It’s the End of the World as We Know It… and I Feel Fine – The Winter Solstice 2012 and the Uranus/Pluto Influence



The Sun moved into Capricorn this morning, Dec. 21, 2012, at 6:12 AM Eastern Time welcoming the beginning of Winter according to the Gregorian calendar most widely used, and marking Mid-Winter on the Pagan calendar. Yule is here!

As is this much awaited day! Dec. 21, 2012 has been both anticipated as a fresh new start for humanity and dreaded as the end of the world, as a result of the ending of the Mayan Calendar on this date – what is referred to as The Mayan Prophecy. However, there are experts regarding the Mayan Calendar who tell us that the Mayan Prophecy is not one of only endings, but also a new beginning – of a new era, or a new bak’tun – moving from the 13th bak’tun to the 14th – a 400 year cycle. That is according to Simon Martin as reported by the BBC News.

Here are two extremely interesting articles regarding the “end of world” prophecies and the Galactic Alignment at the Winter Solstice that many believe is the reason that the Mayans chose today’s date to end their 13th bak’tun.

This article hypothesizes about the Dec. 21, 2012 Galactic Alignment  of the Earth, the Sun and the Galactic Equator in the Milky Way on the Winter Solstice and was written by Keith Hunter for Ancient World Mysteries.

This one denounces that there actually is a Galactic Alignment of the Earth, the Sun and the Galactic Equator in the Milky Way at all on Dec. 21, 2012 and is from NASA.

Regardless of whether we choose to believe there is or is not an alignment, or that the Mayan Prophecy is relative to us in this time, it’s clear to most of us I think that the times we live in are changing quickly and dramatically. It’s as though every thing is accelerated and intensified. Much of what many understood as time-proven, those things about our lives that both built and maintained the status-quo, are undergoing shifts that will no doubt leave our world and the people in it much different – and hopefully much better.

But for every new birth there are inevitably the birth pangs – the long, usually very painful passage from one way of being to another. I believe this is where we are right now… and I believe that astrology, as both the science and art that offers us insights into “as above, so below,” is a fantastic tool that we can use to help us understand the tremendous shifts that we, as a society, as a world, and personally, are undergoing right now. 

In that light, I want to say a bit about the current Uranus/Pluto square that has been in effect since 2008 and will be in effect until 2016.

These two planets last came together (in a conjunction – meaning they were 0 degrees apart – sharing space in the sky and operating in tandem) during the whole of the 1960’s and we experienced dramatic social, political, technological, economic and personal changes across the world. Events that occurred during that time included JFK and his assassination, MLK and his dream – and then his assassination, the Civil Rights Movement, Malcolom X and his assassination, the Black Panthers, a complete change in popular music and fashion, the Beatles rose to fame, women’s liberation, flower power, Viet Nam, Charles Manson, and the first man on the moon…

The time before when Uranus and Pluto came together was during the decade of the 1930’s. At that time these two were in a square aspect like they are now – 90 degrees apart. During that decade we experienced dramatic social, political, technological, economic and personal changes across the world. Events that occurred during that time included the crash of the stock market – Black Friday, the Great Depression, Pluto was discovered, scientists split the atom, Adolph Hitler and other dictators rose to power, there was the broadcast of “The War of the Worlds” which created havoc (much like our generation’s movie “2012”), and ultimately all led to the beginning of World War II

So – it seems worthwhile to talk about the square that these two planets are making to each other in our own time – especially today at the supposed “end of the world.”

Just below is info on Uranus and Pluto separately and together – very interesting!


Symbolism of Uranus

Prometheus stealing fire from the Gods.

Prometheus stealing fire from the Gods.

Positive: the light, highest heights, awakening, freedom, revolution, reform, fire from the Gods, the betterment of humanity as a whole, overturning the out-worn status quo, conscious perception, uniqueness, individualism, genius, mental and technological leaps, science, space, engineering, technology, inventions, electricity, radiation, lightening, aha! moments, ignition

Challenging: sudden impacting or shattering change, chaotic rebellion, erratic shifts, unexpected events, outcasts, the shunned, pronounced eccentricities, anarchy, radical anarchists, explosive and altering contact

What feelings come up for you when you hear these keywords of Uranus? What do you think about that’s been in the news?

