Now we’re talking BIG UNIVERSAL love. We’re talking feelings that take us out of ourselves and into a higher dimension. Agape, an ancient Greek word has several meanings. It’s translated into English as “love”, but our love has too many meanings to do this word justice. It’s not “eros” or intimate, erotic love; it’s not “philia” or brotherly love. My favorite definitions of “agape” are “unconditional divine love” and “wide open”.  Take this New Moon and allow your love/heart center to be wide open, and to express what’s coming up and out of it in a universal, unconditional way.


Sliver of a New Moon

Sliver of a New Moon

Start something from your newly wide open, self-loving and unapologetically self-expressive heart today. In 14 days at the Full Moon, see if something loving comes to fruition as a result and then blossoms to fullness just before the next New Moon. And remember too that whatever you begin today and in the next couple of days, has both a six-month and 1-year cycle that’s being put into play. When you see the slightest sliver of the Moon in a day or two, remember what you’ve read here, and commit to a new start in self-love. Be wide open with your heart and accepting of universal, divine, other love, be expressive of your heart – your deepest desires and most wondrous joys.

Start love.

An August Opinion

ladderThe third and fourth weeks of August come packed with punch…possibly literally. If the 4 planets at play directly impact your birth chart,  pack your bags for a short solitary trip to blow off some steam if possible, or to get out of the line of fire of someone else’s steam blowing. Can’t get away? Do something physical – and do it hard to release the tension of the coming weeks.

There’s a lot of ambition and the desire to work hard during this month, with high energy and the possibility of achieving much. The culmination of something you’ve really put effort into could be at hand. But there are pitfalls to be aware of to harness this energy successfully. We’re experiencing a strong Grand Cross alignment between 4 planets that demand change during August, and a couple of them are hot heads. These 4 planets move into a tense and motivating 4-way cross, each one pushing in a different sort of way. Saturn wants change slowly and cautiously with a well-defined goal and represents order, discipline and structure; Uranus wants change yesterday with a bit of shock value thrown in and represents a revolutionary energy that makes way for uniqueness and stepping outside the status quo; Pluto wants complete transformation after a good purging, representing death, transformation and rebirth; and Mars wants to enforce its own way and survive, whatever else happens, and represents how we act upon our will. Therefore…

Rams Head ButtingThe third week of August, commencing now, has us fiercely feeling the need for independence, and wanting to pull all the stops to make it happen – yet there is resistance – the possibility that we remain grounded, despite the ants in our pants. Mars is edging closer and closer to an exact square (90 degrees apart) with Uranus, with the day of the most breathless and intense display of this energy occurring on Wednesday, August 19. Rebelliousness is likely in those most impacted (it all depends on your natal chart), and most of us can expect impulsiveness or at least restlessness, either in ourselves or by being challenged by those feelings in others. Yet despite our antsy feelings, we might not be able to forge ahead as cleanly as we want. Head butting  and tempers could flare easily, so be prepared by creating a release valve of some kind – a place or activity where you can vent, preferably alone, so that you can come back to the group in a good space.

The goal of this time period is perhaps realizing that a change is necessary, and it should be change that pulls in your unique creativity. It probably should also be a goal that involves others and that has a “greater good” aspect involved. If it doesn’t then your ego attachments and will might be challenged. The up-side of this month is that there’s a lot of energy to tap into to get things moving. Remember that you’ll be most successful if you honor what’s still useful and authentic about whatever needs changing. In other words, throw out the dirty bath water, but you probably don’t need a brand new tub. A new exotic blend of essential oils in the fresh clean water might do.

Pablo Picasso - Girl Before a Mirror - 1932

Pablo Picasso - Girl Before a Mirror - 1932

The fourth week of August strongly pulls in the opposition to Pluto from Mars. If nothing else there is intensity of purpose. This combination at the lowest vibration of possibility screams two words: power plays. If the battle for control commences in your life this month, take a look at yourself to see how this outer conflict is mirroring your inner conflict – there’s likely something unconscious within you that’s trying to push it’s way into consciousness. This is an energy that you can harness to create powerful and positive change – don’t waste it fighting resistance. Instead ask the penetrating questions and act with integrity and subtle authority. Utilize it by getting to the core of the matter honestly, and learning that it’s only yourself that you can control. At its highest vibration this is a time that can bring the courage for deep-reaching transformation and healing on a soul level.

