What’s Your Labor of Love? Creating a “you” habit…

Happy Labor Day all!

"Parsifal Fights with the Red Knight" Wall painting, probably by Ferdinand Piloty or A. Spiess, Neuschwanstein Castle, Bavaria. (Young Parsifal defeats the Red Knight.)

As we honor and celebrate the work, energy and contribution of all who labor in our country, you may also want to honor your own contributions and your own work… no matter what that means or how great or small you may feel that to be. And if you aren’t doing what you love, at least try to do so on this day.  If you can’t do what you love today because you have obligations that pull you in a different direction, begin to think about how you can incorporate more of what you love and more of your dreams and intentions for your life into your daily habits.

If you feel there is realistically no time to focus on your talents, dreams and intentions – start very small. Start with 15 minutes a day (or 5 if that’s all you can carve out) and in that 15 minutes (when you wake up, before you go to sleep, 15 minutes of your lunch break, when you’re in the bathroom – whenever!), connect to who YOU deeply are, give that energy free-reign, focus on the thing that you want to accomplish, and do 1 thing – any small thing, it doesn’t matter (a visualization, a phone call, placing an ad, writing, taking a walk, reading relevant information, playing your guitar – whatever you need to do) – that supports and gets you closer to your dream – to your own personal myth/story (where you get to be the hero of your own life like young Parsifal on his quest for the Holy Grail).

After a while “you” will become a habit. Do you understand what that means? YOUR life – what you intend to do with your life – will become a habit. You won’t be able to imagine your day without giving yourself and your goals that space, energy and time. And after a couple of weeks or so, then you’ll up the ante… you’ll move to 20 or 30 minutes and your small steps toward your goals will become bigger and have more impact toward fulfillment. And as the habit becomes more ingrained, you will continue to adjust your focus to more and more time spent on your dream/intention and to greater and greater step toward its achievement.

So go ahead and while you honor the real endeavors and accomplishments of others, take this Labor Day to also focus on the real labors of your life and what you want those to be – your life as your own labor of love, intention, talents used, and dreams fulfilled.

If you need help with understanding what your personal mythology is – if you’re struggling to understand your own potentials and short comings – please be in touch. I’d love to help you connect to the hero inside you who’s waiting to step forward on your true hero’s journey…  

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An August Opinion

ladderThe third and fourth weeks of August come packed with punch…possibly literally. If the 4 planets at play directly impact your birth chart,  pack your bags for a short solitary trip to blow off some steam if possible, or to get out of the line of fire of someone else’s steam blowing. Can’t get away? Do something physical – and do it hard to release the tension of the coming weeks.

There’s a lot of ambition and the desire to work hard during this month, with high energy and the possibility of achieving much. The culmination of something you’ve really put effort into could be at hand. But there are pitfalls to be aware of to harness this energy successfully. We’re experiencing a strong Grand Cross alignment between 4 planets that demand change during August, and a couple of them are hot heads. These 4 planets move into a tense and motivating 4-way cross, each one pushing in a different sort of way. Saturn wants change slowly and cautiously with a well-defined goal and represents order, discipline and structure; Uranus wants change yesterday with a bit of shock value thrown in and represents a revolutionary energy that makes way for uniqueness and stepping outside the status quo; Pluto wants complete transformation after a good purging, representing death, transformation and rebirth; and Mars wants to enforce its own way and survive, whatever else happens, and represents how we act upon our will. Therefore…

Rams Head ButtingThe third week of August, commencing now, has us fiercely feeling the need for independence, and wanting to pull all the stops to make it happen – yet there is resistance – the possibility that we remain grounded, despite the ants in our pants. Mars is edging closer and closer to an exact square (90 degrees apart) with Uranus, with the day of the most breathless and intense display of this energy occurring on Wednesday, August 19. Rebelliousness is likely in those most impacted (it all depends on your natal chart), and most of us can expect impulsiveness or at least restlessness, either in ourselves or by being challenged by those feelings in others. Yet despite our antsy feelings, we might not be able to forge ahead as cleanly as we want. Head butting  and tempers could flare easily, so be prepared by creating a release valve of some kind – a place or activity where you can vent, preferably alone, so that you can come back to the group in a good space.

The goal of this time period is perhaps realizing that a change is necessary, and it should be change that pulls in your unique creativity. It probably should also be a goal that involves others and that has a “greater good” aspect involved. If it doesn’t then your ego attachments and will might be challenged. The up-side of this month is that there’s a lot of energy to tap into to get things moving. Remember that you’ll be most successful if you honor what’s still useful and authentic about whatever needs changing. In other words, throw out the dirty bath water, but you probably don’t need a brand new tub. A new exotic blend of essential oils in the fresh clean water might do.