One of my very favorite astrologers, who is so much more than that – he’s one of the most profound thinkers of our time and a prolific writer, professor and speaker – Richard Tarnas, wrote a book about Uranus called Prometheus The Awakener. In this book he compares the meaning of Uranus to the mythological figure Prometheus , who was rebellious enough and nervy enough to steal fire from the Gods and give it to humans to accelerate their evolution and break the hold that the Gods had over them. In this book he describes Uranus like this:

“Uranus is empirically associated with the principle of change, rebellion, freedom, liberation, reform and revolution, and the unexpected breakup of structures; with excitement, sudden surprises, lightning-like flashes of insight, revelations and awakenings; and with intellectual brilliance, invention, creativity, originality, and individualism. In addition to the occurrence of sudden breakthroughs and liberating events, Uranus transits are linked to unpredictable and disruptive changes, and thus the planet is often referred to as the “cosmic trickster.” In terms of personal character, Uranus is regarded as signifying the individualist, the genius, and the rebel.”

When I think of pure Uranus energy, the first person that comes to mind is Albert Einstein.


Symbolism of Pluto

Death, Transformation and Rebirth

Pluto-2Positive: the dark, deepest depths, intensity, deep and profound transformation, making the unconscious conscious, pure understanding of the cycles of life, alchemy, magic, shamanism, ultimate truth, pointed focus, depth psychology, the core of a matter, cycle of death & rebirth, true power of Self, purification, purging, nuclear energy

Challenging: power struggles, fear, terror, destruction, nuclear destruction, poison, trauma, putrefaction, decay, crime, criminal minds, obsession, suppression, the underworld, taboo subjects kept from society, shadow, the deepest depths, isolation, subversion, hidden agendas, waste, black magic

What feelings come up for you when you hear these keywords of Pluto? What do you think about that’s been in the news?

Archetypally speaking, Pluto represents the necessity of descending to the depths before you can ascend to the heights. It is the story of the phoenix – who out of hubris flew too close to the Sun and fell burned to the Earth – but! He then transformed his own ashes into a better, stronger version of himself and was able to ascend – to fly again – perfected.

Pluto also represents alchemy – the process of changing the base matter (lead) into the purified gold.

Pluto points to karma and to the needs of the Soul – our desire to learn the lessons in our lifetime that will purify us and evolve us – getting us closer to God.

Pluto will most often, when transiting our birthchart at a sensitive point or personal planet, take us down into darkness of some kind, where we undergo challenges necessary to purify us in some way, and then we come back into the light to continue our transformation.


Now let’s look at these two planets and their meaning when they come together in the sky.

Pluto describes bringing into consciousness from the absolute depths. Uranus describes breaking the status quo. Pluto describes transformation. Uranus describes revolution.

Uranus and Pluto Together = Metamorphosis


According to Banzhaf and Haebler in the book Key Words for Astrology:

“Archetype of Uranus and Pluto together: The Rebel and the Powerful Person

Shadow: The Eccentric and the Power of Darkness

General meaning: Sudden deep reaching changes. Rebellion against dependence and suppression. Bursting the bonds.

In Harmony: Desire for freedom. Powerful urge for individual freedom. Sudden perceptions and insights into power structures or collective shadow areas. Rigorous upheavals. Liberation movements.

In Discord: The Despot. Willful, irresponsible misuse of power for questionable, eccentric goals. Extreme inner tension and vacillations between highest heights and deepest depths, between total freedom and complete constraint.”


We can see then, from the words of these folks that the effects of Uranus and Pluto coming together has to be far reaching and life changing. And we are meant to change personally as a result. We are meant to awaken to our ability as a society to change the deeply rooted, dark and subjugating powers that be, bring them to light, demand freedom from them and then transform to the new way of being.

The Uranus/Pluto Square has seven dates when the two planets are exactly 90 degrees apart… meaning that the effects of the square are the strongest.

The Seven Epic Squares between Uranus and Pluto – 2012 through 2015

June 24, 2012
September 19, 2012
May 20, 2013
November 1, 2013
April 21, 2014
December 14, 2014
March 16, 2015

After that last date, the two planets are still what we call “in orb” through much of 2016, meaning that they are close enough to the exact square that the effects are in play.