Some cautions: be care-ful, don’t drive fast, wear a helmet, protect your adrenals, re-schedule surgery if possible (especially if it’s on your head), thoughtfully deflect anger rather than reacting.

Eclipse Season Ends with a 3rd Eclipse and New Birth

Lunar EclipseWednesday, Aug. 5  at 8:55 PM in the Eastern Time Zone we have the 3rd eclipse in one month’s time. Did you catch that? A 3rd? you say. Yes. Quite unusual. This entire Eclipse Season has been a very intense one – perhaps fitting that we end it with an extra Lunar Eclipse!

A Lunar Eclipse occurs when the Earth comes between the Sun and the Moon during a Full Moon. Symbolically speaking, we are cutting off our emotions from our egos, and have for a short space of time the ability to stand clearly in our place without such strong pulls from these two powerful forces in our lives. Eclipses herald the end of something and the beginning of something new. This particular Eclipse is like an exclamation mark at the end of an astronomical/astrological proclamation that a new era has begun, and things will no longer be as they were before. We’re in that space of knowing that change is upon us, and just for a moment we’re allowed to feel that space without being pulled from the past or pulled by our attachments to what we believe should be.

Taken singularly, this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius (the tail end of which will be visible in Eastern North America), has a buoyant, almost happy feel to it. With Jupiter rising over the Ascendant (in Atlanta and places nearby) and Mars agreeing with both the Sun and the Moon, and Mercury and Venus communicating nicely, we have a pleasant Full Moon indeed. It’s quite a social energy, encouraging us to mingle in groups, pool our creativity, share beliefs and visions for the future. Thinkers and creative types can come together and inspire each other toward new social trends that just may translate beyond the social, and fly us closer to our unified dream of a better future for all humankind.

Taken as the kite tail of the astronomical events (including the 2 Eclipses in July) we can see this Eclipse as an inspiring moment on a string of some seriously transformational developments. Here’s the line-up:

June 21 – Powerful (!) Summer Solstice with Pluto as the herald of Death, Transformation and Rebirth.

June 22 – An equally powerful New Moon in Cancer, almost intoxicating us with the power it leant to the Solstice the day before, encouraging us to begin a new way to nurture on every level. The pangs of a new birth begin.

July 7 – Lunar Eclipse in Cancer intensifying and accelerating the energy of change and a profound new nurture, for our Mother the Earth, our country as Mother, and in our personal lives as well.

July 21 – Solar Eclipse in Capricorn, making sure we know that the status-quo will not be maintained – regardless of those of us who want to dig in our heels.

August 5 – Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius – letting us know that all that’s dying and all that’s being born are expressly to serve the greater good. We will usher in a new paradigm that insists on equality and a new values system, even as the forces of tradition and “the new way” battle around us.

We’ve had some shocking news during this short 6-week period. Many of our icons have died, health care reform is being pushed and pulled furiously, Sarah Palin suddenly quit her job, the financial crisis and lay-offs have accelerated – all of which I view as the contractions before the crowning of the wonder that’s coming.

We have had some good news too – several AMAZING environmental leaps have been actualized, and just today, to put a halo all around today’s Eclipse, Laura Ling and Euna Lee, journalists who were sentenced to 12 years of hard labor in N. Korea, were granted amnesty and brought home!

Hold the power of this time with the energy of transformation, the gratitude of the better way that’s coming, and ask what creative role you can play to actualize it. Such is the energy at hand.  Happy Lunar Eclipse!

Happy Birthday Barack Obama! His Year Ahead…

Barack Obama1

Barack Obama is 48 today. Happy Birthday Mr. President!

What will the year hold for Obama? A look at his Solar Return chart can give us some clues.

Barack Obama - Natal Chart with Solar Return 2009 Outer RingA Solar Return chart is drawn up at the exact moment that the Sun enters the same degree of the astrological sign that it occupied at birth. Each one of us experiences a Solar Return every year on our birthday – or within a day of it. The Solar Return chart maps the energies that are available for the one year period it takes for the Sun to come back around to that exact point again. It can help us know how to navigate the upcoming year and understand what areas of our lives will be impacted.