Pablo Picasso - Girl Before a Mirror - 1932

Pablo Picasso - Girl Before a Mirror - 1932

The fourth week of August strongly pulls in the opposition to Pluto from Mars. If nothing else there is intensity of purpose. This combination at the lowest vibration of possibility screams two words: power plays. If the battle for control commences in your life this month, take a look at yourself to see how this outer conflict is mirroring your inner conflict – there’s likely something unconscious within you that’s trying to push it’s way into consciousness. This is an energy that you can harness to create powerful and positive change – don’t waste it fighting resistance. Instead ask the penetrating questions and act with integrity and subtle authority. Utilize it by getting to the core of the matter honestly, and learning that it’s only yourself that you can control. At its highest vibration this is a time that can bring the courage for deep-reaching transformation and healing on a soul level.

Some cautions: be care-ful, don’t drive fast, wear a helmet, protect your adrenals, re-schedule surgery if possible (especially if it’s on your head), thoughtfully deflect anger rather than reacting.

Planetary Weather for September 2008 – Moving Forward while Holding Back

As all life seems to be, September strikes me as a month filled with dichotomies. Are you feeling it? Are we seeing it in the world? Early in the month both Jupiter and Pluto ceased their long-term backwards motion and moved Direct! Yet, coming up on the 24th, the trickster planet Mercury will begin its tri-annual backwards motion. As you’re pushing forward with one hand, you’re holding back with the other! Additionally, Jupiter and Saturn, two radically different energies are combining efforts for the whole of September, creating a background of pushing the limits toward a new future while simultaneously trying to maintain the status-quo. You can see this clearly in the political arena!

Moving forward:  Jupiter moving Direct frees you to see and experience greater optimism, to make positive advances and to continue your growth and expansion. Jupiter was Retrograde from early May until early September. During this period, you most likely felt that whatever area in your life was being impacted by Jupiter’s backward motion needed more effort and more time than you originally imagined or allotted. This area probably brought you less joy than it did originally. (The area of your life is determined by the House occupied by transiting Jupiter in your personal birth chart) But now you can once again move toward progress with optimism. What a relief!

Moving forward:  Pluto, planet of death, transformation and rebirth, the planet of shared resources (and debt), of magical, profound and subtle healing, was Retrograde from the beginning of April until September 8. With this newly direct movement of Pluto comes the forward momentum for deeper transformation in whatever area of your life that’s being impacted. When Pluto was Retrograde, it could have enhanced the feeling of being out of control of the transited area of your life. Powerlessness is often experienced with this retrograde. You may have felt fearful and were required to do some soul searching. Something in the realm that Pluto Retrograde touched needed to die away, to be reborn in a purer form; but the death has felt too long coming and painfully difficult. The depths to which Pluto can take us might blind us to the true purpose of the required transformation until a later time, when we’ve had the chance to process fully. The shadow now begins to move into the light as Pluto starts to move forward. A release is imminent. 

Holding back:  Another interesting dichotomy is reflected in the trine between Jupiter and Saturn during the entire month. Jupiter expresses, while Saturn reflects. Jupiter expands while Saturn contracts. Jupiter loves excess, while Saturn appreciates frugality. Jupiter represents wealth, while Saturn represents poverty. The combination of these two very different energies can operate harmoniously (as indicated by the trine) creating an atmosphere of restrained and careful positive growth that has the potential to be maintained over time. Think about what’s happening in your life, and ponder on what areas you could best utilize this type of subtle and lasting expansion. Seek new territory and wax philosophical…but still do the work! Throughout September you may be able to express a sense of optimism while being equally grounded by your sense of reality. The downside of this combination, if you aren’t able to utilize it positively, could find you being pulled back and forth between optimism and pessimism, trust and mistrust, or gain and loss.

Holding back:  Mercury goes Retrograde (yes – again!) on Sept. 24 in the sign of Libra, and stays Retrograde until Oct. 15. Mercury Retrograde in Libra bids us to ponder the question, “What is the quality of the relationships in my life?” It’s not so much about how you feel in your relationships. It’s more about how you participate in them. What are the patterns? What techniques do you always use that could stand some true revamping? What sort of creative or social patterns do you generally employ in relationship? Do they work? Do they suck? We’ll probably be given some twists and turns to work out in these areas, slowing us down enough so that we actually spend some time reflecting on these tough questions. Don’t be surprised if you find it more difficult than usual to relate and communicate during this 3-week period. Internalize a bit, keep to yourself more than usual, watch and reflect. Socially this retrograde will be very interesting! To watch this energy at play in the ways that the Presidential Candidates relate to each other could prove quite frustrating. The Retrograde will end less than 3 weeks before Election Day. I feel pretty confident in suggesting that as we move through this period traditionally associated with difficult communication, our own knowledge of the true mind-sets of these opposing forces, and perhaps even our own, will not become much clearer. We probably won’t have any real clarity on who is pulling forward and who is losing ground until about 2 weeks before The Day. I even expect some camp-switching very late into the race. But, for the last week of September (and throughout the Retrograde), focus on yourself and how you can change patterns and habits in your own relationships. Don’t push; simply learn.