The magic of a fireplace...

The magic of contemplation before a fireplace…

So – is it the end of the world today – The Winter Solstice, Dec. 21, 2012? Of course not. But – is this time that we’re living in transforming both us and society? Absolutely – it is in fact the end of the world as we know it. And like Michael Stipe and REM – I feel fine!

Change is good, and moving toward a more enlightened reality is fantastic, and that’s where I believe we’re headed, even if we have a period of darkness before the light returns. And isn’t that the way of Nature? Isn’t that the deeper meaning of the Winter Solstice?

We are living through, today, right now, the darkest time of the year in the Northern Hemisphere (bearing in mind that it is the lightest time of the year in the Southern Hemisphere as they experience their Summer Solstice). It is cold here and there are things on our minds – things that may be best to let go of. So… let go. During this night when we welcome the return of the Light, as you ponder the year behind you and the year to come, hopefully while sitting in front of a lovely, warming fire, let go… and welcome the bright new beginnings that are on the way!

Full Harvest Moon in Aries: An Evolutionary Moment – What is YOUR “AH HA!?” September 29, 2012, 11:19 PM Eastern Time

Full Harvest Moon

Look at this day! Feel this potent moment! This Full Moon in Aries! 

It is truly an evolutionary moment in time. Why?

This Full Moon fully and perfectly connects with the Uranus/Pluto square – THE configuration for revolution, transformation and total change. 

The Moon is in Aries, conjuncting the planet Uranus within 23 minutes of exactitude, triggering a consummation within our personal emotions, and simultaneously fueling us with the energy to initiate. Even as we reach the denouement in the current monthly cycle something within us is enlivened! The Sun in Libra brings this energy into connection with those we love – with whomever we keep close company, our social circle. It ensures that whatever this moment holds, it is not only for ourselves but to be shared in the deepest possible way – and perhaps in the most unique and unexpected possible way. 

Both the Sun and the Moon are almost exactly squared to Pluto (again within 23 minutes – that’s about 37 minutes less than one single degree out of a possible 30), making Pluto the focal point of this amazing configuration. Pluto. The God of Death, Transformation and Rebirth. The God of what’s deeply rooted inside you that needs to erupt into consciousness. 

What is that for you? 

What is the challenging, rotting debris lying deep within your psyche that needs to be brought into the light of consciousness? (Don’t read another word until you think about that for few minutes. Really. What is it?)

Get down into yourself to answer that question – the deeper you go, the more uncomfortable you may feel. But – that’s the point! Bring it up and out – let it burst forth suddenly without questioning it or trying to stamp it back down. Allow Uranus (sudden enlightenment) and Pluto (the dark, sometimes frightening, underbelly of who we are) to work their magic on you tonight. 

This could be, as it has been for me today, one of the most momentous personal breakthroughs of your life. 

Today I realized suddenly – with elation and a sense of release – the way in which I have stood in my own way. For me that has been resistance to others. For me that has been the fear of surrender. Talk about an ah ha!! I can feel that the energy around me is different. I can feel that my heart is wide open. I trust that all is as it should be and that I am home – wherever I am physically. (This may sound cryptic, but that’s the gist of my evolution today without going into all the sordid details!)

What is this moment for you?

Now let’s move just for a moment from the personal (and transpersonal) to the relative world. What might this configuration mean in the “real” world?

With the Moon and the Sun as triggers of the Uranus/Pluto square, we could see events in nature – earthquakes would be my first guess, as they bear such similar energy to the sudden and unexpected energy of Uranus, and bringing up hot masses from the bowels of the Earth, which is the energy of  Pluto. Hopefully though, there will be far less disruptive ways for this energy to manifest. 

The Moon and Uranus coming together represent, on the lower vibration of the energy, sudden uncontrollable emotions erupting forth. And with this energy squared to Pluto, lower vibration activation could be some sort of destructive force played out as a result of those unbounded emotions.

So there is the possibility of some fairly nasty representation of this combination. In nature, in politics, in any arena… but we can choose, at least for our selves and our own domains, to vibrate at the higher level – one of evolutionary transformation and soul surging ah ah! moments. 