Obama’s Solar Return chart contains a couple of standout features. First, the Solar Return conjunction of Jupiter, Chiron and Neptune in Aquarius across his natal 1st House of “Self”, and opposite his Uranus in the 7th House  of “Other” indicates that this will be a year very much dedicated to his learning a new way to present his beliefs, his woundedness, and his “savior” role – not surprising for someone recently elected President. With this configuration a great deal of emphasis is being put on Obama’s way of relating, and lessons he must learn in that arena. It is quite likely that the President’s Achilles heel will be exposed this year. He may also experience surprises around who opposes him or he may suddenly encounter deceptive opposition that he in no way expects. Because of the proximity of the Triple Aquarians to his South Node, it is likely that wounding from Obama’s past will come back up for re-evaluation and hopefully healing, rather than further wounding.  The best case scenario, is that Obama learns invaluable lessons around how to balance his new way of relating to those close to him (both intimates and enemies) with the new paradigms around belief system, national wounds, religion, money, and spirituality that people all over the world are demanding. If he can do this, he can be the bridge to the future that much of the world is expecting him to be.

The second stand out configuration is that Natal Mars is at the midpoint of the Solar Return Saturn opposition to Solar Return Uranus. This is not a feel good combination, and could represent strong forces from the right trying diligently and persistently to suppress the actions that Obama intends to make. Saturn represents the status-quo and tradition, while Mars represents the will and how we take action to bring that will about. Uranus is the energy that ushers in the rebellious new paradigm shifts that change us forever. With Saturn and Uranus opposed to each other, we literally have a battle of darkness and light – or status-quo versus “the new way”. With Obama’s Mars in the middle of these warring energies, he is bound to either find the balance between them and negotiate change that doesn’t crash the system, or be pushed and pulled between them until he breaks. From what I can tell of Barack Obama CapitolObama, he will be able to take the high road, but there will be a high price to pay in terms of compromising his own will, and learning to keep his frustration at manageable levels. Combine this Saturn/Mars /Uranus aspect with a square from Solar Return Mars to Natal Mars, and we could have a situation in which Obama feels intense tension to force his own will, yet being simultaneously feeling forced to learn to reign in his ego and learn a different tact.  He is likely to feel repressed by forces of incredible opposition all year – creating enormous tension that has to have an outlet. This tension results in enormous frustration, irritability, and temper at worst, and learning the real meaning of disciplined energy at best. (An example of this energy at play at the moment is the conspiracy theory of the “birthers” who are demanding that Obama provide an additional birth certificate proving his citizenship of the U.S. This group of crazed righters seems to be getting bigger and louder in the last 3 months. This “birther” situation also plays into the Triple Aquarians sitting on his South Node bringing up the past in unexpected ways, mentioned previously.)

A third very relevant aspect in Obama’s Solar Return chart is the Solar Return Pluto exactly opposing the Natal Venus. Here is the demand from the Universe that Obama must purify his values system, and purge anything from it that at all reeks of rot. Pluto requires powerful, profound transformation wherever it touches, and for Barack Obama via Venus, that means values, relationships, and money. Obama’s Venus is almost exactly aligned with Venus in the chart of the United States – they’re about 2 degrees apart. So while Obama undergoes personal values changes and evolution, so do we as a country. This is a true new birth. Expect this year to be filled with labor pains, both for Obama and for the economy of our country.

The good news for Obama this year, is that while it will be challenging and likely filled with opposition, he has the ability to work with the available energy to maintain his high hopes, his ideals, and his optimism (expressed by Jupiter near his Ascendant), opportunities for healing and bridging (Chiron near the Ascendant), and the ability to evolve his tremendous charisma and deep spiritual connection that many of us have latched onto as our own source of hope for the future (Neptune near the Ascendant).

US in Financial Transformation – Some words from the experts

About a week ago a friend asked me if I thought we, as a country, would be out of this financial crisis soon now that Obama is in office. Sadly, my answer was no. There are many reasons why that is a true response, but I’ve decided that rather than re-write what’s already been written brilliantly, I’ll share with you a couple of articles from the experts.

Raymond Merriman - Financial Astrologer

Raymond Merriman - Financial Astrologer

Here is the first from Raymond Merriman, creator of The Merriman Market Analyst – The Leader in Market Timing Services and Products. Ray is the leading expert on the planet today in astrological financial timing and consults with the big dogs in the stock market and other financial arenas.