Happy Full Moon! 

See the chart for this powerful lunation just below. It is drawn as an Aries Wheel – meaning for no particular location. 

The Aries Wheel for the Full Moon in Aries on September 29, 2012 at 11:19 PM Eastern Daylight Time.

Here’s and interesting article and video about tonight’s Full Harvest Moon from the Huffington Post!

Full ‘Harvest’ Moon Rises Saturday, Watch It Meet Uranus In The Night Sky (VIDEO)

August 31, 2012 Full Moon in Pisces (With Chiron and Neptune) – Compassion and Healing

Full Moons bring awareness and ask that we intensify our focus in a particular direction, just as we do when we walk out under a night sky containing the glory of a huge glowing orb – we are compelled to look up and see it – to experience the mysterious beauty above us. That fully visible and perfectly lovely full moon both lights our way through the dark and casts deep shadows. The same is true in our emotional selves at this time – we are both brought to awareness of something and may also be made aware of the shadows in our psyches.

This Full Moon occurs in Pisces, with the Sun in the opposite sign of Virgo. This is the axis of service (Virgo) and of compassion (Pisces), of getting on with the work at hand (Virgo) and of daydreaming (Pisces), of the Martyr (Virgo) and the Savior (Pisces), of practicality (Virgo) and of highest ideals (Pisces). And as all oppositions do, we are called now to find the balance between these very different areas of awareness – or in today’s Full Moon due to its connection to Mars –  to find the balance in these very different calls to action.

How will you bring balance between these areas today and for the next two weeks until the New Moon?

The Moon is very closely connected to both Chiron and Neptune, as well as Mars and Pluto, Jupiter and the Nodes of the Moon (see the chart I’ve included below)…

We are compelled to look deeply into our family wounding (family of origin, immediate family, family of choice, neighborhood, city, country) and feel out the ideal, the appropriate healing road to take. This can be a time of enormous healing – but also of enormous wounding. As always the two sides of the same coin are there to be chosen from. Let your imagination and your deepest compassion inform your awareness. And then, with the practical working ethic of the Virgo Sun, and the impetus stimulated by Mars, put forth the effort required for the healing to happen. And understand that what issues from today will both pull from the past, probably as information already received and processed, and lead toward the future, changing our beliefs and philosophies, due to the Grand Square being formed with the Moon’s nodes, which represent where we come from and are comfortable and where we are stretching toward.

Our *bodies and our physical health are part of today’s energies… there may be a kind of malaise here… a feeling that something is wrong but it’s hard to say exactly what. The Virgo/Pisces axis is the one of the health of the body, prevention, and of hypochondria. Most affected by this Full Moon are those with strong placements in Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces. I would say that in health concerns, hard decisions are not the way to go today. Practicing meditation or yoga, or finding peace and solace are more the tone of the day. If you’re feeling energetic (more likely for the Fixed Signs – Taurus, Leo, Scorpio & Aquarius), dispel any lingering clouds by doing something physically active – just don’t overdo. Our bodies (Virgo) are a reflection (Neptune/Pisces) of our consciousness. So whatever you’re feeling on the inside is what you will manifest through your body on the outside. This is a great thing to remember today and throughout the next two weeks (and always): love and be compassionate with yourself – your body and its health will reflect it. (*”bodies” can also be thought of as the body of the Earth.)

There’s a very Universal feeling that goes beyond the personal and familial realm that is the typical designation of the Moon. We have those connections to Chiron (conjunction), Uranus (semi-sextile), Neptune (conjunction) and Pluto (sextile) that speak of bridging the purely personal and moving into the collective. The healing energy available now can be a balm to the flood victims of Hurricane Isaac, and beyond, especially if we harness the practical work ethic of Virgo, hand-in-hand with the compassion of Pisces.

Whatever and wherever you are today, know that there is healing and compassion available to you if you need it. And for those on the other end of the spectrum, today and until the New Moon is the perfect time to reach out and help – to be of service to those in need.

Aries Wheel Chart for the Full Moon in Pisces on August 31, 2012

Full Moon in Capricorn on July 3, 2012 Highlights the Uranus / Pluto Square – and Mars Moves Into Libra

July 3, 2012 was the Full Moon in Capricorn and there were quite a few challenging and ambitious energies present!