Here’s the first article from him:
MAJOR GEOCOSMIC SIGNATURES OF 2009-2010: SATURN REALITIES, JUPITER AND NEPTUNE HOPES,-jupiter-and-neptune-hopes-in-2009%112010/

And here’s the second:

If you’re interested in money markets at all you should explore Raymond Merriman’s website. He knows what he’s doing!

Michael Lutin

Michael Lutin

Now I want you to read something from Michael Lutin, another great astrologer who writes the Planetarium for Vanity Fair. This article is from 2006 – before we even knew the name Obama really. Michael does say that the country is going to become even more conservative politically – I’m not sure that’s happened since our election of Obama, although the conservatives are becoming stronger in their fight against the liberals, and we have seen the rise in popularity of folks like Sarah Palin (despite her resignation – some still say she’s planning to run for President in 2012).  Lutin’s take is more historical and cultural, than financial, and very readable:

A planetary configuration not seen since 1776 is coming our way, heralding chaos, revolution, and rebirth. Let the stars guide you through the coming storm.
by Michael Lutin VF.COM December 6, 2006

For those of you are hoping that the national financial crisis ( and the cultural one) is on a up-swing, you’re right. But we have to get through the trenches first. And that’s going to take awhile.

Oh! If you haven’t seen the June/July 2009 issue of The Mountain Astrologer, and you’re interested in reading more from Raymond Merriman, you should try to pick it up. The article is called the Economy and the Cardinal Climax of 2008-2015. Hope you can get your hands on it!

Be in touch!! I’ll talk to you soon…

Culmination – The Scorpio Full Moon

(Note: To read the Mercury Retrograde post, scroll down)

It’s a little after 2pm on Saturday, May 9, 2009 – and the Moon was exactly Full in Scorpio about 14 hours ago. At the moment of the Full Moon, 12:01 AM, I walked outside with my son Ian, my dog D’Mitri, and a heart filled with delight that I was able to walk under those reflected glowing rays and fully ponder what is culminating in my life.

The Full Moon always brings passion, RELEASE and the energy of a denouement. This particular Full Moon was in Scorpio – opposite the place of the New Moon in TaurusFull Moon two weeks ago. Whatever you began then may have come to some culmination at this point – especially if you started a short term goal. It’s likely however, that you are at the culmination of something that you began in late October, 2008, when the Moon was new in Scorpio. Ponder that a moment. Where were you then? What were you beginning? What were you changing? How does that relate to now?

For each New Moon there is a culminating Full Moon in the same sign approximately 6 months later. It’s a great idea to watch this natural 6 month/1 year cycle. Use the symbolic meaning of the sign of each New Moon to start appropriate endeavors. For instance, if your desire is to become more assertive about getting your needs met, start working on that under an Aries New Moon. Six months later, when the Moon is full in Aries, you will be at the culminating point of your goal. By the time a year has passed and the next Aries New Moon arrives, you should have resolved your issue. If you want to learn a new language – start under a Gemini New Moon; planning a long-term overseas journey? Begin under a Sagittarius New Moon. Creating a humanitarian non-prof? Get started under an Aquarius New Moon. And then remember to watch the 6-month Full Moons in the same sign as markers of your progress.

With this Full Moon and it’s mother New Moon 6 months ago, there’s a strong Scorpio influence, made even stronger (for those of us in Atlanta, GA) by the fact that it’s ruler, Pluto, was rising at the moment of this Full Moon. The higher vibration of Pluto/Scorpio is deep, transformative healing and wealth – the richness of living a profound and meaningful life. Give much thought and reflection (using both the Pluto and Mercury Retrograde influences) on what is rich and pure in your life. How does that relate to your physical, earthy self? Bring these two polarities into balance if possible: your deep inner life (Scorpio/Pluto) and your physical/earthy/practical self. Balance your wealth (both literal and metaphorical) with your values and what brings you pleasure. Concentrate your energy on what is rich in your life – particularly in relationship and via your emotions.

Be advised that the Moon is void-of-course from 2:48pm until 9:49pm today. That’s 7 hours when we can experience disconnection in terms of our plans or expectations. Plan to meet someone at 4 at the side entrance? You might miss that someone, who is actually waiting at the front entrance. That sort of thing. The void-of-course is a  perfect time to zone out in solitude. Meditate, put on the head-phones, write a story, stroll the museum. Whatever you do for the next 7 hours, release your expectations and let the energy have it’s way with you. You might be absolutely delighted with whatever comes your way, even if it’s not part of the plan!