Today is the Full Moon in Capricorn and there are quite a few challenging and ambitious energies present!

The Moon and Sun themselves are setting off the current dynamic that is percolating between Uranus and Pluto, meaning that this lunar event activates the BIG EVENT going on in the sky right now. Pluto and Uranus are squaring off – developing the back drop of this generation – and that backdrop looks a lot like the need to change and transform on a revolutionary level. I’ll go more into that alignment in a future writing – but just know that today our emotions (Moon) and our egos (Sun) are caught up in that same sort of energy.

To move forward with that energy in a positive way, purge things that are no longer useful (Pluto), listen to your intuition (Uranus), allow yourself to go into your depths and pull up relevant information that can enlighten your future path (Pluto & Uranus together), fly your freak flag high and large – meaning don’t be afraid to let your unique gifts emerge and don’t keep your mouth closed when you see that you can make a difference in changing something that needs to be changed. And be a voice for the undergod – ok, so I meant to write underDOG there, but I’m leaving that mis-type to let you ponder what that might mean for a moment.

Pluto IS the underGOD – in Greek Mythology he was the God of Hades – the Lord of Death and the Underworld – and through him you were admitted into the after life and transformed. So this Sun/Moon opposition, i.e. Full Moon, sheds light on your emotions surrounding ambition/authority (Moon in Capricorn) and your ego attachments within domestic, home and family life (Sun in Cancer), while somehow pushing forward with tension between the shadow-self and enlightenment – possibly bringing you face to face with something that needs to die away to make room for the new. That’s quite a bit to think about… and as the Full Moon in general is seen as a time of culmination or a denouement since it occurs mid-way of the Moons monthly journey, juxtapose the creative energies that I just described onto your career and family life and see what you come up with.

Another thing just happening today is Mars moving from Virgo into Libra… this means that we are facing our fears and desires within the realm of relationship and that energy can run high and hot within them. It can translate to actively pursuing relationship, especially for the Cardinal signs of Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn.  With Mars in Libra we now want to be the hero or heroine of our own romantic journey, or possible we decide to actively pursue our artistic dreams and aspirations… this is a “Go for it!” when we’re on a quest for beauty and the sublime. Mars is not at his most comfortable in Libra – it’s the God of War meets the Lady of Peace and Justice – but there are up-sides.

Happy Friday the 13th! A little Love and Romance on an Inauspicious Day…

Not the stuff of superstition...

I have a bit of hard time understanding the superstitious fears around Friday the 13th… and this year we’ve got 3 of ’em! So sorry to be the bearer of that inauspicious news to those of you who don’t relish this infrequent date. (After this year there won’t be another Friday the 13th until 2026 according to Charles Walford, columnist for Mail Online in the UK in this very eye opening article.)

Here are a couple of bits of Friday the 13th lore: Friday is considered unlucky in the Christian tradition because it is the day of Christ’s crucifixion. 13 is considered unlucky because Judas, the last and 13th to show up for the Last Supper, was the same disciple who betrayed Christ resulting in his crucifixion. And 13 is the number of turns of the rope that tie the hangman’s noose.

In just doing a little reading I’ve discovered that auto accidents really do go up A LOT on any given Friday the 13th (maybe due to anxiety?) and the real estate business slows down to a trickle… people just don’t want to buy on this inauspicious date and many won’t even think about buying a residence that has the number 13 attached to it. Who knew?

Well this particular Friday the 13th doesn’t have any black magic attached to it that I can see. So take a deep breath and let your fears subside. 

This day looks to be largely about relationships according to the astrology at hand. Venus and Neptune are conjoined lending the possibility of  gentle romance, idealism, yearning for the Other (with the alternate possibility being deception or dissolution in relationships – so there is that to watch out for). Chiron, the Wounded Healer is involved with that combination as is the Moon – there is the potential for healing past transgressions now – particularly with family members and lost loves. And Saturn lends support to our relationships today, helping us to understand and define them and possibly helping to create stability. Mars strokes the Sun lending desire, strength of will and a bit of earthy assertion to the package while the Moon kisses Pluto and Mercury perhaps compelling some of us to want to dig deeply and emotionally for the truth in our relationships and, of course since it is Mercury, to talk about it.