Mercury Retrograde in Gemini and Taurus – Respite for the Soul of Mind and Body

This morning, May 7, 2009, at 1:00 AM EDT, Mercury, that planet of mischief and the mind, started going backwards again! Of course, the planet is not really going backwards – but that’s the way it looks to us from our little spinning globe, and – well – perception is absolutely everything! Mercury remains retrograde until May 30 – three weeks.

I know so many of you are at the end of a school year, whether it’s your personal school year or whether you’re a parent. Some of you are even graduating – finally able to hold in your hand the fruits of your labor, hard work and ambition. Some of you are getting married – or you’re helping a bride or groom who is. Kudos to you! This is always an incredibly busy time of year, and it’s hard to slow down and find moments of peace and reflection. Yet, let me suggest that you really try. No. Just do it. Consciously move with the “one-step forward, two-steps back” gift of this new Mercury Retrograde in Gemini and Taurus, and create space for introspection and reflection despite your hectic schedule. If you do, and you know this is true, it all won’t seem quite so hectic, and the end result of all your plans will be a little sweeter.

reflection-and-gratitude1So far as I have been able to discern over the years, the best way to greet Mercury Retrograde is with surrender, and of bit of stroking. Take a moment each day over the next 3 weeks whether in a ritual, during your meditation, while you’re walking or taking a shower, or simply when you have a moment alone to take a deep breath, and say “Thank You”.  Thank you opens so many more opportunities,  and inspires a beautiful shift in attitude. If you simply say “Oh no! Mercury Retrograde again!” you really don’t get that sweet shift and that ephemeral portal to possibility stays firmly shut.  The “Thank You” is for the chance to rest – the often overlooked Mercury Retrograde opportunity to set aside the churning and demands of life, just for a few minutes every day if that’s all you can manage. My advice here is to create the space to slow down a few moments each day – or it will be created for you. Savvy? Move with the flow of energy, rather than fighting against it. And in that pause that you consciously create, reflect on your life and the way you communicate that life to others.  Let me just say that again – reflect on the way you communicate with others. No kidding.

Think about that for a minute. Do you communicate in a way that effectively and compassionately confirms understanding of your meanings and intentions? I won’t list all of the other ways to communicate here – but you know them all by now, and many of them are far less than effective and certainly far less empathetic than communicating compassionately. The fact that Mercury is retrograde in it’s own sign of Gemini, the sign of communication and the mind, underlines our assured energetic focus on the mental processes, communication and transportation (See my Mercury Retrogade article for a complete understanding of this.)  But on the 14th of May, Mercury moves back into Taurus, the sign of the body, the earth, pleasure, business, practicality, and money.

Another opportunity for a further shift of focus. After the 14th reflect on your body. Reflect and re-instruct yourself in pleasure. Look at the business of your life and your finances and and restructure whatever isn’t working. Re-connect with the Earth. (Re-read the previous post on the “New Moon in Taurus – Body Connect” to get your physicality flowing.) Don’t spend unnecessarily – but on what brings simple pleasures that feed the Soul. Reconnect with beauty. And even, based on the sextile between Mercury and Venus over the next few days, do something physically demanding – sweat, get hot, feel the muscles flex in your body. Push yourself physically and reap the rewards of that. Trigger those endorphins of pleasure to secrete in your brain, and then relax with a smile. These things won’t take long – and you’ll certainly be working with Mercury, rather than against him. You really don’t want to work against Mercury – that’s when you experience all the negatives that people fear with Mercury Retrograde!

This energy certainly affects everyone, however if you have points, angles and planets in any of the following signs, this is an especially important retrograde for you and you really should try to follow the above advice: Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces, Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius. If you don’t know your points, angles and planets, then send me an email.

I’ll end here with some words from the great master, Leonardo da Vinci:

Every now and then go away,

have a little rest and relaxation,

for when you come back to your work

your judgment will be surer;

since to remain constantly at work

will cause you to lose power of judgment…

Go some distance away

because the work appears smaller

and more of it can be taken in at a glance,

and a lack of harmony or proportion

is more readily seen. 

~Leonardo da Vinci