If you are opting out of life today – staying home and out of trouble – watch romantic films, read  poetry, dive into art, or curl up with a good psychology book. Probably a great day to chat with friends, get the scoop on the stars (movie stars that is), and to re-connect. Have a glass or two of wine…

So, happy Friday the 13th! And have fun relating… family, friends, lovers – let them all know how you feel!

The Birth of the New Year – 2012

Happy, Happy New Year!!! Welcome 2012!!!

Happy New Year One and All!! Birth chart for 2012 - Aries Wheel at midnight.

Intensity of Spirit, Purpose and Emotion welcome us in the first moments of 2012… There’s plenty of fiery enthusiasm and exuberant communication in the air in this New Year and the necessity to balance practicality, strong resolve, perseverance and commitment with high spirits, new ideas, unexpected change and polarized perspectives.  Soul healing is possible if you watch for the opportunities… Happy 2012 Everyone!!

Yes…it’s Retrograde Season, Saturn and Pluto are squared, but here’s something to inspire you!

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

I’ve been thinking about the current Saturn/Pluto square, and all these Retrogrades. And just like that, I came across, for the hundredth time in my life, my favorite quote ever. It’s by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, that wonderful German poet, writer, philosopher, dramatist, playwright, and civil servant. (He was a good Virgo, with a Pisces moon – a man of service and discrimination with a soul connected to the pulse of his world. He was born in 1749 and died in 1832 – like us experiencing the turning from one century to the next. He is known as one of most influential writers of all time.)

The quote I love so much, and that presented itself to me today, is this:

“Until one is committed, there is hesitancy, the chance to draw back, always ineffectiveness. Concerning all acts of initiative and creation, there is one elementary truth, the ignorance of which kills countless ideas and splendid plans: that the moment one definitely commits oneself, then providence moves too. All sorts of things occur to help one that would never otherwise have occurred. A whole stream of events issues from the decision, raising in one’s favor all manner of unforeseen incidents and meetings and material assistance, which no man could have dreamed would have come his way. Whatever you do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it. Begin it now.”

I do realize of course, that Saturn and Pluto are squared, seemingly wreaking havoc on our very foundation; and that Mercury and Mars are Retrograde – and that in just a few days Saturn will be Retrograde as well. All this Retrograde action translates to a time for mental and physical retreat, and a true internal reality check.  This is not the best moment in time to begin anything new.

HOWEVER – there are words and ideas in the quote above that at this time on our journey, the time of Retrogrades and a Saturn/Pluto square, are of utmost importance. Goethe speaks of commitment, the realm of Saturn. He also speaks of hesitancy, drawing back and ineffectiveness – also the realm of Saturn, but from the lower vibration. He tells us that without commitment we can never be fully engaged in our dream! As long as we hesitate, i.e. as long as we act from a place of commitment phobia, our intentions are not clear to the Powers that Be, and therefore cannot gather force beneath and around us, to rally us forward toward our goals. As long as we are wishy-washy, even a little, Providence cannot help us fulfill our dreams, goals, and aspirations.

So take heed of the Retrogrades and ruminate, stand still instead of running forward just for now, and work with Saturn to get the REAL dream in place so that the Pluto purging of whatever is getting in your way or holding you back can work its mysterious magic that will lead to an incredible transformation in your life as you know it! (Think “work toward transformation”.)

This month and through the next several weeks, during this time of introspection, renewal, rehearsal and not so intrepid and forthright action, go inside and figure out what you WILL COMMIT yourself to. Make lists, meditate, visualize, test and rehearse. Be bold and allow your genius to arise from within – and then, when the time to move forward is ripe (you’ll feel it), the magic will happen – the support will show up, the people of like-mind will appear to help, like the shoemakers elves.


Read the quote from Goethe several times, only say it in the first person (Until I am committed…etc.) until you can recite it without reading it. Allow it to become a part of you. Internalize it and meditate on it. Feel it. And then…when it’s time to move forward…feel your power, be BOLD and do it! Commit with no concept left of turning back.

See? Retrogrades, Saturn and Pluto really can be your friends!

US in Financial Transformation – Some words from the experts

About a week ago a friend asked me if I thought we, as a country, would be out of this financial crisis soon now that Obama is in office. Sadly, my answer was no. There are many reasons why that is a true response, but I’ve decided that rather than re-write what’s already been written brilliantly, I’ll share with you a couple of articles from the experts.

Raymond Merriman - Financial Astrologer

Raymond Merriman - Financial Astrologer

Here is the first from Raymond Merriman, creator of The Merriman Market Analyst – The Leader in Market Timing Services and Products. Ray is the leading expert on the planet today in astrological financial timing and consults with the big dogs in the stock market and other financial arenas.

Here’s the first article from him:
MAJOR GEOCOSMIC SIGNATURES OF 2009-2010: SATURN REALITIES, JUPITER AND NEPTUNE HOPES,-jupiter-and-neptune-hopes-in-2009%112010/

And here’s the second:

If you’re interested in money markets at all you should explore Raymond Merriman’s website. He knows what he’s doing!

Michael Lutin

Michael Lutin

Now I want you to read something from Michael Lutin, another great astrologer who writes the Planetarium for Vanity Fair. This article is from 2006 – before we even knew the name Obama really. Michael does say that the country is going to become even more conservative politically – I’m not sure that’s happened since our election of Obama, although the conservatives are becoming stronger in their fight against the liberals, and we have seen the rise in popularity of folks like Sarah Palin (despite her resignation – some still say she’s planning to run for President in 2012).  Lutin’s take is more historical and cultural, than financial, and very readable:

A planetary configuration not seen since 1776 is coming our way, heralding chaos, revolution, and rebirth. Let the stars guide you through the coming storm.
by Michael Lutin VF.COM December 6, 2006

For those of you are hoping that the national financial crisis ( and the cultural one) is on a up-swing, you’re right. But we have to get through the trenches first. And that’s going to take awhile.

Oh! If you haven’t seen the June/July 2009 issue of The Mountain Astrologer, and you’re interested in reading more from Raymond Merriman, you should try to pick it up. The article is called the Economy and the Cardinal Climax of 2008-2015. Hope you can get your hands on it!

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Happy (and Challenging) Full Moon!

On Sept. 15th at 5:13 EDT we experienced the Full Harvest Moon. This is traditionally the Full Moon that falls closest to the Autumn Equinox, which occurs as the Sun moves into Libra on the 22nd. Happy Fall! The Full Moon is always a time to reflect on our accomplishments and to see where we have achieved clarity and resolution. It’s also a time of tremendous emotional energy. This Full Moon in Pisces, opposite the Sun in Virgo, is ULTRA charged emotionally, operating with the influence of the radical awakener Uranus, and the powerful transformer Pluto. What does this mean to us? That it’s time illuminate new ways of serving the greater good, using both our ability to discern and judge as well as valuing and working toward our highest ideals; time to see the details of our lives as the bridge to understanding the unity of all life and our role within that total fabric. Uranus will demand change and unleash the maverick mentality (change, maverick…heard those words anywhere lately?), while Pluto will either powerfully destroy or heal the putrid matter that still clings to the progress that is rushing us toward the future. Virgo’s enlightened task is diligent, practical service, but when in shadow, is hypercritical and slandering. (Slander: an untruthful statement about a person that harms the person’s reputation or standing in the community. Seems to be ALOT of that going around!) Pisces’ enlightened task is to imagine the ultimate utopia and unify all disparate sources into one. Yet, when in shadow, Pisces is confused and falls into escapist tendencies. We can clearly see both the light and the shadow sides of these two forces operating strongly in the political race toward the presidency. This Full Moon will mirror full light onto the intricacies and the idealism of both parties, and push them to reconcile reason and logic with chaos and the numinous. In order for one party to win and the other to lose, one must retreat farther into the shadow, and one must step fully forward into the light. Work with this same symbolism in your own life during this Full Moon. What did you begin in March that is either coming to light or stepping into the shadow world at this time? Use the energy of this Full Moon to harvest what is working, to cut away what is not, to boldly and radically step into new emotional territory and to cut away what is dead and transform what still has heart.

Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma — which is living with the results of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become.

Steve Jobs’ 2005 Commencement Address at Stanford